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Sunday, January 6, 2013

OVW Saturday Night Special January 2013 Results

These are the results for the first Saturday Night Special of 2013 on January 5. Tonight at the Davis Arena, we saw titles change hands, a brutal ladder match between Jamin Olivencia & Cliff Compton, a war between Team OVW and the Coalition, the return of 2 popular superstars, and a vicious hardcore match between Trailer Park Trash & Flash Flanagan!

Without further ado:

Here we go... 

"The Ken of OVW, Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling, & King of Pink" Dylan Freak'n Bostic vs. Ryan Howe. Howe starts off playing the guitar and singing about Bostic calling himself the King of Pink, saying he needs to be matched up with Paredyse. As Howe puts his guitar away in the corner, Bostic tries to sneak attack, but Howe moves and Bostic runs into the turnbuckle. Howe works over Bostic's arm, and then slams him. He goes up top for the Chart Topper, but Bostic rolls out of the ring. Howe grabs for him, but Bostic yanks his arm across the top rope. Bostic gets back in, but Howe comes back with punches, throws him off the ropes and backflips him. Bostic crawls into the corner where Howe charges after him, but Bostic grabs him and pulls him face first into the second turnbuckle. Bostic tries to grab him out of the corner, but Howe kicks him off. Howe goes to the top rope, but Bostic pushes the ref into the ropes making Howe fall in a bad spot and down to the mat. Bostic goes for the pin and gets the 3 with his feet on the ropes. WINNER: BOSTIC by pinfall. MY TAKE: A good match to kick the night off. It really got the sold out Davis Arena crowd warmed up for the rest of the night's action.

8-MAN BATTLE ROYAL (Winner gets OVW TV Title shot at Derby Park Expo 5 on Sunday, January 13): Bodyguy, Eddie Diamond, Matt King, Elvis Pridemoore, Chase King, Tony Gunn, Stephon J. Baxter III, & "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer. Diamond eliminated Bodyguy first, and Bodyguy got back up on the ring apron to argue with Diamond. This allowed Elvis to eliminate Diamond from behind. The Kings eliminated Elvis & Stephon simultaneously, leaving them with Dumeyer & Gunn. Dumeyer charged at the Kings and they ducked and pulled down the top rope eliminating Dumeyer. Gunn fought both Kings and threw Chase over the top rope, but Chase stayed on the apron and grabbed Gunn from behind. Matt charged at Gunn, but Gunn broke free and Matt knocked Chase off the apron eliminating him. While Matt stood by the ropes in disbelief, Gunn came up from behind and dumped him over to win. WINNER: GUNN. MY TAKE: Gunn gets a well deserved title shot, but who will he face at Derby Park following the ladder match later in the evening?

RETURN MATCH: "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio) vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/Tony Gunn). Royal gets a big "Welcome Back" chant as he enters the ring in new gear with a shaved head. Both men lock up and VIP works Royal into the corner, he doesn't clean break and goes to hit Royal, but Royal moves. Royal is on a roll until Del Barrio hits him in the back from the outside while the ref is distracted with Gunn. VIP starts punching Royal in the chest and Royal is hurting. He focuses on the region of the heart, but Royal starts to fight back. He runs off the ropes and hits a knockout blow for the 3. Royal gets a standing ovation for his triumphant return and victory. WINNER: ROYAL by pinfall. MY TAKE: Even though it tried to fail him, Royal showed his heart by fighting back and returning with a big win.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Rudy Switchblade vs. Sam Shaw (w/Alex Silva) [c]. The Best Team Ever's music hits and Rudy walks out on the phone trying to figure out where Jessie Godderz is. Shaw & Silva come out and ask what he is going to do. He proposes a singles match with the titles on the line. As Shaw & Silva discuss who will fight, Switchblade attacks Shaw, knocking Silva out of the ring. They go back and forth until Shaw hits his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. He goes up top for Breaking Point, but Rudy is back on his feet and knocks Shaw down across the top turnbuckle and goes for a hurricanrana, but Shaw holds on to the top rope and Rudy flips face first onto the mat. Shaw gets back to his feet on the top rope and hits Breaking Point for the 3. WINNER(S) and STILL OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: SHAW (& SILVA) by pinfall. MY TAKE: Where was Mr. Pec-Tacular? Will Rudy be upset by his no-show?

