OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

OVW TV #697: "A Spade Up The Sleeve"

This is the OVW Report, Part 1 from the night of Wednesday, December 19, 2012. There were 2 weeks of episodes taped, but this report only covers the first hour that was taped and will be available for viewing online tomorrow (December 27).

In this episode, The Coalition struck again, Dylan Bostic was in action, Jamin was scheduled to defend the OVW TV Title, the Best Team Ever wore some interesting ring gear, Josette got Flash a warmup match, and the Coalition went to battle with James "Moose" Thomas and company.

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

The Wild Cards: "Rudo" Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze b. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer & Stephon J. Baxter III. The Wild Cards attack from behind to start the match. The two teams exchange blows, but Raul & Shiloh are on top when the Assassin's music hits. Raul & Shiloh grab the ref and hide on the far side of the ring floor. Assassin comes in and takes out Dumeyer with a massive clothesline. Stephon turns around and after seeing the Assassin, runs from the ring to the back. After the Assassin leaves, Raul picks up the referee and they get in the ring to make the pin. MY TAKE: Well, the Wild Cards get a tag team win, but give the assist to the mysterious Assassin.

"VIP" Joe Rosa b. Sean Conway. VIP & Conway lock up, but VIP takes the advantage and controls most of the match. He lays in some chops and hits a big spinebuster, but Conway kicks out. Conway tries to make a comeback hitting some clotheslines, but VIP grabs the referee. Conway comes up behind VIP to grab him, but VIP raises his leg and low blows Conway, where the ref can't see it. VIP then hits a death valley driver like maneuver to finish him off for the victory. MY TAKE: VIP picks up a win and has the potential to be a major player. Let's see where he goes from here. 

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Eddie Diamond comes out with Timmy Danger & Bobbi Bardot and they discuss "Suckah of the Year" coming up. They talk about Jason Wayne being a candidate as they go through possible candidates for the "Golden 40" award. This brings out Crimson, Jason Wayne, Joe Coleman, & Doug Williams. Crimson says they can make all the jokes they want, but the biggest joke is their show that should be cancelled. The Coalition surrounds Diamond and starts to beat him down. Moose & the Mascara Mafia run out as the Coalition bails. Paredyse grabs a mic and yells about Wayne using a steel rod on them and says Wayne & Coleman probably used that on each other. He says they want some revenge, so they will get a 4th partner and meet them later tonight. He tells Jason Wayne to oil Joe Coleman up real good for him.

Dylan Bostic (w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Stephon J. Baxter III. The Ken of OVW controlled most of this match, kissing Taeler in between moves and also asking "Who Sucks Now?". He kept toying around with Stephon and making fun of him. Stephon "Urkeled" up and started to come back, but Dylan ducked a wild swing from Stephon and hit the backstabber for the pin and win. WINNER: BOSTIC by pinfall. MY TAKE: Bostic continues to win and not suck now.

Elvis Pridemoore's music hits and he comes out posing to the fans, but Cliff Compton comes charging out from the other entrance and ambushes him. He rams him into the steel steps several times and then rolls him in the ring. He kicks him and then heaves him out of the ring. He grabs a mic and says no one is taking a TV title shot when he is the rightful champion. Jamin Olivencia comes flying out and Cliff hightails it. Jamin says all that's between them is air as he sucks it up and says the air is gone. He challenges Cliff, but Cliff says his ankle has become inflamed again and he can't tonight, but he'll be back for it next week.

The Gutcheckers' music hits, but the Best Team Ever comes out with Rudy Switchblade dressed up in Sam Shaw's gear and Jessie Godderz dressed up as Alex Silva. Godderz makes fun of Silva, tripping over the rope as he gets in the ring. They continue to make fun of Silva & Shaw as Rudy keeps saying "Bro" and says he couldn't afford real wrestling gear, so he just wears board shorts to the ring. Jessie keeps saying "Uh-Oh" and Rudy does a kickflip which was pretty funny. They get into a back and forth with each other saying "Bro" & "Uh-Oh" until the real Silva & Shaw come out and the BTE leaves the ring.

Josette's music hits and she comes to the ring and says she was unjustly thrown out of the building last week, but she was able to petition the Board of Directors into giving Flash Flanagan a warmup match before his encounter with Trailer Park Trash at SNS. She says he hasn't been in OVW for a while because of Trash, and really doesn't need a warmup match, but it'll help him knock off a little rust before destroying Trash... Flash Flanagan vs. Chase King. As King is making his entrance, TPT storms out, but the referees hold him back from getting in the ring. Josette said to remember that he's not allowed to touch either one of them, but he's more than welcome to stay out and watch. Flash totally destroys King and everything he does is directed at Trash on the outside. He hits a neckbreaker to finish King off for the win. WINNER: FLASH by pinfall. After the match, Josette again reminded Trash that he couldn't touch either of them. Flash grabbed a mic and made fun of Trash's daughter by calling her fat among other things. This really angers TPT who tries to fight through the officials holding him back. He grabs a mic and calls Flash an SOB for bringing his family into it. He says he might not be able to put his hands on him, but he is still the Director of Operations and tells security to once again escort them from the building. MY TAKE: The hardcore match at SNS will not be pretty. These 2 can't stand each other, and now by using personal insults, has escalated it even further. 

The Coalition: "General" Crimson, Doug Williams, "The Kamikaze of Combat" Joe Coleman, & "The He-Man of Homeland Security" Jason Wayne vs. The Mascara Mafia: Espy & Paredyse, James "Moose" Thomas, & "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Moose started out with Williams and worked over his arm. He tagged in Spade who took over working on the arm, and then Espy came in. Williams pushed Espy back into his corner and they worked over him some, before Espy tagged in Paredyse. Paredyse came in on fire, but was taken down and worked over for a while. He made the hot tag to Moose who came in and ran over everybody. He hit a big side slam, but the pin was broken up. Everyone entered the ring and took each other out with finishers. The last 3 were Moose, Wayne, & Spade. Wayne was trying to hit the full nelson slam on Moose, but Moose broke loose, and Spade nailed a super kick to Wayne's jaw. Moose made the cover for the 1-2-3. The rest of the Coalition (the Wild Cards & Jack Black) ran out to check on Wayne. WINNERS: MOOSE, SPADE, & MASCARA MAFIA by pinfall. MY TAKE: Is the Coalition showing they don't have what it takes to take over OVW? 

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Match:

There were no post-show dark matches since they went from one TV taping to another.

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