OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, September 2, 2012

OVW Report: September SNS Results

Another HUGE night of Ohio Valley Wrestling action, as OVW celebrated its 10-year anniversary at the historic Davis Arena.

We had the ladies in action as Heidi Lovelace battled Taeler Hendrix, the 30-man Nightmare Rumble, and of course the 30-minute Iron Man Match between Jamin Olivencia and the OVW Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Spade. Without further ado:

Here we go...

Josie made her way out first with a cupcake in hand. She said she is usually with Trailer Park Trash, but she had a surprise for him. It's his 1-year anniversary as Director of Operations, and she asked him to come out. He came out, and Josie said she made the cupcake specially for him and wanted him to eat it. Trash said he went to the doctor yesterday, and unfortunately he can't, because he has to cut back on his sugar intake. He tells her to eat it, but she keeps saying she made it special for him. He said as her boss, he's telling her to eat it. Trash starts to remind everyone what's on the card for tonight as Josie nibbles at the cupcake. About halfway through, Josie appears as if she is about to toss her cookies and runs off. Apparently, the cupcake was "special" after all.

VIP vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal. This was 1 of 2 bonus matches that were previously unannounced before tonight. Royal started off strong until VIP was backed into a corner and poked Royal in the eye. VIP got some shots in on Randy, but Randy fought back and hit the reverse russian leg sweep, planting VIP on his head. VIP got back up and Randy hit the Royal Treatment for the win. WINNER: ROYAL by pinfall. MY TAKE: Randy is a fan favorite and everyone was happy to see his winning streak continue to start us off tonight.

"Marksman" Nick Dumeyer & Cody Castle vs. Bolin Services 2.0: Jason Wayne & "The Leg Breaker" Rocco Bellagio (w/Chris Bolin & Joe Coleman). Dumeyer & Wayne locked up first, and Dumeyer actually got the better of Wayne to start off. Dumeyer tagged in Castle, but Wayne quickly took advantage with the size discrepancy. Wayne tagged in Rocco, who toyed around with Castle, and would let Castle get almost all the way to his corner before slinging him back to BS 2.0's corner. Rocco & Wayne kept Castle cornered. They hit Dumeyer, who wanted to get in, but the ref was trying to get him back in his corner as Wayne & Rocco hit a double chokeslam on Castle. 1-2-3. WINNERS: BOLIN SERVICES 2.0 by pinfall. MY TAKE: When Wayne & Rocco work together, they are one of the most dominating teams in wrestling. If they aren't fighting individually for the Heavyweight Title, they could easily become tag champs in the future.

Up next, Taeler Hendrix made her way out with Dylan Bostic. She said she talked to the Board of Directors, and she would still face Heidi tonight if she wasn't scared, but it will now be non-title.

NON-TITLE NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH: Heidi Lovelace vs. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic). As Taeler was making her entrance, Heidi dropkicked Dylan into Taeler to get this match underway. Heidi then got on the apron and went to jump on Taeler, but Taeler moved, and Dylan caught Heidi in her arms. Taeler turned and went after Heidi, but Heidi ducked, and Taeler clotheslined Dylan. The ladies continued to fight around ringside with Heidi in control until she threw Taeler in the ring. As she went to get in the ring, Dylan pulled her off the ring apron and she hit the floor. Dylan then went to the back. Taeler had control now, and used the camera wires to choke Heidi. She got Heidi in the ring and continued to work her over, until Heidi made a comeback. Heidi hit a spinning kick to Taeler's jaw and picked up the win! WINNER: HEIDI by pinfall. MY TAKE: It appears that Taeler was able to escape as champion, but Heidi has now put herself in line for a shot at that Women's Championship.

