OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, September 20, 2012

OVW TV #683: "It's Clear To Me Now"

Tonight at the Davis Arena, Rob Terry was partners with who? Plus, Alex Silva defended the OVW TV Title, the new Women's Champion Heidi Lovelace was in action, and the tag team division continues to heat up.

Without further ado:

Here we go... 

Pre-Show Dark Match: 
Moose & Michael Hayes b. Jeremiah Plunkett & Raphael Constantine. Constantine started with Moose, and twice tried to kick him, but didn't faze him and hurt his own foot. Moose & Michael tagged in and out with Constantine in the corner, taking turns giving him some shots. Constantine finally got away and tagged in Plunkett. Moose took him down and tagged in Michael. Plunkett was able to take advantage and kept Michael grounded. He tagged Constantine back in and Constantine worked over Michael for a while until tagging Plunkett back in. Michael was able to fight back and each made the tag to Constantine and Moose. Moose came in on fire, and Plunkett & Constantine tried to double team him to no avail. Michael got back up and hit the kneebuster to the face of Plunkett as Moose put Constantine in a variation of the Crossface for the tapout victory. MY TAKE: Moose & Michael remain hungry for their chance to once again fight for the tag team gold, but will they get the next opportunity?
That was tonight's only pre-show dark match. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

Jason Wayne vs. Arik Kristopher. Wayne comes out and runs down women's wrestling and asks why they are featured so much on OVW television. As far as he's concerned, women should be in the kitchen, doing laundry, and/or popping out babies. He then makes ring announcer Ron Hed shine his boots with Hed's tie before calling out "whatever punk" they wanted to send him. AK comes out and is pretty much dominated throughout the entire match. AK tries a little comeback, but Wayne hits a big powerslam, and eventually makes him tap to an armbar submission. WINNER: WAYNE by submission. After the match, Wayne says everyone needs to stand as he recites the Pledge of Allegiance. He starts to say it, but notices most people are still sitting. He says he can't believe everyone still sitting, and says everyone is very disrespectful and leaves the ring. MY VIEW: Wayne continues to demand respect, but is still coming away victorious. Will there be someone to step up and put him in his place?

Cliff Compton comes out and asks Gilbert Corsey and Dean Hill if they are supposed to be broadcast journalists. He says that in case everyone didn't know, Saturday night in E-Town, he didn't run from Chris Silvio, and came away with a victory. Silvio flies out of the curtain and Cliff retreats to the back. Silvio grabs a mic and starts to talk, but Cliff sneaks back out behind him and ambushes him. He throws a chair at Silvio's head, before ramming Silvio's head repeatedly into the steel steps at ringside. It takes three refs, Tony Gunn, Ryan Howe, Elvis, & Nick Dumeyer to pull Cliff off of Silvio as Mo Green comes out to check on the injured Silvio.

Bolin Services 2.0: "The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman & Jack Black (w/Chris Bolin) vs. The Mobile Homers: Adam Revolver & "Manbeast" Ted McNaler (w/Brittany DeVore). Before the match gets underway, the Best Team Ever comes out and joins Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, & Kenny Bolin at the commentary desk. Early on, the match was controlled by BS 2.0, as they kept Adam in their corner and continued to punish him. Eventually, Adam makes the hot tag to Ted. Ted comes in on fire and knocks Coleman off the apron, but gets taken down by a big boot from Black. Brittany climbs up on the apron and gives Adam the glass of rocket fuel. He takes a swig and gets in the ring and throws it in Black's face. Ted gets up and jumps on Black's back putting him in a sleeper hold. Coleman tries to get back in and help Black, but he is blind and swinging wildly, and accidentally knocks Coleman out 3 different times. Adam & Ted then hit the double team spear finisher on Black for the win. WINNERS: MOBILE HOMERS by pinfall. After the match, it looked like the Best Team Ever was going to try a sneak atack on the Mobile Homers, but Ted & Adam turned around before they could do anything. MY TAKE: With their recent winning streak, it appears as though the Mobile Homers might be getting the next opportunity at the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. Will the "rocket fuel" propel them to the top?