OVW TELEVISION TITLE LADDER MATCH: Cliff Compton vs. Jamin Olivencia [c]. The 2 men lock up and Jamin punches Cliff. Cliff rolls out of the ring. Jamin reaches out for him, but Cliff pulls his head across the top rope. Cliff grabs a ladder and as he goes to put it in the ring, Jamin gets back up and dropkicks it into Cliff, sending Cliff flying across the announce table. Jamin goes to the outside and gets up on the announce table and pounds Cliff in the head. Jamin goes back inside and starts to climb the ladder, but Cliff leaps up on the top rope and leaps off onto Jamin sending Jamin crashing to the mat. Cliff throws Jamin off the ropes, but Jamin reverses and backflips Cliff onto the ladder. Jamin hits 2 suplexes and a DDT. Jamin throws Cliff into one corner and then into another where a ladder is standing. Cliff leaps up on the ladder, but the ladder tips over and Cliff crashes to the mat. Jamin hits Cliff with the ladder across the back and then in the stomach 5 or 6 times. He climbs up, but Cliff grabs him and backdrops him off. Cliff launches Jamin face first into the ladder. He then sets it across the second rope. He throws Jamin on it. He then gets out on the ring apron and as Jamin starts to get back to his feet, Cliff leaps off the apron and seesaws the ladder into Jamin's face. Cliff tries to climb, but Jamin gets back up and knocks him down. Jamin with a couple punches and he leaps on Cliff, but Cliff powerbombs him off. Cliff then climbs to the top of the ladder in the corner and hits a superfly splash. Cliff climbs again, but Jamin gets up and knocks the ladder over causing Cliff to get hung up on the top rope and fall to the outside. Jamin sets up a ladder in the corner as Cliff crawls back in. Jamin throws him into the corner with the ladder and charges at Cliff, but Cliff moves and Jamin goes face first into the ladder. Cliff starts the slow climb as Jamin shakes the cobwebs and starts to climb up the other side. They exchange blows at the top and Cliff headbutts Jamin as he grabs one of the two titles. Jamin knocks Cliff off and starts to grab the other title. Cliff low blows Jamin from behind as he unhooks the other belt and the belt falls to the mat where Cliff picks it up and with both belts in his possession, wins. WINNER and NEW OVW TELEVISION CHAMPION: COMPTON. MY TAKE: This was an amazing ladder match with some great spots by both men. Both should be applauded for their efforts and "no fear" attitudes. Both superstars will probably be icing their entire bodies following this one.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE: Jessie Belle vs. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Freak'n Bostic) [c]. Jessie Belle came out dressed as Taeler to Taeler's old theme music. Taeler came out screaming that Jessie should have to take off her ring gear. While she argued, Jessie Belle came up from behind and tried to roll Taeler up, but only got a 2 count. Taeler rolls out of the ring. Jessie tries to grab her, but Taeler catches her with a kick to the head. Taeler places her in a headlock and slams her down. Taeler starts to argue with the fans and Jessie tries to roll her up again, but only gets a 2. Taeler places her back into a side headlock. Jessie tries to fight out, but Taeler locks in a sleeper hold. Jessie fights back again and hits a clothesline. She goes for a pin, but Taeler tries to kick out, and Jessie turns it into a boston crab. Dylan jumps up on the apron distracting the ref as Taeler starts to tap. Jessie breaks the hold and kisses Dylan. Taeler gets back to her feet and charges at Jessie, but she moves and Taeler runs into Dylan knocking him off the apron to the floor. Jessie rolls Taeler up and gets the 3! WINNER and NEW OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPION: JESSIE BELLE by pinfall. Taeler screams and throws a temper tantrum at ringside, grabbing water bottles on the announce table and throwing them down. MY TAKE: Jessie Belle was able to get in Taeler's head and it worked. On this night, Jessie proved she was the dominant redhead.