Rob Terry was entrant #1 and was followed by "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal at #2. Some good back and forth action, but Terry was too much for Royal, as he eliminated him before #3 could even come out. #3 was VIP, and Terry eliminated him quickly before #4. "Bodyguy" Max Wolfgang was #4, and he told Terry everyone wanted to see his body before they locked up. He showed off his "physique", before Terry promptly dumped him out as well. #5 was BS 2.0's "Leg Breaker" Rocco Bellagio. Rocco walked around the ring checking the ropes and never got in before the #6 entrant, James "Moose" Thomas, came out. 
Moose came in after Terry, but Rocco finally got in and attacked Moose from behind. #7 was Adam Revolver, #8 was "Rudo" Raul LaMotta, #9 was Raphael Constantine, #10 was Rudy Switchblade, and #11 was Ricky Chevy. Chevy came out with a trash can and attacked Terry from behind. The Assassin's music hit, and Chevy tried to run, but Terry had him by the foot. Assassin finally got a hold of Chevy and took him down with a massive clothesline. Terry then eliminated Chevy. #12 was Elvis Pridemoore, #13 was J. Best, and #14 was Eddie Diamond as the ring was getting pretty full. Terry then eliminated Best. 
#15 was Tony Gunn as Moose eliminated Constantine. #16 was Jason Wayne and #17 was "The Manbeast" Ted McNaler. The Mobile Homers teamed up to eliminate Elvis and Diamond, but Rudy snuck up behind Revolver and eliminated him. #18 was Fabiano Rolento. Fabiano & Moose eliminated Rocco as #19 Cliff Compton came out and eliminated Moose who was standing on the ring apron. #20 was "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, and #21 was "The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman. Coleman promptly eliminated Dumeyer. Dylan Bostic was #22, and eliminated Fabiano. BS 2.0's Wayne & Coleman teamed up to eliminate Gunn. #23 was Cody Castle, as Rudy eliminated Raul. 
#24 was Shiloh Jonze, who eliminated Rudy quickly after entering. #25 was Sean Conway, and #26 was Chris Silvio. Silvio made a beeline for Compton who jumped over the top rope and eliminated himself, and Silvio eliminated himself chasing after him around the ring and back to the locker room. McNaler eliminated Conway. #27 was "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz. Everyone remaining decided to gang up on Terry, but Terry powered through them all and went on a rampage eliminating Castle, McNaler, & Coleman. #28 was Michael Hayes, followed by Crimson at #29, and Alex Silva at #30. Crimson went out of the ring with a "knee injury" again, and remained on the floor until the end. 
Silva came out on fire, eliminating Bostic, Shiloh, & Godderz. Jason Wayne threw Michael Hayes out, but only one foot hit the floor since his prosthetic was still inside. Hayes tried climbing back in, but Wayne knocked him back off the apron, and threw his leg out to eliminate all of him. Silva then eliminated Wayne. Silva & Terry went at it, and at one point Silva actually got Terry up on his shoulders. Terry was able to eliminate Silva, though, thinking he had won. Crimson snuck back in as Terry was still leaning over the ropes from eliminating Silva, and dumped him over to win the Nightmare Rumble and become #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight Title at the October SNS! WINNER: CRIMSON in 64:53. MY TAKE: Crimson continued playing the mind games, and put himself in position to now face off for the OVW Heavyweight Title. We might be looking at the future OVW Champion!

