OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

OVWmania 1YA Q&A: Ref Josh Ashcraft

Today's Q&A is with OVW Referee Josh Ashcraft. You can find him on twitter @JoshAshcraft. Thanks again to Josh for participating in OVWmania's 1-Year Anniversary Q&A.

1. Who were your favorite wrestlers growing up?
HBK, Mick Foley, The Four Horsemen, Raven, Shane Douglas, Diesel…too many to list. As someone born and raised in Louisville, I was always a fan of The Disciples of Synn and The Revolution here in OVW.

2. When did you decide you wanted to be a referee?
Um…kinda hard to say really. I started here in OVW setting up the ring and selling merch. I always wanted to be a part of wrestling and when the opportunity came up one night to go out and ref a couple matches at the last min, I jumped at it. And the more I learned and the more comfortable I became, it was a good fit for me.

3. Who has helped you most in the industry?
First and foremost would be Chris Sharpe, Joe Wheeler, Jordan Barker and Bill Clark. They have taught, and are still teaching me how to be a good referee. The ‘OVW Originals’ who took me in like Jack Black, Johnny Spade, Randy Royal, TPT, and Flash. Synn taught me not to take myself so seriously. Mike Mondo, Randy Terrez and Trailer Park Trash have taught me a lot. Jim Cornette has been someone else who has taken the time to help me, and I'll always be thankful for that. The list is WAY too long to be summed up here…

4. Whose matches do you enjoy watching the most?
I like watching a lot of stuff from Japan, Canada, and older wrestling from like the 70’s and such. I couldn’t really put my finger on just one person.

5. What is your favorite match that you've been involved in?
Again…too many to name. But if I had to pick one, I’d have to say the first match I ever reffed. Ted McNaler vs. Shiloh Jonze…Man was I scared…lol. Sink or swim moment.

6. If you weren’t in wrestling, what do you think your second career choice would be?
I would love to be in radio or work with special needs children. Maybe be a teacher.

7. What’s your favorite food?
I love Chinese food…that or a nice big steak.

8. What kind of music are you into?
I listen to a variety of music...Classic rock, Punk, Metal, a little rap and a ton of The Misfits and The Bloodhound Gang.

9. Favorite movies and/or actors?
American Psycho, The Boondock Saints, Tropic Thunder, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and The Big Lebowski. No particular order, just what came to mind. Bradley Cooper is a good is Liam Neeson and Norman Reedus.

10. Any secret talents?
Not really. Unless you consider still being alive after all of the dumb stuff I’ve done in my life!