OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, January 10, 2013

OVW TV #699: "Newest Roster Member, Newest #1 Contender"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, January 9, 2013 which can be seen online tomorrow at In this episode, a new #1 contender was named for the OVW Heavyweight Title, the Coalition presented a "State of the Union" address before battling with the Best Team Ever, OVW Television Champion Cliff Compton was in action, Johnny Spade made a big announcement regarding next week's milestone 700th episode of OVW TV, plus much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Ryan Howe b. "VIP" Joe Rosa. The guitar playin' superstar was down early after VIP took the fight to him. VIP got a little offense in, but it wasn't enough to keep Howe down. Howe quickly came back and finished this one off with the Chart Topper for the win. MY TAKE: Howe gets back on track following his loss at SNS. A decent match to start the night.

Tony Gunn b. Jeremiah Plunkett. Plunkett had the upper hand early with a bit of size advantage. Gunn fired back with rights and lefts and hit a big backdrop. Instead of using the alabama slam or the bearhug, Tony went with a boston crab and forced Plunkett to tap out. MY TAKE: Gunn has been pulling double duty wrestling and training his friend, Randy Royal. It's working for him as he picks up another win and heads into a TV Title opportunity this Sunday at Derby Park Expo 5. Good work from both men.

"The Ken of OVW, Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling, & King of Pink" Dylan Freak'n Bostic (w/Taeler Hendrix) b. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer. The man with the longest introduction in Ohio Valley Wrestling made fun of "Marksman" 'shooting' at him. Dumeyer got him in the corner, but Bostic took the upper hand. He hit him with a dropkick and a slam as he yelled "Who Sucks Now?". Bostic layed in some punches, but it started to make Dumeyer mad. Dumeyer started to fire back and threw Bostic into the corner. He went to bulldog him out, but Taeler held Bostic's legs. Bostic hit the Backstabber on Dumeyer for the victory. MY TAKE: He continues to get the job done and while riding this winning streak, doesn't suck now.
That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the show first before reading the full report. The shows are usually posted Thursday afternoon/evening on
Flash Flanagan comes out to start the show, accompanied by Josette Bynum. Josette intoroduces him as the newest member of the OVW roster after defeating Trailer Park Trash at SNS. Flash says he knows everyone doubted he could win, but they shouldn't have, especially in a hardcore match. He says he is a hardcore legend, and if it wasn't for someone like Mick Foley holding him down, he would be known as wrestling's hardcore legend. He says he knows Trash isn't here, because he's at home healing his wounds and taking care of that fat daughter of his that he would call mentally impaired, but flat out calls her a retard. Rob Terry's music hits and the Champ makes his way into the ring. He says he has been in the ring with Trash before and Trash is a fighter. Everything he gave Trash, Trash gave it right back to him. He wasn't going to stay in the back and listen to Flash run down Trash and his family and challenges Flash to a match later tonight. Flash shakes his head no, but Josette accepts the match for him. MY TAKE: Josette looked like she was trying to reassure Flash of her accepting the match for him. Knowing her tactics, something had to be up.

Stephon J. Baxter III vs. Doug Williams. Williams controls most of the match working Stephon over. Midway through, Doug misses a kneedrop and Stephon fires a few blows at him. Doug comes right back with a clothesline and a European uppercut. He slaps on a reverse crossface maneuver that forces Stephon to submit. WINNER: WILLIAMS by submission. MY TAKE: Doug Williams shows off his wrestling savvy unknowingly in preparation for a big match on next week's 700th episode.
Backstage, Jessie Belle is with the X2C ladies & Epiphany who are congratulating her on her OVW Women's Title win. Taeler comes in and mouths off to Jessie Belle telling her she will win it back. Jessie Belle tells her anytime, anywhere. Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger walk in and see the ladies and invite them to party. Everyone leaves except for Taeler who finds a gift bag sitting on the floor with a note. She reads it and smiles saying that the note just made her day.
Shiloh Jonze (w/"Rudo" Raul LaMotta) vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/Tony Gunn). Shiloh & Randy lock up and end up in the corner where Shiloh tries to cheap shot Randy, but Randy moves and gets in some shots of his own. He gets in some hits and a slam, but it looks like his chest/heart is bothering him. Shiloh zones in and attacks his chest/heart area. Randy fights back and nails Shiloh with a forearm that knocks him out for the pin. WINNER: ROYAL by pinfall. MY TAKE: Royal continues to fight through the pain and comes out victorious once again. Is it the desire to win, Tony's coaching, or a combination that's helping Double R out? A good match.

