OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, December 6, 2012

OVW TV #694: "Blindsides Aplenty"

This is the OVW Report for the night of Wednesday, December 5, 2012. Tonight at the Davis Arena, we finally found out the identity of Trailer Park Trash's mystery attacker, the Gutcheckers defended the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against the Mascara Mafia, Jamin Olivencia defended the OVW TV Title, we crowned a new #1 contender for the OVW Women's Championship, and Crimson's Army joined forces with the Platoon of Wayne!

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Match:

Dylan Bostic b. Tony Gunn (w/Ralphie). Bostic was announced as the "Ken" of OVW and the Justin Bieber of professional wrestling. Gunn teased placing referee Josh Ashcraft in the bearhug which allowed Bostic to attack from behind to start the match. Bostic worked over Gunn's head and neck as he again yelled out "Who Sucks Now?". Gunn started to fight back and tried to twice roll Bostic up, but only got 2 counts. He hit a backdrop and then went for the airplane spin. As he started twirling, Dylan reached out and grabbed Ashcraft. Gunn stopped the Airplane Spin allowing Bostic to get out of the hold and hit a backstabber for the victory. MY TAKE: Bostic, at least on this night, doesn't suck now.
That concludes tonight's only pre-show dark match. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

The show starts out with Trailer Park Trash limping to the ring. He calls out Josette. He says he thought they were getting along well and doesn't understand what her problem is. She says that things were better when she was in charge. She dresses and acts professionally, whereas Trash comes out with dirty shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt. She mentions that she's been on and off with OVW for the past 6 years. Trash says he has put his heart and soul into the company for close to 20 years and couldn't believe he came across her on the phone last week wanting to take him out. He calls her some very explicit adjectives and says he wants the real masked man or he will personally remove her from the building. As he is saying this, the masked man rolls out from underneath the ring. Trash catches the masked man out of the corner of his eye and they start exchanging blows.
Trash throws him out of the ring and then jumps over the top rope onto the masked man on the floor. He continues laying in blows and then throws him back in the ring. As he goes to get in, Josette grabs his foot. This allows the masked man to get back up and pull out a chain. As Trash breaks loose from Josette, he turns into a loaded fist from the masked man. The masked man grabs a mic and asks everyone if they really want to know who he is. He unmasks and reveals himself as OVW Original Flash Flanagan. He says when he got the call, he was more than happy to take out the Trash. He then says he is going to make sure he really gets the job done as he goes to the outside and grabs a lead pipe. Rob Terry, Tony Gunn, & Moose fly out of the locker room and Flash retreats with Josette.

The Bodyguy vs. Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger & X2C ladies). Once again, the Bodyguy grabs a mic and says he is going to show all the fat, ugly fans his gorgeous body. Before he can disrobe, Diamond comes out. Danger grabs a mic and introduces everyone before saying they didn't need to do a Mixtape this week, because their "Suckah of the Week" is Bodyguy. They start to argue as Johnny Spade comes to the ring. He superkicks referee Josh Ashcraft and leaves. NO CONTEST. MY TAKE: Spade apparently has a problem with the referees now. It will be interesting to see his reasoning as we progress over the next few weeks.

In the back, Jason Wayne is yelling at Joe Coleman to keep doing push-ups until Wayne says he is tired for losing the OVW TV Title. Crimson & the Wild Cards walk in. Crimson talks about teaming with Wayne tonight against Rob Terry & Moose. Crimson says they need to take them out and talks about them both serving in the military and working together. Wayne says they should go sign a treaty and salutes Crimson.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio) vs. Jamin Olivencia [c]. Olivencia comes out on fire hitting his high octane moves. He goes off the ropes and Del Barrio tries to grab his foot, but Jamin sees him, stops, and steps on Del Barrio's hand. This allows VIP to hit him from behind and hit a big spinebuster. 2 count. Jamin comes back, hitting his running splashes in the corner and the Standing O DDT for the 1-2-3. WINNER: OLIVENCIA by pinfall. After the match, commentator Michael Titus has a mic and says Cliff Compton isn't here because he is getting his foot checked out and hopefully doesn't have to have it amputated, but Cliff will be here next week to discuss the "sham" of Jamin being champion when Cliff is still the "real" TV Champion. MY TAKE: Who is the real TV Champion? Cliff has a point that he was never defeated, but Jamin did win the belt fair and square. 

