OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OVWmania Turns 1!

Let me start off by saying thank you. Thank you to all of the talent at Ohio Valley Wrestling, from the superstars to the referees, announcers to fan advocates, and everyone in between for their support of OVWmania. Of course, a big thanks to all of the fans out there that read my weekly reports and previews, and make this site what it is. After all, this is a fansite for the fans, and to help promote OVW and all the great talent.

I can't believe it's been a year, and to pay tribute to the fans and the site, I managed to get several talents to agree to do a small Q&A to learn more about them, and as a way to celebrate this monumental occasion.

Since the 1-year anniversary fell on Wednesday, I will have the regular report up tonight, but starting tomorrow, I will run the series of special Q&A's. I will have a new interview every day from tomorrow (Thursday, May 2) through May 10, posted at 12 noon ET. This series of Q&A's will also happen to lead up to the Saturday Night Special on May 11. They will be titled "OVWmania 1YA Q&A", with the 1YA standing for 1-Year Anniversary obviously. I've lined up several talents, so you will have to log on to OVWmania every day to find out who was interviewed! Tune in tomorrow for the first Q&A with TNA GutCheck winner and former OVW Southern Tag Team Champion, Sam Shaw!