OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, July 8, 2012

OVW Report: July SNS Results

A huge night at OVW. A sellout crowd that packed the Davis Arena was loud and crazy all night long. We had 7 big matches, new champions were crowned, and control of OVW was up for grabs. Here we go...

BUNKHOUSE BATTLE ROYAL: Team Jo-VW (Dave Osborne, "Body Guy" Max Wolfgang, Sean Conway, Jay West, Eddie Diamond, & Fabiano Rolento) vs. Team OVW ("Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, Arik Kristopher, Elvis Pridemoore, "Rudo" Raul LaMotta, & Shiloh Jonze)
Lots of action going on in the opening contest as everyone was trying to eliminate each other. Early on, Elvis got thrown through the ropes by Osborne which is important to note. Osborne was then eliminated himself. Wolfgang was next to go, followed by Conway, West, & Diamond. Team OVW was on a roll when the unthinkable happened. Raul & Shiloh threw Dumeyer & AK out and then tore off their OVW shirts, kicking them and spitting on them. They then eliminated Rolento for the heck of it, and thought they won. The Assassin's music then hit and they tried to double team him, but Assassin gave them both a massive clothesline before clotheslining both men over the top rope and leaving the ring. Elvis, who was thrown through the ropes earlier, and not over, climbed back into the ring and was declared the winner. WINNER: Elvis, making the score OVW-1, Jo-VW 0.

8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Team Jo-VW (Kharn Alexander, "3G' Eric Wayne, Dylan Bostic, & Jose Del Barrio) vs. Team OVW (Randy Royal, Jamin Olivencia, Cliff Compton, & Chris Silvio)
Great tag action early from Team OVW who were on fire led by the returning Jamin Olivencia. There was still a lot of tension between Silvio & Compton, who haven't been seeing eye-to-eye the last several weeks. Jamin hit his jumping DDT finisher on Del Barrio eliminating him first. Royal was eliminated next, followed by Kharn & Jamin. Silvio & Compton got to arguing again, which led to 3G hitting his finisher on Silvio to eliminate him. He tried to do the same to Cliff, but Cliff escaped and hit an inverted piledriver on 3G to eliminate him. Compton was in control and ready to defeat Bostic, when Silvio, still mad over being eliminated, pushed Cliff and it allowed Bostic to get the pin. WINNER: Bostic, making the score Jo-VW 1, OVW 1.

Ralphie on a Pole: For Jo-VW, Raphael Constantine vs. Tony Gunn, for OVW
Constantine tried to trick referee Josh Ashcraft & Tony Gunn early by having Josh check Gunn for weapons, while Constantine tried to run up and grab Ralphie. A solid back and forth match, where Gunn came close a couple times to retrieving the bear, but Cinnamon Twist & Bobbi Bardot kept grabbing his foot to stop him. Finally, Nick Dumeyer came out to chase the ladies away. Eventually, both men tried climbing up at the same time, but Gunn was able to slam Constantine's head into the pole knocking him off the top rope and into the middle of the ring so that he could retrive Ralphie and get the win. After the match, Gunn went to hit Constantine with the bear, and Constantine tried to run away, but was blocked by Dumeyer. Constantine turned back around to get a headshot from Ralphie. WINNER: Gunn, making the score OVW 2, Jo-VW 1.

OVW Women's Championship Evening Gown Match: Epiphany vs. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic)
Taeler tried to tell everyone on the mic that no one deserved to see her in her classy evening gown, but the building was loud with prostitot chants, making her really angry. A lot of pushing and shoving between these Femme Fatales, as they tore at each other's gowns. Bostic tried to interfere early on, but was sent to the back by the ref. After a while, Epiphany had Taeler up on her shoulders, and as she spun her around and slammed her, took out the ref. This allowed Bostic to come back out and sneak up behind Epiphany and rip off her gown. The ref got back up to see Epiphany without the gown, giving the win and the title to Taeler. After the match, Epiphany grabbed Taeler and ripped off her gown. Bostic ran in after Epiphany, but Epiphany slammed him down and ripped off his pants for good measure. WINNER and NEW OVW Women's Champion: Taeler Hendrix, making the score Jo-VW 2, OVW 2.

