OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

OVW Special Report: Live Event Results

Even though there was not a TV taping tonight, the Davis Arena was still full of hot action on this very chilly Wednesday night. Due to the weather, however, Danny Davis was not able to make it to the show tonight. More on that in a moment. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. Unlike my usual Wednesday night reports, this will just be a quick recap of tonight's action. My normal Wednesday night report is also up for viewing for the episode that will air online at tomorrow and in the Louisville area on Saturday afternoon. Again, I stress that my reports for the Wednesday TV tapings should be read AFTER viewing the show unless you cannot view it for some reason or are just in a hurry to see what happens. Now for tonight's results:

Trailer Park Trash came out and told everyone that due to the snowfall in Northern Indiana, Danny Davis could not make it to the show tonight. He told everyone in attendance that if they came back next week with their ticket stubs, they would get 2 for 1 admissions. The Platoon's Jason Wayne & Jack Black came out and Wayne said weather didn't stop them when they were storming the beaches in Normandy. Danny Davis was scared. Trash says he'll make them a deal. If they agree to sign an open contract for next Wednesday's live event, he will face them both in a handicap match tonight. Wayne agrees to set up the main event.

"The Ken of OVW and Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic defeated "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer by pinfall following a backstabber.

Stephon J. Baxter III defeated Austin Bradley by pinfall following a leaping butt bump. A funny moment during the match when Stephon "Urkeled" up and took Austin down and said "Did I do that?" Following the match, the Assassin took out Austin with 3 clotheslines.

"White Kryptonite" Eddie F. Diamond (w/Timmy "Rampage" Danger) defeated the Bodyguy by pinfall following the Soulja Boy Shuffle.

"Smooth" Johnny Spade defeated SK Evesledge by pinfall following a super kick and senton bomb. During the match, Spade laid some nasty chops in on Evesledge and even referee Joe Wheeler got involved and pushed Evesledge down for arguing with him.

Alex Silva defeated Doug Williams by pinfall after hitting the Silva Surfer. In my opinion, this was the best match of the night.

In the main event, Trailer Park Trash defeated the Platoon of Wayne by DQ. Trash had locked up with Wayne and took him into the corner. Black ran in the ring and hit Trash from behind. Black & Wayne continued to double team Trash and Wheeler called for the bell. The POW then handcuffed Trash to the ropes and continued to hammer away. Wayne ordered Black to go get a chair so that they could break his leg. Wheeler and referee Josh Ashcraft tried to yell at them to stop. Before they could do any damage, Johnny Spade with a lead pipe, Timmy Danger with a 2x4, Eddie Diamond with a metal sign, and Alex Silva with a can of Lysol (?) ran out and chased them away. Trash then got on the mic and said that him and Danny might be getting up in years, but they still knew how to kick butt and would see them next week. Before the night closed, Trash & Spade said their goodbyes to referee Joe Wheeler. Unfortunately, his last night was tonight and he will be unable to ref the tag match with Trash & Danny Davis next week.