OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OVW TV #681: "Big Rob Blames Who?"

Tonight at the Davis Arena, we had the fallout from SNS. Rob Terry was angry about lasting for over an hour in the Nightmare Rumble only to be eliminated, but who was the focus of his frustrations?

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches: 
Elvis Pridemoore (w/Bobbi Bardot) b. VIP. A very sloppy match, and the crowd was dead for this opening contest. VIP controlled most of the offense early, but Elvis came back and rolled VIP up for the pin. MY TAKE: I wonder if we will ever see any more interaction between Bobbi & Raphael Constantine, especially now that she is coming out with Elvis and pimping his CD.

Epiphany b. "Bodyguy" Max Wolfgang. Bodyguy came out and said he was going to prove why his beautiful body belonged in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He then issued an open challenge that was answered by Epiphany. Epiphany kicked him in the gut and then hit a massive slam for the pin, and this match was over quick. MY TAKE: Epiphany doesn't mess around! Man or woman, Epiphany is a tough competitor in the ring.
That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

Rob Terry comes out to kick off the main show. He is upset that he lasted over an hour at the Nightmare Rumble only to be eliminated by Crimson and lose out on a Heavyweight Title shot. He says Crimson called him up the next day and told him that Johnny Spade put him up to it, because Spade was afraid to face him. He calls Spade out. Spade comes to the ring and tells Terry that Crimson is playing him for a fool. He said everyone sees it except for Rob. He knows Terry has some sense in his big thick head, because he occasionally hangs around him in the back. He says Crimson is a weasel and that's how he weaseled his way into the shot for the title. Rob says he will get to the bottom of this, even if it means cracking Spade's skull open, and says Spade knows he can do it.

"The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal vs. Jason Wayne (w/Chris Bolin, Rocco Bellagio, & Joe Coleman). Wayne grabs a mic and says everyone should thank him for his service. He is the only superstar to be deployed twice. He's the reason we have holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and the 4th of July. He says he's the reason we have fireworks on the 4th, and asks Royal what he's ever done for this country, and says that's right, nothing. Once the match finally gets underway, Royal comes out on strong and takes Wayne down. He goes to get on the top rope, but is distracted by BS on the outside. This allows Wayne to get up and pull Royal's arm down across the top rope. This becomes a focal point for the rest of the match as Wayne continues to work over Royal's arm and wins after putting him to an arm submission, causing Randy to tap. WINNER: WAYNE by submission. After the match, Wayne said everyone needed to stand as he recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Wayne then threw the mic down and said the fans weren't worth it. MY VIEW: Could Wayne's incessant bragging about his service cause someone else in the OVW (or TNA) locker room to confront him?

In the back, Josie is setting up a rope to trip Trailer Park Trash when he walks into his office. Before he can enter, the Wild Cards stop him and tell him they want their shot at the titles. Trash says he kicked them out of the building and they shouldn't even be in here, but tells them they may want to start getting some wins first. Jessie Godderz then walks up and talks about how impressive he was at the Rumble and deserves to be #1 contender. Johnny Spade interrupts and tells Trash that Rob Terry is on a rampage. Terry then walks up and thinks Spade is politicking with Trash. Trash says they can settle it in the ring tonight, and throws Godderz into the mix to make it a triple threat. They all leave, and Trash backs up into Josie, making her trip and fall over the rope.

Swag Nation: J. Best & Stefan Smith vs. The Mobile Homers: "The Manbeast" Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (w/Brittany DeVore). Before Best & Adam lock up, Best takes a drink of his "Drank Juice". So, naturally, Brittany gets up on the apron and gives Adam a drink of their "Rocket Fuel". Adam starts out on fire. Best works Adam back into their corner where Smith comes in. Adam eventually gets the tag to Ted who comes in and takes Smith down. Ted tags back in Adam who goes for a pin on Smith. Best breaks it up, but Ted gets in and they hit a double team move on Best. They then hit their double team finisher on Smith for the win. WINNER: MOBILE HOMERS by pinfall. MY VIEW: The Mobile Homers get back on the winning track after defeating the debut of Swag Nation. The limited intake of "rocket fuel" seemed to help this week.

Dylan Bostic is in the back and tells Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger that his shoulder is no big deal, he'll be out for maybe a week. Heidi walks up, and he says his shoulder is bad and doctors say he may be out for a year. Taeler walks up and tells him to stop lying. She calls Heidi a skank and tells her she'll she her in the ring next week, non-title of course. She then smacks Dylan in the shoulder and tells him to follow her.