"The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal vs. Doug Williams. A good back and forth match that showcased some great wrestling action. It seemed like everything Royal tried, Wiliams got the better of him which seemed to frustrate Double R. In the end, Williams reversed a reversal attempt from Royal and Williams hit Chaos Theory to get the win. WINNER: Williams by pinfall. MY VIEW: Williams got the better of Royal, but it was a good showing for both men that provided some pure wrestling.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Onyx vs. Alex Silva (c). Onyx made his debut here, and was a big guy. Early on, he used his brute power to throw Silva around, but Silva fought back and hit the Silva Surfer, but Onyx kicked out! Onyx got back up and charged after Silva, but was met with a 2nd Silva Surfer for the pin. WINNER and still OVW TV CHAMPION: SILVA by pinfall. MY TAKE: Silva had a bigger challenge tonight, but still came out on top. Who will step up next to try and take away his title?

Jessie Belle vs. Heidi Lovelace. To start the match, Heidi went to shake hands and Jessie Belle twice took her hand and did a little do-si-do with her. Finally, Heidi took her and arm dragged her down. Jessie Belle worked her way back up and threw Heidi into the corner and ran in and splashed her. She went to do it a second time, but Heidi moved and then hit a suplex for the win. WINNER: HEIDI by pinfall. MY TAKE: Heidi is on a roll as the new Women's Champion. Who will face her next? Will Taeler get a rematch, or will someone like Epiphany step up for the challenge?

The Iwi (w/Mr. 100%) vs. Rob Terry & ?. Terry awaited his partner, but no one came out. It was Crimson's music, but apparently he couldn't make it. Terry ended up fighting a handicap match early on and was doing pretty well. The Iwi tagged in and out to stay fresh, and it looked like Terry was starting to wear down. Mid-match, Johnny Spade ran out and got in Terry's corner to help out. Terry made the tag and Spade came in on fire, hitting his running knee in the corner to both Iwis. He was set up to hit the Spade Kick on one of them, but "Rudo" Raul LaMotta of the Wild Cards came out distracting the ref. Shiloh Jonze ran out and delivered a super kick of his own to Spade. An Iwi went for the pin as the Wild Cards retreated, but Spade kicked out. Spade got the tag back to Terry, who came in and was taking care of business when Crimson made his way out. Mr. 100% had the ref distracted. Crimson shoved Spade into Terry and Terry turned around to see Spade on the mat and Crimson behind him. He was putting 2 & 2 together when one of the Iwi hit him from behind with a foreign object that looked like a wooden paddle. The Iwi were able to get the pin for the victory! WINNERS: THE IWI by pinfall. After the match, Spade told Terry that he had been telling him this the whole time. He stuck his hand out, and the two shook hands. MY TAKE: Big Rob has finally seen the light, and now knows what a weasel Crimson has been. It should be a great battle between the 2 big men at SNS.

This ended the TV taping.

During intermission, they retaped a couple segments from a movie they filmed earlier this year at Davis Arena about a paper, rock, scissors competition. Two of the Beginner's Class students, Austin Bradley and another guy, got in the ring to mock their movie. This prompted the Assassin to come out and take them both out with a massive clothesline.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
Epiphany b. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic). Epiphany took the fight to Taeler and was in complete control when Bostic got up on the apron. Epiphany told him she would break his other arm if he didn't get down. Taeler snuck up behind her and tried to roll her up, but Epiphany didn't budge. She just sat down on her and squashed her. She then hit her twisting suplex finisher for the pin. MY TAKE: Taeler is trending the wrong way after dropping the Women's Title last weekend. Epiphany is now making a case to be next in line for another shot at the gold. After the match, J. Best of Swag Nation came out and was checking out Epiphany, but Epiphany clotheslined him for his troubles.

Crimson b. Sam Shaw. Crimson controlled early after faking a knee injury. He kept Shaw grounded. Midway through, Shaw started to fight back. He went up top, but Crimson made it back to his feet and knocked Shaw down. Crimson finished him off with Red Sky for the pin. MY TAKE: Shaw made a good showing, but the champ was on top of his game tonight.

Brandon Espinosa b. Heath Hatton. This was the first time in a while that Hatton has been in an OVW ring. Some of you may remember seeing him earlier this year on a WWE PPV teaming with Ace Hawkins to lose to Ryback. Espy tried getting Hatton out of his element early with some of his erotic maneuvers. A decent back and forth match, but Espy wins it in the end with a flying roundhouse kick off the second rope for the pin. MY TAKE: Espy came back this week and picks up a win as he tries to find his way in singles competition until Paredyse returns.

Don't forget to watch the episode online starting tomorrow. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. And as always, thanks for reading!