OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, March 2, 2013

OVW Saturday Night Special March 2013 Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, March 2, 2013. Tonight, it was Do or Die for Trailer Park Trash. Could he go out on top? Also, could Jamin Olivencia finally win the big prize he's worked 8 years for? Plus, the feud continued between Ryan Howe & Dylan Bostic, Jessie Belle defended the OVW Women's Title, the Gutcheckers defended the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles, and much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

We get a video of Trailer Park Trash to open the show as he talks about tonight's big match. Michael Hayes comes to the ring and says tonight will be a big night with Trash's last match and Jamin going after the OVW Heavyweight Title.

Matt & Chase King (w/"VIP" Joe Rosa & the VIP Club) vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal & "Shotgun" Tony Gunn. (A change in plans as Cliff Compton wasn't present to defend the TV Title tonight.) Tony rolls Matt up quickly for 2. Matt puts him in a side headlock, Tony throws him off into the ropes, and Matt comes back with a shoulder block. Tony gets up as Matt goes off the ropes, and Tony catches him with a kick to the face. He puts Matt in a wristlock and tags Royal. Royal goes up top and comes down across Matt's arm. Matt tags Chase in, and Chase runs in into an arm drag from Royal. Tony tags back in and hits 3 German suplexes and a backdrop. The VIP Club gets on the apron causing a distraction. VIP gets in and hits Tony from behind. Chase throws Gunn into the corner, charges, but misses. Tony goes for a tag, but Chase grabs his foot. Tony pokes him in the eye and tags Royal. Royal hits Chase down and a reverse Russian leg sweep on Matt. He tags Gunn and they hit a 3D on Chase for the pin. WINNERS: ROYAL & GUNN by pinfall. MY TAKE: Royal picks up another win with his friend, Tony Gunn, as he looks to get his OVW Television Title shot.

NO DISQUALIFICATION: "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Rudy Switchblade. Rudy comes out with a trash can full of weapons ready to brawl. Jessie's music hits, but there is no sign of him. The referee rings the bell, starts the count, and Jessie is not here. WINNER: SWITCHBLADE by countout. MY TAKE: Was Jessie scared to lose to Rudy? Is this the end of the Best Feud Ever or will Jessie explain his absence next week?

GRUDGE MATCH: "The Ken of OVW, Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling, & King of Pink" Dylan Bostic vs. Ryan Howe. Dylan went out of the ring and unplugged Howe's amp during his guitar solo which got more cheers than they expected. Howe mounts and pounds Dylan. Howe goes to go up top, but Dylan shoves him to the floor and delivers some chops. He hits a backbreaker, but Howe comes back with some chops and pins for 2. Bostic comes back, hits a dropkick, and hits the backstabber, but Howe kicks out! Howe comes back with a twisting neckbreaker, and then goes up top and hits the Chart Topper for the pin. WINNER: HOWE by pinfall. MY TAKE: Howe got the better of Bostic this time. One question still he the one that has been sending Taeler Hendrix gifts?

