OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, July 12, 2012

OVW Report: TV #673 "Danny Davis Is In Control"

Another fun night at OVW. Tonight, Danny Davis was back in control, and we didn't have to watch the Jo-VW opening to the show anymore. Plus, we already have our first match set for the next SNS in August!

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches: 
Elvis Pridemoore b. Samson. Samson is a big dude and growled like a bear throughout the whole match, making the crowd jokingly growl back. Samson with some power moves early, but Elvis made a comeback and hit a kick to the head for the win. MY TAKE: A little bit of a push for Elvis who got a win at SNS, and follows with another one here.

Los Ben Dejos b. Sean "Virus" Harddrive & "Nasty" Russ Myers. Los Ben Dejos are a couple small luchadores who hit some high flying and fast-paced offense. Virus actually has a decent build and some good moves, also, and I believe with a little seasoning, he could eventually be a big player. Ben Dejos hit a double team finish on Virus for the win. MY TAKE: I don't know if Los Ben Dejos are sticking around, but their style adds some freshness to the hot tag team division OVW has.

Jessie Belle b. Heidi Lovelace. Jessie & Heidi had barely gotten started when the ref got taken out, leading to the entrance of Fabiano Rolen-to-to-to! Fabiano said he should be ref and they should fight in a pudding match, or maybe a banana cream match. Of course, this led to Heidi & Jessie Belle each popping Fabiano. While Heidi was looking at the fallen Fabiano, Jessie Belle came up from behind and got the rollup pin. MY TAKE: I think Jessie Belle may be working her way into the title picture for Taeler Hendrix's Women's Title.

That concludes the pre-show dark matches. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report. You can find the shows online at

The main show starts with Dean Hill in the ring who talks about Saturday Night Special and OVW being saved. After those who sided with OVW come to ringside, Danny Davis comes out. He tells the wrestlers, fans, and everyone watching how thankful he is to be back in control. Those who sided with Jo-VW come out to boos and they stand on the opposite side of the ring. Danny talks about one man in particular he'd like to thank, the new TV Champion, Mohamad Ali Vaez. Ali gets loud cheers and an "8" chant, as Rob Terry gets in the ring. Terry's upset because he laid down for Ali a while back giving him the TV Title, and wants to know why he didn't at SNS. Danny Davis breaks them apart and tells Terry to get back on the floor. He says before he was rudely interrupted, since he is in control, as he tells Josie to her face, making her mad, that as a reward, he's going to start an annual Nightmare Cup Tournament, since his old partner, Ken Wayne, was a part of this also, and it will feature tag teams. The Best Team Ever gets in the ring and says they are the new champions and if he is looking for the best teams in the tournament, it's clearly them. Danny is glad they said that, and tonight in the first round of the tournament, they will have a rematch against the Mascara Mafia! He also congratulates Johnny Spade and says there will be a 6-man scramble later to crown a new #1 contender. Danny then calls Josie into the ring, and reminds her once again that he's in charge. He says someone else in charge is his friend, Trailer Park Trash, the director of operations. He says it's a 24 hour job and he has to sleep some time, so he tells Josie that she won't be fired, but become Trash's assistant. If she doesn't like it, she can march out the doors, as her services won't be needed.

First Round of the Nightmare Cup: The Best Team Ever vs. The Mascara Mafia
A good back and forth match early, until underhanded tactics gave the advantage to Rudy & Jessie. A hot tag from Espy to Paredyse, and Paredyse came in on fire. Paredyse knocked Rudy into Jessie, knocking him off the apron, and him & Espy hit a double Long Kiss Goodnight on Rudy for the win. WINNERS: MASCARA MAFIA. MY VIEW: A measure of revenge following SNS for the Mascara Mafia. Should they win the Cup, will that give them even more reason to get another title shot against the BTE?

We get a video from the farm where Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver are having to work together to paint fences, mow lawns, and worst of all, clean up after the horses. While they are working, Brittany DeVore rides by on a horse, asking if they've made up yet, and they say they're working on it. Ted accidentally rips his shirt and says he's going to have to cut the sleeves off of it now, while Adam is getting hot and takes off his shirt to reveal a wife beater underneath. (Looks they had when they teamed as the Mobile Homers). TO BE CONTINUED...

Backstage, Chris Bolin tells everyone that BS 2.0 has double the chances of winning the Nightmare Cup, because he already has a proven team in Jack Black & Joe Coleman, but now he's got a second team of Rocco Bellagio and BS 2.0's newest hire, Jason Wayne!

Donny Todd vs. Ryan Howe
Basically a squash here for the rocker, Ryan Howe. He won quick with a pinfall. WINNER: HOWE. MY VIEW: Todd reminds me some of Cody Rhodes, just in his physique and general look. Howe, the former Tough Enough contestant, has been picking up wins the last couple weeks, and played the electric guitar again before the match. He looked pretty good here and has the ability to be a big star also.