Backstage, Terry Boddie is interviewing Rob Terry about his first match back in a month. He gets cut off by Josette Bynum. She says Terry should just put the title on the line in his match with Flash. Terry says he's not going to let him cut everyone else in line and that it will stay a non-title match. Josette says he might as well put the title on the line, because even if Flash wins, he will become the #1 contender and get a shot anyway. He tells her that if Flash beats him, he can have a title match anytime, anywhere. She says fine, remember he said that. We then see Rudy Switchblade asking Jessie Godderz where he was last Saturday. Jessie says he was busy, as Rudy says he was trying to call him. Jessie says he was working on big things and not to worry about it, they are still the Best Team Ever, and has Rudy high-five him.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Elvis Pridemoore vs. "The Great" Cliff Compton. Elvis is upset that Cliff attacked him last week and goes after Cliff who stays in the ropes to get him away. Elvis finally grabs him and puts him in a side headlock. Compton breaks free and controls the remainder of the match. He knocks Elvis' hat off and hits him in the head. He finishes him off with the Cliff Hanger for the win. After the match, he gets on the mic and says he was and still is your undefeated OVW Television Champion. WINNER: COMPTON by pinfall. MY TAKE: There's no denying that Cliff was never officially defeated for the belt. Cliff shows his wrestling skill in taking care of Elvis here.
Matt King (w/Chase King) vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade. After the Kings come out, we see Moose & Spade in the back. Moose thanks Spade for having his back at SNS. Spade says he didn't have his back, he was out there to get his hands on Doug Williams, the reason for his mistrust. He still doesn't trust anybody. Spade leaves and comes to the ring. As soon as the bell rings, Spade goes right at King with a couple blows and lays in a big chop. King gets back up and turns into a super kick and this one is over quick. WINNER: SPADE by pinfall. After the match, Chase gets in the ring to check on Matt and eats a super kick as well. Spade grabs a mic and says next week is episode 700. He says things will finally be settled next week and lets Doug Williams know it will be him & Spade next week on TV in a cage! MY TAKE: Spade's not messing around. It looks like things will finally be settled once and for all between him & Williams on OVW's historic 700th episode.
Backstage, we see the Mobile Homers drinking the "rocket fuel" as the Mascara Mafia approaches them. They ask where they have been and Adam says they were hiding from the Apocalypse. Adam is also wearing an Alabama jersey and him & Ted keep saying "Roll Tide".
A table is set up in the ring with a pitcher of water and a stand. The Coalition comes out for a "State of the Union" address. Crimson and Jason Wayne sit at the table with Joe Coleman standing behind them acting like a secret service agent and the Wild Cards acting as security outside the ring. Crimson says that the Coalition is stronger than ever despite people like Dixie Carter, Trailer Park Trash, and Danny Davis trying to keep them down. They talk about their enemies being terrorists and say they have many targets in mind. He says that anyone not with them is against them, and that goes for everyone as high as TNA's Dixie Carter to as low as a fat ring announcer like Terry Boddie, which got the fans chanting for Terry. He says this includes Rob Terry who he says is responsible for theft of his OVW Heavyweight Title. He says he hasn't forgot about Terry, but their main focus is on the current OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, Alexander Silva & Samuel Shaw. Jason Wayne says that Silva is a French Canadian spy and Shaw is guilty of treason for aligning with him. He then goes crazy and starts talking about gas and explosions and grabs a gas mask and a grenade that he gets ready to detonate until Crimson splashes him in the face with the water. The Best Team Ever comes out and it looks like it is time for a match...
