OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OVW TV #696: "The Militia Strikes...Again"

This is the OVW Report, Part 2 from the night of Wednesday, December 12, 2012. There were 2 weeks of episodes taped last week, but this report only covers the second hour that was taped and will be available for viewing online tomorrow (December 20).

In this episode, Trailer Park Trash called out Josette Bynum, the Gutcheckers were in action against the Wild Cards, Cliff Compton explained his actions, and Crimson & Jason Wayne were at war with Moose once again!

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

There were no pre-show dark matches since they went from one TV taping to another.

I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

Trailer Park Trash comes to the ring and demands Josette come out immediately. Josette comes out with her phone in her cleavage and Trash says he knows she stuffs, but to grab her phone and call Flash and tell him to get in here. Flash comes in and Trash shows footage from a security camera where he was attacked in the parking lot last week by Flash. He challenges Flash to a match at the January 5th SNS with no rules, no countouts, etc. What he means, is that he wants a hardcore match. Flash accepts. TPT says he would love nothing more than to punch Flash in the face right now and that goes for Josette, too. He can't since he is the Director of Operations and the Board of Directors wouldn't allow him to do that. Josette likes that TPT can't touch them and gets up in his face. TPT turns and yanks the microphone cord quickly and racks Flash. Oops, he didn't mean to do that, it was an accident. He then tells the security to get them out of his ring again, there's a match scheduled.

The Wild Cards: "Rudo" Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze vs. The Gutcheckers: Alex Silva & Sam Shaw. Silva & Shaw tag in and out quickly as they work over Raul's arm. The Wild Cards gain advantage for a short time working over Silva. He tags in Shaw who comes in and hits some armdrags and dropkicks. He hits Shiloh with the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo, but Raul breaks the pin. Silva comes in and takes Raul out of the ring. Shaw tags Silva and Silva hits a clothesline in the corner and tags Shaw. Shaw clotheslines Shiloh from the outside as Silva hits the Silva Surfer. Shaw goes up top and hits Breaking Point for the pin. WINNERS: GUTCHECKERS by pinfall. MY TAKE: Shaw & Silva continue to bring their young talent and high energy to the ring weekly and succeed.

Dylan Bostic (w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Ace Hawkins. The Justin Bieber of professional wrestling started out hitting a couple snapmares and dropkicks and asking "Who Sucks Now?". A fan at ringside was yelling at Taeler to get a tan, to which she replied "What channel were you on? Oh, that's right! You weren't!". Ace came back with a flurry of quick offense hitting a hurancanrana and a flying body press. He went to jump off the ropes, but slipped and Dylan shoved him to the mat. He got him up and nailed him with the backstabber for the pin and win. WINNER: BOSTIC by pinfall. MY TAKE: Bostic is back on a winning streak and for another week doesn't suck now.

Cliff Compton comes out with both TV Titles and a trash can and says his friend Michael Titus told all the fans that he was at the clinic and was told all 32 bones in his foot were broken and his foot would have to be amputated. He told the doctors no way, that he is the OVW TV Champion. He said he is like Batman, he is healed, and Jamin Olivencia never was and is not OVW TV Champion, because he is still undefeated and never lost the title. He drops one of the titles into the trash can as Jamin comes flying out and takes Cliff down getting in a couple shots before Cliff rolls out and takes off to the back.

"Lieutenant Lats" Joe Coleman, "The Defender of Freedom" Jason Wayne, & "General" Crimson vs. The Mascara Mafia: Espy & Paredyse, & James "Moose" Thomas. This was a long match that must have taken at least half of this show. Coleman, Wayne, & Crimson stayed in control for most of this match wearing down both Espy & Paredyse, but couldn't put either of them away. Jack Black even interfered hitting Paredyse with his side slam, but he was able to kick out. In the end, Moose finally made it in the ring and was taking everybody down. He went for the pin on Wayne, but Crimson broke it up. All 6 men ended up in the ring hitting each other with moves that knocked them all out of the ring. It came down to Crimson, Moose, & Wayne. Crimson went to spear Moose, but Moose moved and Crimson went shoulder first into the ringpost. Jack Black ran out and charged after Moose, but Moose threw him out of the ring. Wayne snuck up from behind Moose and rolled him up with a handful of tights for the 3. WINNERS: WAYNE, CRIMSON, & COLEMAN by pinfall. After the match, Moose & the Mafia continued to battle with Crimson, Coleman, & Wayne. Doug Williams ran out and assisted Crimson's men. The steel rod came into play again as they hit Espy, Moose, & Paredyse with it. Johnny Spade came out and super kicked all 4 of them. Moose put his hand out to thank Spade for his assistance, but Spade just rolled out of the ring and left. MY TAKE: The war is far from over. Spade has cast himself as the Lone Wolf trusting no one and doing what he wants, when he wants. Will Crimson & Wayne succeed in taking over OVW, or will a Moose stand in their way?

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Match:

Jessie Belle b. December. December took the early advantage and screamed that she was tired of losing. She got in a few shots before Jessie Belle came back and hit an inverted DDT. She only got a 2 count. She then hit December with a Widow's Peak for the 3. MY TAKE: Jessie Belle looks like she is ready to try and take away the OVW Women's Title from Taeler Hendrix at the Saturday Night Special in January.

If you are reading this on Wednesday night, December 19, OVW is taping 2 more weeks of TV tonight for the next 2 weeks. I will release the reports on each of those tapings the next 2 Wednesday nights. Don't forget to watch the episode online starting tomorrow. Also, my weekly Top 20 comes out every Monday night. As always, thanks for reading!