OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Monday, September 10, 2012

OVWmania Presents: OVW Top 20 (Ed. 18)

***Before we get into tonight's Top 20, please take a second and send your prayers and well wishes to WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend, Jerry "the King" Lawler, who collapsed at ringside during WWE RAW tonight. OVWmania hopes "Kingfish" is okay and recovers 100%***
 This is the OVW Top 20 for the week of September 4-10, 2012 exclusively on OVWmania. Where do tomorrow's superstars today rank this week?

#1) "SMOOTH" JOHNNY SPADE (Last Week: #1)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Heavyweight Champion

LAST MATCH: Lost to Rob Terry in a triple threat match that also included Jessie Godderz.

*Spade continues to fend off challengers for the belt, but was unable to talk any sense into Big Rob last week. Will Spade be able to overcome Crimson's mind games?

#2) CRIMSON (Last Week: #2)

LAST MATCH: Won the Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

*The #1 contender wants to be the Big Man on Campus and has shown that he will try to win the OVW Heavyweight Title by any means necessary. His mind games continued to play out even without him being at Davis Arena last week.
#3) ROB TERRY (Last Week: #4)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Jessie Godderz & Johnny Spade in a triple threat match, pinning Godderz.

*Big Rob promised Johnny Spade he was going to search for answers as well as continue his search for gold as he tries to get back into contention for the OVW Heavyweight Title.

#4) ALEX SILVA (Last Week: #5)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Jamin Olivencia.

*Silva showed why he is always a threat by bouncing back and defeating Jamin Olivencia one week after the opposite happened to him. The first GutCheck winner is always ready to prove himself. UH-OH!!!

#5) THE BEST TEAM EVER: Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz (Last Week: #6)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Southern Tag Team Champions

LAST MATCH: Godderz lost to Rob Terry in a triple threat match that also featured Johnny Spade. With Arik Kristopher, Switchblade lost a 4-Corner Tag Match to Moose & Michael Hayes that also featured Joe Coleman & Eddie Diamond and Tony Gunn & Brandon Espinosa.

*Is all well in tag team land? After their disagreement in the Fatal-4-Way match, they did not tag together last week. They will have to be on the same page with all the tag teams breathing down their necks.

#6) MOOSE & MICHAEL HAYES (Last Week: #7)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Eddie Diamond & Joe Coleman, Arik Kristopher & Rudy Switchblade, and Brandon Espinosa & Tony Gunn in a 4-Corner Tag Match.

*OVW's favorite tag team is looking for another opportunity to get their hands on gold, and they know they can defeat the Best Team Ever. The only question is where and when they might get the chance.

#7) JAMIN OLIVENCIA (Last Week: #3)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Alex Silva.

*Jamin tumbles again after suffering another setback. He couldn't find the winning recipe to become OVW Heavyweight Champion, and then lost to Silva last week. What's going on with the J-Man?

#8) TAELER HENDRIX (Last Week: #8)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Women's Champion

LAST MATCH: Lost to December.

*The Women's Champion continues to hold on to her title, but is the fiery redhead losing focus? If so, who's to blame? Is it Heidi, Dylan, or maybe Taeler herself?

#9) JASON WAYNE (Last Week: #11)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Randy Royal.

*Wayne is still looking for unearned respect and being disrespectful to the fans and his opponents in the process. Regardless, Wayne picks up a submission win this week and makes it up into the Top 10.

#10) RYAN HOWE (Last Week: #9)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Television Champion

LAST MATCH: Lost to Rudy Switchblade in a Fatal-4-Way Match.

*The rocker has seemed to struggle ever since becoming TV Champion. Can he move to the beat of a different drum this week and get back on the winning track?
#11) CHRIS SILVIO (Last Week: #12)

LAST MATCH: Eliminated himself from the Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

*The Psychedelic Superstar is pound for pound, one of the toughest competitors in OVW. He made an impact last week by getting into Cliff Compton's head without even being at Davis Arena.

#12) ROCCO BELLAGIO (Last Week: #10)

LAST MATCH: Eliminated from the Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

*Big Rocco watched on as Jason Wayne took out Randy Royal last week. The big man is surely looking for a challenge of his own and some legs to break.

#13) THE MOBILE HOMERS: Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (Last Week: #16)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Swag Nation.

*The "rocket fuel" kicked back in this week as Ted & Adam pick up a win in the tag division. They just need to remember to drink responsibly while competing.

#14) JACK BLACK (Last Week: #13)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Johnny Spade.

*Although his "services" weren't used this past week, he still holds a pinfall win over the current OVW Heavyweight Champion. What's next for him and BS 2.0?

#15) HEIDI LOVELACE (Last Week: #14)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Taeler Hendrix in a non-title match at SNS.

*Heidi has Taeler Hendrix looking over her shoulder as she makes a run at the fiery redhead for the OVW Women's Championship. The two will clash again this week, non-title of course, according to Taeler. Which femme fatale will come out on top?

#16) CLIFF COMPTON (Last Week: #15)

LAST MATCH: Eliminated himself from the Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

*If Chris Silvio keeps living in his head, he may have to charge rent. Cliff has been off his game and he continues to drop down the Top 20.

#17) JOE COLEMAN (Last Week: #17)

LAST MATCH: With Eddie Diamond, lost a 4-Corner Tag Match to Moose & Michael Hayes that also featured Brandon Espinosa & Tony Gunn and Rudy Switchblade & Arik Kristopher.

*The Jacked Knight is ready to do some victory laps, but who will his next opponent be? Coleman never lacks the swagger to back up his skills in the ring.

#18) EPIPHANY (Last Week: NR)

LAST MATCH: Defeated "Bodyguy" Max Wolfgang.

*Man or woman, Epiphany takes care of business in the ring and knocks them all down. The impressive and quick win boosts her back up on this week's Top 20.

#19) THE WILD CARDS: Shiloh Jonze & "Rudo" Raul LaMotta (Last Week: #19)

LAST MATCH: Both were eliminated from the Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

*Shiloh & Rudo are only looking out for themselves as they've lost friends and respect from both locker rooms. They need to quit complaining and start winning in order to get back in line for a shot at the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles that they feel like they deserve.

#20) TONY GUNN (Last Week: #20)

LAST MATCH: With Brandon Espinosa, lost a 4-Corner Tag Match to Moose & Michael Hayes that also featured Eddie Diamond & Joe Coleman and Rudy Switchblade & Arik Kristopher.

*Tony may need a pep talk from Ralphie to move back up the Top 20. Another shot at and winning the TV Title would surely make them both "bear-y" happy.

-Elvis Pridemoore
*Elvis picked up a win this week, but just missed making it in.

-Randy Royal
*Royal was wounded and forced to tap out, and unfortunately drops out of this week's rankings.

-The Assassin
*The Assassin continues to leave his calling card in OVW.

 (Newest addition to the OVW Women's division made us do a cheer after an upset win over Taeler Hendrix.)
*Fabiano Rolento
(Fabiano continues to entertain and win. Ole!)
*Dylan Bostic
 (How long is he really out for? Until his shoulder heals, he will not be on the Top 20.)
*Brandon Espinosa
(Needs to find the winning "makeup".)
*Jessie Belle
(The Southern belle was M.I.A. last week.)

***Special thanks to "Mr. SC" for his input/votes on this week's Top 20***