6-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Stephon J. Baxter III, Albert Einstein Baxter II, & Jeremiah Plunkett vs. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, Bodyguy, & Elvis Pridemoore. In the oddball match of the night, we get 2 totally random teams. Stephon & Elvis lock up, and Stephon puts him in a wristlock. Plunkett tags in and uppercuts Elvis' arm. Albert comes in and hits Elvis' arm also. Stephon tags back in and Elvis arm drags him. Dumeyer tags in and works over Stephon's arm. Bodyguy tags in and hiptosses everyone. Plunkett gets back up and knees him in the back from behind as he poses. Bodyguy takes some punishment for a bit before tagging in Dumeyer. Dumeyer comes in on fire and puts Plunkett in a sleeper as Elvis & Bodyguy take out the Baxters. Plunkett passes out from the sleeper. WINNERS: DUMEYER, BODYGUY, & ELVIS by knockout. After the match, the Assassin wakes Plunkett up, only to give him a massive clothesline back down. MY TAKE: A surprising win for the Marksman via the sleeper hold.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Coalition's Delta Squad Alpha: "Sergeant Major" Jack Black & "The Vulcan of Victory Lap Violence" Joe Coleman (w/"General" Wayne & Ghillie) vs. The Gutcheckers: Alex Silva & Sam Shaw (c). Shaw locks in a side headlock on Coleman and slams him down. He tags Silva who puts an armlock on Coleman. Coleman breaks loose and tags Black. Silva puts an armlock on Black, but Black comes back with some hammering blows across Silva's back. Coleman tags back in, but Silva arm drags him. He tags Shaw. Shaw works over Coleman's arm and tags Silva back. They hit a double team flipping neckbreaker. Coleman rolls out and argues with Black on the outside. Wayne calms them down and Coleman gets back in. He punches Silva in the face, which angers Silva who grounds and pounds Coleman. Black gets in and kicks Silva, causing Shaw to run in. While the ref tries to get Shaw back in his corner, Wayne chokes Silva across the bottom rope. Silva is worked over. Coleman jumps up on the second turnbuckle and splashes Silva. Black comes in to try , but misses. Black keeps Silva from tagging out and tags Coleman. Coleman throws Silva off the ropes and they both go for a cross body and collide in the air. They both make tags. Shaw dropkicks Coleman, then hits his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo on Black. He goes for a pin, but Coleman breaks it up. Silva gets back in, and Silva & Shaw each deliver the 10-count punches in the corner. They throw Black & Coleman, but Black reverses and Shaw flies out with a dropkick to Coleman. Shaw gets down and Silva runs and jumps off Shaw's back to hit Black with the Silva Surfer. Shaw hits Breaking Point, but Wayne gets in and interferes with the 3 count. Silva grabs Wayne as Coleman runs at Silva. Silva moves and Coleman collides into Wayne. Shaw tries to roll up Black, and Silva dropkicks Black into the rollup for the 3. WINNERS and STILL OVW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: GUTCHECKERS by pinfall.
After the match, Delta Team Bravo (Shiloh Jonze & Raul LaMotta), Jason Wayne & Ghillie run into the ring to attack Silva & Shaw. Silva gets his head busted open after a shot to the head with a tag belt, while Shaw suffers a top rope splash from Black. MY TAKE: The war rolls on between the Gutcheckers & the Coalition.

6-PERSON INTERGENDER MATCH: The Mascara Mafia: Chris, Espy, & Paredyse vs. The Mobile Homers: Ted McNaler, Adam Revolver, & Brittany Devore. Ted locks Espy's arm up, tags Adam. Adam hits his arm. They do this again. Ted comes back in and kicks Espy's arm. Adam tags in and they do a double hip toss followed by a double elbow on Espy. Ted rolls Espy up for 2. Adam comes back in, throws Espy in the corner and hits a reverse neckbreaker as he tags Ted, who dropkicks Espy in the stomach. Espy comes back on Ted and brings in Paredyse. Paredyse hits the butt bump and tags in Chris who kicks Ted. Ted gets up and Chris runs back to his corner. Ted flips Paredyse back in. He and Adam both stomp Paredyse in the corner. Adam gets taken down and Chris comes back in, but misses an axehandle drop. Adam tags Brittany, but Chris tags Paredyse. Brittany slaps and kicks Paredyse, then pulls Espy in by his hair. She slings Paredyse around the ring by his hair and hits Chris off the apron. While Ted & Adam go after Espy on the outside, Brittany is left in the ring with her back turned to Paredyse. He comes up from behind and takes her down, locking her into the crossface, making her tap. WINNERS: MASCARA MAFIA by submission. MY TAKE: Intergender rules aside, this was a very disgraceful display by Paredyse tonight.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Epiphany vs. Jessie Belle (c). Epiphany flings Jessie Belle around and kicks her. Jessie Belle comes back and dropkicks Epiphany in the leg. She puts her in a leglock. She then puts her in a side headlock, but Epiphany breaks out, kicks her, and hits her twisting suplex finisher for 3! WINNER and NEW OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPION: EPIPHANY by pinfall. After the match, Epiphany offers a handshake to Jessie, but she slaps her hand away. Then, Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger come out. Eddie offers Epiphany some roses and a necklace, but she rejects him. MY TAKE: It looks like Epiphany figured out that she won the gold this time around with Diamond not at ringside to distract her. It was also interesting to see that Jessie Belle was a bad sport after the match.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jamin Olivencia vs. Doug Williams (c). Doug rolls out as he isn't ready to lock up with Jamin. He gets in and puts Jamin in a rear naked choke. Jamin fights out as they grapple into the corner. Doug doesn't clean break, and hits Jamin in the gut. They lock up again, but again Doug rolls out. Doug gets back in and takes Jamin down and grabs his leg, but Jamin kicks him off. Jamin hits 3 arm drags on Doug and locks up his arm. They fight into the corner where Doug forearms Jamin in the head. Doug throws him, but Jamin reverses. He charges at Doug, but Doug catches him with a boot. He hits an uppercut off the second rope. He then charges at Jamin, but Jamin moves, and Doug flies to the outside. Jamin chops him, but Doug pushes him into the steel ringpost. He gets in and tells the ref to count. Jamin gets in before 10. Jamin delivers some chops, but Doug forearms him. He puts him a side headlock submission. Jamin gets up, but Doug knees and uppercuts him. He grabs Jamin, but Jamin tries a pin with a bridge for 2. Doug clotheslines him in the corner, throws him in the opposite corner, and delivers a high knee. He hits a belly to back suplex and sets up for Chaos Theory. Jamin rolls him up in a school boy for 2. Doug hits him and goes for Chaos Theory again, but Jamin holds on to the ropes. He hits a jumping clothesline. Doug comes back by ramming Jamin upside down into the corner. He goes up top to suplex him, but Jamin knocks him off. He goes for a reverse splash, but Doug puts his knees up. He goes for a pin with a handful of tights, but Jamin kicks out. Again, Doug goes for Chaos Theory, but Jamin elbows him. He hits a missile dropkick off the second rope. Doug pulls himself up in the corner, and Jamin hits him with 2 kamikaze splashes. He hits 2 jumping clotheslines and a backdrop. He hits the running jumping reverse splash, but Doug kicks out at 2. Doug goes to hit Jamin, but Jamin moves, and referee Jordan Barker gets knocked out. Jamin hits Doug with the Standing O, but there's no ref. As he checks on Jordan, Doug goes outside and grabs the title. As he waits for Jamin to turn around, referee Chris Sharpe runs out and grabs the title away. Doug goes after Sharpe, but Jamin catches him with another Standing O, and Sharpe makes the count for 3! WINNER and NEW OVW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: OLIVENCIA by pinfall. 
MY TAKE: Doug's veteran status meant nothing, as he just couldn't figure out how to put Jamin away. Jamin has finally captured the big one after 8 years in the business!