#1 CONTENDERSHIP for the OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: The Coalition: General Crimson & General Wayne vs. The Best Team Ever: Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz. Rudy starts out with Wayne. He gets Wayne in a headlock and goes to tag in Jessie, but Jessie has his back turned and is posing to the camera. Wayne takes advantage and gets in a few shots before Rudy comes back and gets Wayne in another headlock. He goes over and slaps Jessie in the back to bring him in to the match. Jessie takes over and gets in some shots and looks to tag Rudy back in who is still trying to recover on the apron. Rudy shoots him a look that he can't be serious and jumps off the ring apron and goes to the back. Wayne takes advantage again and tags in Crimson. Crimson comes in and works over Jessie before bringing Wayne back in. They finish Jessie off with a double chokeslam for the victory. WINNERS: THE COALITION by pinfall. MY TAKE: It looked like the Best Team Ever was on the brink of breaking up before, but ended up using it as an advantage in their matches. Now it looks for real. Is this the end of BTE? Can the Coalition map out some strategies to take the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles away from the Gutcheckers?
We get a new edition of the Mixtape with Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger. They said the Bodyguy was the 2012 Suckah of the Year, he can't get both, so he's not the Suckah of the Week. Jason Wayne got beat at SNS and kissed by Paredyse. Plus, he can't even be seen wearing his military outfit. That makes Jason Wayne the "Dude Kissin', Camo Wearing" Suckah of the Week. Diamond is still celebrating the New Year. Danger asks him how many bottles he has drunk, and Diamond says 3. Danger looks at it and says it's not even alcohol. He says it's a sparkling grape drink made by Welch's.
Flash Flanagan (w/Josette Bynum) vs. "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry. Terry dominates most of the match slinging Flash from corner to corner. He gets in some clotheslines and a power slam, but Josette keeps getting on the apron and distracting him and the ref. Terry gets out of the ring, picks Josette up, and takes her to the back himself. He comes back out and Flash attacks him as he gets in the ring. Flash tries to take out his knee, but Terry fights back and hits another powerslam. Josette comes screaming out of the curtain again distracting Big Rob. Flash clips Terry's knee from behind and rolls him up with his feet on the ropes for the 1-2-3. WINNER: FLASH by pinfall. MY TAKE: Josette's plan worked out and now Flash is not only the newest roster member, but #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight Title. When will Flash set his match to challenge for the gold?
This ended the TV taping.
Post-Show Dark Matches:
Bodyguy b. J. Best. Bodyguy came out to show off his "gorgeousness" and "gorgeousity", but Best's music cut him off from disrobing. Best got in a couple shots, but Bodyguy nailed him with a swinging neckbreaker for the win. Bodyguy then disrobed, but the Assassin's music hit, and Bodyguy was laid out with a massive clothesline. MY TAKE: Wait...Bodyguy won?!
 The Mascara Mafia: Espy & Paredyse vs. The Gutcheckers: Sam Shaw & Alex Silva. This was by far the best match of the evening. Silva & Paredyse started out and Silva had the upper hand, despite Paredyse's "odd" moveset. Silva went for a Silva Surfer on Paredyse in the corner, but Paredyse moved and Silva's knee hit the top turnbuckle. Paredyse tagged in Espy and they focused on Silva's knee tagging in and out and working it over with submission moves and hitting it from off the top rope. Paredyse had Silva in a submission, but Silva finally crawled over with every bit of strength left and tagged in Shaw. Shaw came in and hit Paredyse and then Espy on the apron. He hit a dropkick on Paredyse, followed by his patented backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. Espy broke up the pin, which brought Silva back in. All 4 men fought in opposite corners and Silva & Shaw got thrown into each other. Paredyse hit a dropkick and a butt bump on Shaw, but Shaw kicked out. Shaw came back and tagged in Silva who got the pin and the win after hitting the Silva Surfer. After the match, all 4 showed good sportsmanship by shaking hands. MY TAKE: A very exciting and great match. Silva & Shaw will now focus on their next challengers, The Coalition Generals, Crimson & Jason Wayne.
Don't forget this episode should be up online tomorrow. Be on the lookout for my weekly Top 20 on Monday nights. I will also be going to this Sunday's live event at Derby Park Expo 5 where Tony Gunn challenges Cliff Compton for the OVW TV Title. Next week should be great as will be OVW's 700th episode and feature Doug Williams & Johnny Spade in a steel cage! As always, thanks for reading!