The Coalition: "General" Crimson, "The He-Man of Homeland Security" Jason Wayne, "The British Admiral" Doug Williams, "The Kamikaze of Combat Communications" Joe Coleman, the Wild Cards' Shiloh Jonze & Raul LaMotta, & "Sergeant" Jack Black vs. Team OVW: James "Moose" Thomas, "Smooth" Johnny Spade, the Mascara Mafia's Paredyse & Espy, & Chris Silvio. The Coalition made Terry Boddie leave the ring and brought in their "Sergeant Major" Michael Titus to announce the group. It's worth noting they had an 8th man entirely hidden in camouflage outside the ring. Crimson & Wayne then sent their group to the entrance to ambush Team OVW when they entered. Espy & Paredyse were out first and came out the opposite curtain. They ran into the ring and hit Crimson & Wayne from behind and the group retreated as Spade & Moose made their way out. The war then started. The numbers advantage helped the Coalition to start as they knocked the Mascara Mafia & Spade from the ring. They ganged up on Moose and put a chair around his leg. Before Wayne could jump on it from the top rope, Silvio's music hit and he came out and went to town on the Coalition. A lot of chaos and back and forth. First, Coleman got his money's worth getting hit by a double butt bump from the Mascara Mafia and then getting some loud and nasty chops from Spade. Paredyse then took some punishment for a bit before he was able to tag in Silvio. Referee Chris Sharpe had his hands full trying to keep members from both sides from entering the ring.
A lot of chaos as things started to get out of control. There was a giant 6-person suplex/powerbomb in the corner taking out half of the competitors. Spade went to super kick Crimson, but accidentally nailed Silvio. Crimson went for a spear, but accidentally speared Doug Williams. Crimson then did turn around into a super kick from Spade. Wayne then hits Spade with the steel rod, before turning into a Moose Kick. Moose gets the pin for the win. WINNERS: TEAM OVW. After the match, the camouflaged guy and the Coalition retreated. Wayne got up surrounded by Team OVW and turned around into a kiss from Paredyse to add insult to injury. MY VIEW: Team OVW won this battle, but is the war over? And who is the mysterious camouflaged man that was with the Coalition?

HARDCORE GRUDGE MATCH: Flash Flanagan (w/Josette Bynum) vs. Trailer Park Trash. Josette grabs the mic away from ring announcer Terry Boddie and hands it to Flash. He says he knows Trash didn't show up, because he stayed at home with his fat daughter! Trash came flying out and chased Flash around the ring where Flash grabbed Josette and threw her into Trash, allowing him to hit Trash from behind. He hits Trash with a chair and then with a metal sign. Trash rolls back in the ring and as Flash goes to grab him, Trash hits him with a garbage can lid. Trash lays in some chops in the corner, and then throws Flash to the outside. Trash grabs a wooden door from under the ring and sets it up between the guardrail and ring. They fight back and forth, but Trash flips over Flash and powerbombs him through the door.
Trash gets back up first and gets another door and a table from under the ring. He sets up the table and goes back after Flash. Flash is back on his feet and throws a chair at Trash's head. Flash sets up 2 chairs on the inside of the ring. He goes for a powerbomb, but Trash flips him over and through the chairs. Trash sets up the other door as Flash starts to come back with some blows. Flash throws him off the ropes and backflips him over the top rope and through the door on the outside. Flash climbs to the top rope and dives on to Trash on the outside. He only gets a 2 count. Flash grabs the door and sets it up across the second turnbuckle. Trash fights back and rams Flash's face into the door 3 or 4 times. He chops Flash down and goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Flash comes back and hits a flying neckbreaker. 2 count. Flash gets mad at referee Chris Sharpe and punches him in the chin knocking him to the outside. He sets up a chair in the corner. He goes to grab Trash, but Trash hits a chinbuster and a DDT. He goes up top and hits a flying leg drop, but there is no ref to pin. Referee Josh Ashcraft runs out, but after the long time, Flash kicks out at 2. Trash puts Flash's head in a chair and climbs to the top, but Josh won't allow it. Trash gets down and knocks out Josh. He goes back up to the top rope, but Josette grabs his leg. Flash gets back up and throws Trash from the top rope through the table set up on the outside. Flash covers him on the outside where Sharpe is regaining consciousness and gets the 3. WINNER: FLASH by pinfall. MY TAKE: Flash won the match and a roster spot. You can see the aftermath in the picture above with the broken table, which begs the question, did he officially "take out the Trash"?

This SNS was another great show. The ladder match and hardcore match were outstanding. I thought they were bringing someone in as the mystery partner for Team OVW, but Silvio finally made his return. This Wednesday night, it looks like we will find out the status of Trash and what will happen with him sidelined. Monday night, I will be debuting a new ranking system. As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. I have to say that all of the outcomes, with the exception of Bostic’s match, were predictable. Good for Bostic and the character that he projects. Between OVW and WWE he is receiving the exposure that he requires and deserves.

    Compliments to the scripters regarding the Femme Fatales. Good angle to use for this match. Regardless, of who has the belt, right now, when you mention OVW Femme Fatales, the only name that is recognized is Taeler’s. The TNA Knockout’s popularity continues to explode. Within Twitter alone, she already has over 12000 followers. It would be behoove OVW to keep her in the forefront, rather than cast her, as they did previously, as jobber for dark matches and house events. Hopefully, the OVW scripters will change her role, separate her from Bostic and morph her persona from drama queen to a real heel. IE: Sara Del Ray. As mentioned before, she is a great athlete and wrestler which the OVW Fans, in and outside of Louisville deserve to see.

    Thanks for posting the results.