December vs. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic). This was the debut for December who came out in a cheerleader outfit with pom-poms. Bostic came out with Taeler in an arm sling after taking a rough bump into the announce table at SNS. Taeler took the early advantage on December and kept mocking her with her pom-poms. Taeler toyed around a bit with December, before going over to the side of the ring to talk to Dylan. December got back up and dropkicked Taeler into Dylan, knocking him off the ring apron as he grabbed his shoulder. Taeler fought back as Heidi Lovelace made her way to ringside and put an ice pack on Dylan's shoulder. Taeler got distracted by this, again allowing December to get back up. December came up behind Taeler and rolled her up for the 3! WINNER: DECEMBER by pinfall. MY VIEW: Taeler has dropped two matches in a row that Heidi has had a presence in. Will Taeler be able to regain focus if she has to defend her title against Heidi?

In the back, Ted McNaler says the name of the game is Texas No-Limit Go Fish, and the only rule is you have to drink like a fish as he shuffles a deck of cards with Adam Revolver, Moose, & Michael Hayes around the table. There's an empty chair and Adam says it's for Obama. Ted says it's not funny anymore, but Adam says it was when Eastwood said it. Jason Wayne walks in and says what a sorry excuse, but he should expect this from someone in the Army, because they are not as dedicated as those in the Marines. Michael says he's not in the mood and to get out of his face. Moose says he's not worth it.

Jamin Olivencia vs. Alex Silva. Silva and Jamin exchanged blows and went back and forth quite a bit. Silva took the advantage and went for the Silva Surfer, but Jamin reversed it into the Standing O, just like last week. This time Silva kicked out. Jamin put Silva in a sleeper lock, but Silva fought out of it. He came back and hit the Silva Surfer this time, and got the pin. WINNER: SILVA by pinfall. MY TAKE: A great match between two fan favorites that redeems Silva following his loss to Jamin last week.

In the back, Elvis & Bobbi are talking about the fun they had at the club when Fabiano Rolento walks in and says he remembers her. Cliff Compton interrupts and says he has an important question. Has anyone seen Chris Silvio? Elvis, Bobbi, & Fabiano say no, and Cliff says it's good for Silvio, because if he was here, he would rip off his legs, then his arms...then he hears Silvio's music playing, and says he has to go. Mo Green & Mary Jane walk in with a boombox playing Silvio's music. Mo says it's party time, and all 5 walk out. Bobbi hits the lights as they walk out, but the camera pans over to show a shadow/outline of a figure on the wall. Hmmm...

"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Rob Terry vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Godderz stayed on the outside as Spade & Terry exchanged blows to begin the match. Terry & Spade kept going back and forth as Godderz would sneak in to try and attack from behind or steal pins. One time, Godderz got caught between Spade & Terry, and they both traded turns hitting him. In the end, Terry caught Spade in a giant powerslam, and again Godderz tried to steal the pin. Terry broke it up and powerslammed Godderz, getting the pin. After the match, Terry chokeslammed both Spade & Godderz, and then grabbed the Heavyweight Title, holding it up high to end the show. WINNER: TERRY by pinfall. MY TAKE: Regardless of who is telling him the truth and who's lying, Big Rob just wants the OVW Heavyweight Title. Will he work his way into another shot?

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Match:

We were treated to an "odd couple" 4-Way Tag Match.
Michael Hayes & James "Moose" Thomas b. Arik Kristopher & Rudy Switchblade, Tony Gunn & Brandon Espinosa (w/Chris), and Eddie Diamond & "The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman (w/Jack Black & "Hype Man" Timmy Danger). A lot of back and forth between all 8 competitors. Jack Black tried to get involved, but was thrown out. Later, Timmy Danger tried to get involved and Chris chased him to the back. In the end, everyone hit their finishers until it came down to the legal men, AK & Moose. Moose hit a huge Moose kick to AK's head to finish the match and get the pin. MY TAKE: The only "normal" team, Moose & Michael, win again. Hopefully, they get another shot at the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. After the match, J. Best ran out and tried to steal AK's wrestling boots off of him. The Assassin's music hit, and Best was taken out with the massive clothesline.

Don't forget to watch the episode online. I'm planning on going to Derby Park Expo 5 on Sunday which is supposed to be headlined by Alex Silva vs. Johnny Spade, followed by TNA No Surrender on the big screen! Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. And as always, thanks for reading!