OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

OVW TV #698: "Happy (Black &) Blue Year"

This is the OVW Report, Part 2 from the night of Wednesday, December 19, 2012. There were 2 weeks of episodes taped, but this report only covers the second hour that was taped and will be available for viewing online tomorrow (January 3, 2013).

In this episode, The Coalition waved the white flag, the #1 Contender for the Women's Title was in action, the 2012 "Suckah of the Year" was announced, Jamin Olivencia & Cliff Compton went to battle over the TV Title, and the Gutcheckers Sam Shaw & Alex Silva turned the tables on the Best Team Ever.

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Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

There were no pre-show dark matches since they went from one TV taping to another.

I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Cliff Compton vs. Jamin Olivencia (c). Jamin comes out ready to fight, but Cliff starts rubbing his ankle. Jamin grabs him anyway and works on Cliff's ankle, focusing on it for the majority of the match. He hits his running kamikaze splashes in the corner and goes for the Standing O, but Cliff throws him off. Each of them grab a TV title and go to hit each other with it, causing a double DQ. They continue to push and argue after the bell, causing Trailer Park Trash to come out. He says he doesn't have time to deal with this, because he has a big hardcore match at the Saturday Night Special. He said there is only one way to settle this. At SNS, he is going to take both of the titles and hang them from the top of Davis Arena. It will be a ladder match and the winner will be the unified TV champion. Flash has snuck in the side door and attacks Trash from behind. Jamin hits Flash and knocks him off Trash, and Flash takes off out the side door. MY TAKE: There will finally be one and only one TV champion after SNS. Flash gets one up on Trash before their big hardcore clash.

Jason Wayne, Crimson, & Joe Coleman come out to the ring with Wayne waving a white flag. They call out Moose, Spade, and the Mascara Mafia. Crimson says he just came back from D.C. and has a confidential document saying to cease fire. He tells Moose and company not to worry, because there are 4 of them, and only 3 of the Coalition. He says at the next SNS, he wants them to know there will be at least 5 of them and Moose's team will need a 5th man. Moose says they'll get someone as they start to brawl. The Wild Cards & Jack Black run out and now they have a 7-on-4 advantage as they beat down Moose's team with the steel rods and Jason Wayne grabs a mic. He says they were too stupid to hear them say AT LEAST 5. He said they can bring as many as they want to SNS as they leave Moose, Spade, Espy, & Paredyse laying.

The Best Team Ever's music hits, but the Gutcheckers come out with Alex Silva acting like Rudy Switchblade and Sam Shaw acting like Jessie Godderz with them dressed up in "BTE" tights. Silva has a towel wrapped around his neck while Shaw keeps shaking his leg like Godderz. The real BTE comes out and they are ready to fight now...
The Best Team Ever vs. The Gutcheckers. Silva is taking it to Rudy, but Godderz sneaks around the ring and pulls Shaw off the apron which distracts Alex. Rudy hits him from behind and they work over Silva for a while as Shaw tries to recover on the outside. Once Silva finally makes the tag to Shaw, Shaw comes in and hits a clothesline and his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo on Rudy, but Jessie breaks up the pin. Jessie & Rudy pound on Shaw & Silva, and the ref has lost control so the match is thrown out. MY TAKE: Will the Gutcheckers recover before their big title defense at SNS?

Jeremiah Plunkett vs. Ryan Howe. Plunkett controls early and goes for the Best Right in the Business a few different times, but Howe manages to duck them all. Howe fights back and hits a neckbreaker for 2. He goes up top and hits the Chart Topper and gets the 3. WINNER: HOWE by pinfall. MY TAKE: Howe rocks right back to the win column.

Epiphany vs. Jessie Belle. Before they lock up, Taeler Hendrix's music hits and she joins the commentary table. Epiphany & Jessie Belle go back and forth and shake hands to show good sportsmanship between each other. Taeler yells at them and says they shouldn't shake hands. She gets in the ring and tells Jessie Belle that Epiphany thinks she should be #1 contender. She tells Epiphany that Jessie Belle doesn't think she's good enough to be #1 contender. She then pokes both of them in the head saying she beat both of them. Fed up, Jessie Belle & Epiphany double clothesline Taeler and knock her out of the ring. Epiphany charges after Jessie Belle, but Jessie Belle ducks and rolls her up for 3. WINNERS: JESSIE BELLE by pinfall. MY TAKE: The battle of the redheads is on at SNS. Which one will survive?

Timmy Danger & Eddie Diamond are out with Bobbi Bardot to announce the 2012 "Suckah of the Year" award winner. They say they got a lot of votes for Michael Titus, but he's not it. They got votes for Crimson, but he's not it. Before they can go on, they get interrupted by the Bodyguy. Everyone was loudly chanting "Keep It On". He said no one cares about their show, and they just want people to follow them on twitter. He said everyone is here to see gorgeousness and gorgeousity. Before he can disrobe, Diamond hits him with his inverted DDT finisher and says to forget the envelope, the 2012 Suckah of the Year is the Bodyguy.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Match:

There were no post-show dark matches due to the holidays and double TV taping.

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