Backstage, Raphael Constantine goes to tell his ladies that he's sorry for losing Ralphie, but it's because Tony Gunn cheated. He comes up behind Bobbi Bardot and listens in as she talks to Cinnamon Twist about some sort of audition that they got a call back for. Constantine asks her what's going on, and she runs off, as he asks what audition she is talking about.

We then see Jessie Belle introduce herself to Taeler Hendrix and offer her a chocolate. Taeler eats it as Jessie Belle tells her it's chocolate larvae. She spits it out on Dylan Bostic and runs off mad.

First Round of the Nightmare Cup: Los Ben Dejos vs. Michael Hayes & James "Moose" Thomas
For those in attendance, we got a bonus 2nd time viewing of Los Ben Dejos. More fast paced action again, and they had the early advantage on Michael, until he got the hot tag to Moose. Moose cleaned house, and they hit their double team finisher for the victory. WINNERS: MOOSE & MICHAEL. MY VIEW: Moose & Michael could be the favorites in this tournament, as they seem to work very well together.

We get another video, this time from the mobile home park where Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver are watching Nascar. Ted brings out some barbeque and Adam gets out some PBR. Brittany walks by and says Mom won't like it if she sees them drinking, they're all she's got, but Ted says to quiet down, at least they are getting along. Adam asks about former mobile homers, Tubby Tommy & Dewey, but Ted says Tubby was hit by a chair and ran away and hasn't been heard from since, and Dewey is doing hard time. Mom walks in, and they hide the beer. She asks if they are getting along, and they say yes. She says she is going to test them next week. Ted asks Brittany to get them some more beer as they talk about the Nascar race. TO BE CONTINUED...

6-Man Scramble to Crown a New #1 Contender for the OVW Heavyweight Championship: Chris Silvio vs. Cliff Compton vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Jamin Olivencia vs. Jason Wayne vs. Rob Terry
The rules of a scramble are that there only supposed to be 2 men in the ring at a time. Silvio pulled Compton out of the ring and started against Terry. Terry showed his dominating strength by taking out Silvio, Compton, Jamin, Ali, & Wayne. Silvio, Ali, Jamin, & Cliff huddled up to come up with a strategy as Wayne snuck in from behind Terry, taking out his knee. All 5 men came in and got shots in on Terry, before Ali hit his neckbreaker and pinned him with Silvio holding Terry's leg down from the outside, to eliminate the big man. There was chaos in the middle of the match as old rivals Ali & Jamin were going at it on the outside with referee Chris Sharpe trying to break them apart. Meanwhile, Jason Wayne who had already shoved Cliff & Silvio into each other, went to get a chair. He went to hit Cliff, but Silvio pulled it away. Cliff got up and grabbed the chair from Silvio and said he told him it was Wayne who started it last week. Silvio hit a kick to the head of Wayne, knocking him out of the ring, as Cliff rolled him up from behind to eliminate him. Silvio was upset and kicked Cliff, allowing Ali to take advantage and pin Cliff. While Sharpe was telling Silvio and Cliff to go to the back, Wayne came up behind Ali and low blowed him, and got the pin on Ali. This left Jason Wayne & Jamin Olivencia. Wayne controlled for a bit and went for the full nelson slam, but Jamin jumped out of it and hit the Standing O DDT for the win. WINNER: OLIVENCIA. After the match, Spade got in the ring and the two had a staredown, but shook hands. MY VIEW: We have our 1st match set for SNS. 2 of OVW's most popular and athletic superstars will duke it out for the top prize. This matchup will be too close to call.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
Arik Kristopher b. Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger). Diamond controlled early, but AK came back and made Diamond tap out to the crossface for the win.

Tony Gunn b. Dylan Bostic (w/Taeler Hendrix). Gunn controlled early until Taeler distracted him with Ralphie. Bostic took control for a while until Gunn started to come back. He hit a couple monkey flips and the airplane spin, before locking in the bearhug. Again, Taeler tried to distract Gunn with Ralphie, but Nick Dumeyer came out and took it back. While the ref was distracted by Dumeyer & Taeler, Bostic tried to hit Gunn with the bear, but Gunn ducked it and ended up clocking Bostic with Ralphie instead. The ref turned around and made the 3. MY TAKE: Gunn continues to be on a winning streak, as Bostic and Taeler's cheap tactics backfire.

Before the night ends, Jay West gets in the ring to clean the ropes off and the Assassin's music hits. He tries to escape both sides of the ring, but the Assassin blocks his exit. He finally decides to try and hit the Assassin first as he enters the ring, but it doesn't even faze him, and the Assassin hits a powerful clothesline to take him out.

Don't forget to watch the episode online. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. And as always, thanks for reading!