HARDCORE RETIREMENT MATCH: Flash Flanagan vs. Trailer Park Trash. Special for tonight's match, Dean Hill does Trash's introduction and Joe Wheeler is the referee. Flash & Trash push each other, and Trash slaps Flash in the face. He kicks him and chops him in the corner. They deliver chops back and forth on the outside. Flash throws Trash into the railing. He chokes him with his shirt. Back inside, Trash returns the favor, and chokes Flash. He then delivers a low blow. He sets up a table on the outside. As he climbs back up on the apron, Flash dropkicks him back to the floor. He hammers him across the back, and then grabs a chair and blasts Trash across the back. He delivers a suplex on the floor. Flash chops him, goes to hit him, but Trash moves, and Flash hits the ringpost. Flash delivers some hard chops, but Flash kicks him and rams his head into the steel steps. He sets up a chair inside the ring. He goes running to leap off the chair onto Trash on the outside, but he gets his foot caught up and trips over the chair and into the ropes. Trash works over his injured leg, and finds a ladder and a table and places them in the ring. As Trash gets in, Flash hits him int he gut with a chair, and then across the back. Flash places Trash on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. He puts Trash on a table and hits a backflip off the top rope on Trash through the table. Trash kicks out at 2. Trash is back with punches to the gut of Flash. He charges after Flash, but Flash flips him over his head, over the top rope, and Trash crashes through a table on the outside. Flash goes outside and hits Trash's head off the broken table. He rolls him back in, but Trash kicks out at 2. They fight on the apron exchanging blows, and Flash suplexes Trash through another table. Flash hobbles around the ring and gets another table out. Josette Bynum runs out with a chair and hands it to Flash. Outside official Josh Ashcraft grabs her and carries her to the back. While Flash is distracted, Trash grabs the chair away, hits Flash, and delivers a DDT on the chair. He places Flash on a table and hits a flying legdrop off the top rope for the 1-2-3. WINNER: TRASH by pinfall.
After the match, Josette comes screaming out again. She smacks Trash in the face twice. Trash grabs her and powerbombs her through a table! Trash thanks all the fans for all the memories from his career. MY TAKE: After a twenty year career, Trash goes out on top.

A great night of action. Congratulations to both Trailer Park Trash and the NEW OVW Heavyweight Champion, Jamin Olivencia! Remember that every Monday night you can find the latest edition of the OVW Top 20 here on OVWmania. As always, thanks for reading!