30-Minute Iron Man Match for the OVW Heavyweight Championship: Jamin Olivencia vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade (c). The bell rung and while Spade still had his back turned, Jamin ran up and rolled Spade up for a quick 3! JAMIN 1, SPADE 0. Spade was shocked, but came back with some vicious chops to Jamin's chest. They fought around the ring, and once back inside, Spade put Jamin in a sleeper hold. Jamin fights back and rams Spade's head into the turnbuckle in the corner, before laying in some chops of his own. Jamin charges after Spade, but is met with a knee. Spade goes for the pin, but Jamin kicks out. They fight back outside where Spade hits some nasty kicks to Jamin's chest. Spade then claws his fingernails down Jamin's back. Back in the ring, Spade gets on top of Jamin and pounds him with fists. Jamin moves to the corner where he works on getting back to his feet. Spade charges after him, but Jamin moves, and Spade runs face first into the middle turnbuckle. Jamin rolls Spade up and gets another 3! JAMIN 2, SPADE 0. They go back it, and Spade takes Jamin down with a couple armdrags and then puts Jamin in an armbar. Jamin fights out of it, and then hits armdrags of his own before placing Spade in an armbar. Spade works his way out, and Jamin rolls out for a breather. They lock back up, Spade hits some punches, sends Jamin off the ropes and hits a backflip. He then sets up for the Spade Kick, but Jamin catches it and reverses it into a Standing O for another pin! JAMIN 3, SPADE 0. Jamin goes back to work pounding Spade in the corner. Spade rolls out for a breather, but Jamin gets on the ring apron and hits a flying shoulder tackle on Spade to the floor. Spade climbs back up at a 9-count, and Jamin suplexes him back in. He goes for another pin, but Spade kicks out. Jamin puts Spade in a sleeper. Spade fights up and runs off the ropes, but is caught by Jamin with a dropkick. Spade rolls back outside. Jamin gets out and leaps at him again, but Spade moves. Jamin gets back up, and both men charge at each other for a double clothesline on the floor. Spade gets back up first and rolls Jamin in. Spade goes up top, but misses a flying dropkick. Jamin goes for the pin, but Spade kicks out. Jamin puts Spade in the sleeper again, but Spade fights out. Spade goes off the ropes, but Jamin ducks, Jamin turns to hit him, but Spade ducks, and then they both collide in the middle of the ring. They both get up and Jamin leaps for the Standing O, but Spade blocks it, and then hits the juke and jive. Jamin pulls himself up in the corner where Spade meets him with the high knee. Spade sets up again for the Spade Kick, but Jamin ducks it. Jamin turns around, but is met with another Spade Kick for Spade's first pinfall. JAMIN 3, SPADE 1. Spade is waiting in his corner for Jamin to get back up and hits a second Spade Kick, 1-2-3! JAMIN 3, SPADE 2. A woozy Jamin gets back up and turns into a 3rd Spade Kick for the 1-2-3. JAMIN 3, SPADE 3, we are tied! Jamin is so rattled after 3 Spade Kicks that he falls out of the ring and is counted out for Spade to get another fall. SPADE 4, JAMIN 3. Spade goes outside and brings Jamin back in. He lays in some more vicious chops to Jamin's chest and hits a suplex. He goes for the pin, but Jamin kicks out. He puts Jamin in a headlock, but Jamin fights back and tries to throw Spade into the ropes. Spade reverses and throws Jamin off the ropes, but Jamin flies back and around Spade to roll him up with a handful of tights to get a 3 count. SPADE 4, JAMIN 4, we are tied again! Spade argues with referee Chris Sharpe about Jamin having his tights. He turns around and Jamin nails Spade with a Spade Kick! He goes for the pin, but Spade kicks out. Jamin gets up on the top rope, but Spade gets back up and nails him with an enziguri to the head. Spade then hits Jamin with the Standing O! He goes for the pin, but Jamin kicks out! Spade then goes up top and hits the Senton Bomb, but Jamin kicks out again! Jamin takes Spade down, and then goes up top where he hits a flying reverse splash. Spade kicks out! Jamin flies across the ring and rams into Spade in the corner and hits the standing reverse splash, but Spade kicks out again! Spade is back up and nails Jamin with some kicks to the head, but Jamin kicks out. The time limit is running low. Spade sets up for another Spade Kick, but Jamin beats him to the draw and hits a Spade Kick of his own. Spade kicks out. Jamin is clearly frustrated as we are down to 15 seconds. Jamin goes up top and leaps down into a Spade Kick! Spade gets the 1-2-3 with 5 seconds left, and the last couple seconds tick off.  
WINNER and STILL OVW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: SPADE 5 falls to 4. After the match, Spade and Jamin shake hands and embrace after one heck of a show. Spade goes up top to celebrate as Crimson has snuck into the ring. Spade climbs down and turns around into a spear from Crimson! Crimson grabs the title and holds it up to end the show before throwing it back over Spade. MY TAKE: The stage is already set. The October SNS will feature Spade defending against the Nightmare Rumble winner, and new #1 contender, Crimson! It should be a tough one, but a good one.
Well OVW fans, what a night! Anyone who enjoys good wrestling action had to love tonight's main event between Spade & Jamin. The Nightmare Rumble was pretty good as well. It'll be interesting to see what Spade has to say to his next opponent, Crimson, this Wednesday night at the TV taping. Don't forget that Monday will feature a new Top 20 following last Wednesday's TV and tonight's SNS. It is also Labor Day weekend, so please be careful this weekend and enjoy the holiday! As always, thanks for reading!