OVW Southern Tag Team Titles Ladder Match: Team Jo-VW ("The Best Team Ever" Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jessie Godderz) vs. Team OVW ("The Mascara Mafia" Brandon Espinosa & Paredyse)
Espinosa & Paredyse were on a roll early as they kept cutting off Rudy & Jessie from getting to the ladders. Eventually, the ladders came into play and there were some cool spots. In the end, though, Espinosa was thrown into the steel ringpost on the outside, and Paredyse sitting on top of the ladder, tried to fight off Jessie & Rudy, but they tipped him over and he went crashing into the ropes. The Best Team Ever climbed up and captured the belts. WINNERS and NEW OVW Tag Champions: The Best Team Ever, making the score Jo-VW 3, OVW 2.
OVW Television Title:  Team OVW (Mohamad Ali Vaez) vs. Team Jo-VW (Flash Flanagan)
At this point, Josette came out excited, because she knew she had the night wrapped up. All Ali had to do was lay down for Flash, and take one for the team, and she had full control of OVW. This was by far the loudest match of the night, with everyone going crazy chanting "8" and "Ali". It looked like Ali was going to lay down, but as Flash went for the pin, Ali kicked out at 2. Josette got up on the apron and argued with Ali, and Ali told her no, he wouldn't do it. This allowed Flash to attack from behind, and he actually had control for the biggest part of the match. In the end, Ali was able to escape a maneuver from Flash and hit his neckbreaker finisher for the pin. WINNER and NEW OVW TV Champion for a record 8th time: Ali making the score OVW 3, Jo-VW 3 going into the main event.

OVW Heavyweight Championship 5-on-5 Steel Cage Gauntlet Match: Team Jo-VW (Bolin Services 2.0, Jason Wayne, & Rob Terry) vs. Team OVW (Michael Hayes, James "Moose" Thomas, Trailer Park Trash, Abyss, & "Smooth" Johnny Spade)
The match started with Joe Coleman & Michael Hayes. After some brawling back and forth, Hayes hit a diamond cutter on Coleman, eliminating him. Next out was Jack Black. Black pounded on Hayes for a while, before Hayes hit a diamond cutter out of nowhere on Black eliminating him. Next up was the third man from BS 2.0, Rocco Bellagio. During their scuffle, Hayes hit a kneebuster to the face of Rocco, and his leg flew off. Rocco ended up using it against him. Rocco eliminated Hayes following a big chokeslam. Moose came out next and the 2 big men exchanged blows, before Moose tried to go up top and hit a flying elbow, but missed. Rocco was able to pin and eliminate Moose. TPT was out next for OVW's side, but was eliminated after Rocco caught him and rammed him head first into the cage, knocking him out and pinning him. Up next was the monster, Abyss! Abyss came in on fire and took out Rocco with the Black Hole Slam. Jason Wayne was out next for Jo-VW and actually got in a little offense before Abyss eliminated him with a massive chokeslam that looked so easy for Abyss, it was like he picked up and slammed a rag doll. The final man for Jo-VW was Big Rob Terry. Back and forth action with some near falls between the two big men.
After being slammed into the cage, Terry hit a huge slam to eliminate Abyss. Abyss got back up and hit the Black Hole Slam on Terry before leaving the cage and Spade made his way out. Spade hit a Senton Bomb, but Terry kicked out. Some back and forth action as the OVW locker room started to empty. Paredyse, Compton, Jamin, Silvio, Epiphany, Elvis, and a few others all came out to cheer on Spade. Some near falls, but Spade was able to get on a roll and nail a superkick that sent Terry into the cage wall before he bounced back into a second one where Spade was able to get the 3! WINNER and NEW OVW Heavyweight Champion: Johnny Spade, giving Team OVW the win and Danny Davis complete control of OVW.

This goes down as the show of the year. Very exciting stuff, Danny Davis regains control of OVW, all the titles were redistributed, and the sellout crowd helped make the Davis Arena come alive. Should be an interesting night of TV again next Wednesday. As always, thanks for reading!