We get a promo with the Fan Advocate Terry Boddie who is with a local DJ named Shawn Michael. After they discuss an upcoming event in Louisville, Doug Williams walks up to Boddie and says he successfully won over Johnny Spade at "Saturday Night Live" and wants him to shake his hand. Boddie shakes and Williams looks into the camera and tells Spade that even Boddie knows to shake the hand of a winner. Boddie then sees Randy Royal talking with Tony Gunn and asks Randy about his current condition. Double R says he doesn't have a timeline for his return, but has another big appointment tomorrow and will let everyone know what he finds out on next week's show.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Mascara Mafia: Espy & Paredyse (w/Chris) vs. The Gutcheckers: Sam Shaw & Alex Silva [c]. Paredyse says Alex is cute and then chants "Let's Go Alex!" which gets a starnge look from Espy. Silva & Espy start off and Silva gets the early advantage taking Espy down with some armdrags and then placing him an armbar. He tags in Shaw who takes over working on the arm. They tag in and out a couple more times as Espy takes a lot of punishment. Espy finally gets the tag to Paredyse. Paredyse and Espy then have the advantage for a while on Shaw as they hit a double butt bump and try to pin Shaw a few times, but can't put him away. Shaw finally gets the hot tag to Silva. Silva comes in with clotheslines taking Espy & Paredyse both down. He hits a big slam on Paredyse and goes for the pin, but Espy breaks it up. Shaw gets back in the ring and knocks Espy to the outside. Silva hits the Silva Surfer on Paredyse as Shaw goes up top and hits Breaking Point. Silva makes the pin for the win. WINNERS: GUTCHECKERS by pinfall. 
After the match, Rudy Switchblade came out in his red "BTE" trunks and said he wasn't here to fight. He said they have another match at the next Saturday Night Special, but he is done with Jessie. Jessie comes out in his gray "BTE" trunks and says he can't be serious. They start to argue and push each other as Silva & Shaw try to break them up. Jessie & Rudy then attack Silva & Shaw. Jessie pulls off his gray turnks to reveal his matching red ones and chokes them with them. They leave Silva & Shaw lying. MY TAKE: The Best Team Ever is back to using their mind games and the young guns learned something tonight.

#1 CONTENDER for the OVW WOMEN'S TITLE: Jessie Belle vs. Heidi Lovelace. Heidi takes Jessie Belle down and hits a couple quick moves. She goes to grab Jessie Belle off the mat and Jessie Belle rolls her up for a quick 3! WINNER: JESSIE BELLE by pinfall. After the match, Heidi looked very upset for letting the opportunity slip by, but hugged Jessie Belle anyway. MY TAKE: As Jessie Belle likes to say, it will be "Ginger Warfare" for the OVW Women's Title as she meets Taeler Hendrix at the next SNS.

In the back, Josette walks up on Taeler Hendrix. She says she sees Taeler finally got her belt back. Taeler says something as Josette starts sniffing and asking what that horrible smell is. She thinks it's coming off Taeler. Taeler says it's probably Josette's cheap perfume. They both put their hands up, huff, and walk off. We then see Moose & Rob Terry preparing for their match. Terry asks him if he's ready, and Moose says he went through an entire gauntlet, but the most important question is how Terry's knee is doing. Terry says it will be fine when he can get his hands on Crimson again, and Jason Wayne will just be a bonus.

Jason Wayne & Crimson vs. James "Moose" Thomas & Rob Terry. Terry & Crimson are in the ring to start, but Crimson tags in Wayne saying his knee is hurting him. Terry locks up with Wayne, before slinging him across the ring. He works Wayne into the corner and tags Moose in. Moose gets in some shots as Wayne shoves him back toward his corner. He gets Moose in the ropes and clean breaks, but Crimson attacks from behind. Wayne & Crimson start working over Moose for a large part of the match until Terry gets the tag back in. He takes Wayne down with a big powerslam, but Crimson breaks the pin. Moose grabs him and they are fighting on the outside. With referee Chris Sharpe's attention diverted, the Wild Cards, Jack Black, & Joe Coleman run out and try to attack Terry. He fights all of them off and hits a chokeslam on Wayne for the pin. WINNERS: MOOSE & TERRY by pinfall.
After the match, the Platoon of Wayne & Crimson's Army gang up on Terry and take out his bad knee. Moose gets back in and tries to fight them off, but is taken down as well. Shiloh grabs a chair from outside and they place it around Terry's knee. Crimson jumps off the second rope and onto the chair as Terry yells out in pain. Moose checks on Terry on the outside along with the officials as Crimson's Army & the Platoon celebrate what they did inside. MY TAKE: It looks like Crimson will go to any length to get back to the top and win back the OVW Heavyweight Title. What condition is Terry's knee in? Can anyone stop the aligned force of the Platoon & Crimson's Army?

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger & X2C ladies) b. Stephon J. Baxter III. Stephon was introduced as being from the laboratory of Columbia University. He comes out to the Family Matters sitcom music and dresses like Urkel. Diamond & Danger make fun of him and he decides to show off how "cool" he is by dancing. They laugh even harder at his dancing and Stephon attacks Diamond. He hits a couple moves, but Diamond comes back and finishes him off with the inverted DDT. After the match, Stephon was throwing a temper tantrum in the ring when the lights went out. They came on and Stephon was "assassinated" with a big clothesline from the Assassin. MY TAKE: EFD picks up another win as he looks to start climbing the ranks in OVW.

Jeremiah Plunkett b. Ace Hawkins. Plunkett controlled most of the match with his sheer size advantage. Ace tried coming back, but couldn't budge the big man. He went up top for a flying body press that budged Plunkett a little, but he went off the ropes and charged face first into a fist from Plunkett that knocked him out for the 1-2-3. MY TAKE: Plunkett is starting to get himself on a small winning streak as well. Can he keep it up?

The Best Team Ever & Doug Williams b. The Gutcheckers & Johnny Spade. Spade looked less than thrilled to be in this match. Silva took a lot of the punishment in this match. He got the hot tag to Shaw who came in on fire. Spade had came in the ring to take out Williams, but Shaw ran into him. Spade got ticked and left, leaving Shaw & Silva by themselves. Silva got thrown out of the ring and Williams beat him down on the outside as Rudy & Jessie worked over Shaw on the inside and finished him off with their double team finisher. MY TAKE: The Best Team Ever get one up on the Gutcheckers, but what is going on with Johnny Spade? He's mad at the world right now and everyone should stay out of his way.

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