OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OVW TV #709: "Mini-Tournament Final Winner Is..."

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, March 20, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, Jay Bradley has to find a partner, Paredyse reveals the new Brittany Devore, Jamin Olivencia meets Crimson in the tournament final for #1 contendership, New School is in action, an intergender tag match featuring Taeler Hendrix & Dylan Bostic going against Ryan Howe & Heidi Lovelace, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Match:

"Dirdey" Jake Dirden vs. Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger). 
Dirden throws Diamond to the mat twice. Diamond comes back and locks Dirden up from behind, but Dirden slings him off. Diamond runs off the ropes, but is caught with a big punch from Dirden. Danger gets on the apron with a picture of Epiphany, telling Diamond to do it for her. Dirden grabs the picture and rips it up, angering Diamond. He hits Dirden with 2 forearms, and dropkicks him into the corner. He trips him up and hits the Soulja Boy Shuffle for the pin.
WINNER: DIAMOND by pinfall.
 MY TAKE: EFD is still clearly hooked on Epiphany. Was she watching this match to see what he thinks about her?

That was tonight's only pre-show dark match. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Jeremiah Plunkett vs. Rockstar Spud (c).
Spud hits Plunkett, but Plunkett pushes him off. He hits and hammers away to Spud, but Spud keeps coming back. He hits a hurricanrana, and follows it up with a dive to the outside on Plunkett. Back in the ring, Spud hits a DDT for the 3.
MY TAKE: Spud proves that big things come in small packages. Another win over the bigger Plunkett for the TV Champion.

In the back, Paredyse is talking to Brittany Devore about the big reveal. We then see Moose & Johnny Spade arguing about getting a piece of Jay Bradley. Jay tries to walk off, but Moose & Spade won't let him. Michael Hayes walks in and says since they both want a piece of Jay, they will have a tag match tonight and Jay needs to find a partner. Jay says he has no friends and that's not fair, he's the new guy.

"Marksman" Nick Dumeyer & Elvis Pridemoore vs. New School: Alex Silva & Sam Shaw.
 Silva locks Dumeyer in an armbar. Dumeyer hits Silva with a forearm, and Silva punches him back. Dumeyer tags out to Elvis. Elvis runs in and Silva meets him with a hip toss. Silva with a dropkick, and a tag to Shaw. They hit a double team hip toss/neckbreaker combo. Dumeyer is tagged back in, and he gets a double dropkick to the head. Silva hits the half stunner on Dumeyer as Shaw dropkicks him in the back, and then Shaw gets down as a pedestal for Silva to run up his back and hit a Silva Surfer on Elvis to send him flying off the apron. Shaw pins Dumeyer for the win.
After the match, they say the Coalition wants war, they'll get it. They say the problem with America is greed, and they are greedy for their Southern Tag Team Championships.
MY TAKE: New School totally dominates as they prepare for war once again with the Coalition.

In the back, Jay Bradley is looking for a partner. He passes up Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger and runs into Rob Terry. Terry says there's no way he'd tag with Bradley. Bradley goes back and asks Diamond. Diamond is all for it and says maybe it will help with his girl problems. Bradley says never mind, he wants someone focused, not on girl problems. Bradley then walks up to Cliff Compton and pays him off to be his partner later tonight.

Taeler Hendrix & "The King of Pink" Dylan Bostic vs. Ryan Howe & Heidi Lovelace.
Dylan wants to unplug Howe's amp, but Taeler won't let him. Dylan hits Howe, and Taeler yells at him to stop. Howe comes back with a sliding punch, dropkick, and hits a flying body press. Taeler tags herself in and asks Howe to teach her some moves. He gently applies a headlock and let's her try it on him. Dylan & Heidi get in the ring and ask them what they are doing. All 4 of them argue as the continuous match between Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz arrives at ringside. They fight into the ring, so the ref has no choice but to call for the bell. Howe & Bostic get involved exchanging blows with Godderz & Switchblade.
MY TAKE: Will there ever be a winner between Rudy & Jessie? What is going on between Taeler & Ryan? Her Irish eyes seem to be smiling in a new direction.

"Lonesome" Jay Bradley & "The Great" Cliff Compton vs. James "Moose" Thomas & "Smooth" Johnny Spade.
Spade & Moose wear Bradley out in the corner. They hit a double drop toehold and elbow drop on him, before he gets free and tags Cliff. Cliff runs into Moose and is taken down. He gets splashed in the corner, and tags out to Jay. He leaves the ring, saying he wasn't paid enough for this. Spade runs over and throws Bradley back in the ring. Moose takes him down and sets up for the Moose Kick, but Spade tags himself in. He hits a high knee on Bradley and sets up for the super kick, but Moose tags in. Moose splashes Bradley and sets up for the Moose Kick again, but again Spade tags himself in. Moose shoves Spade down. Spade gets up and super kicks Moose. Bradley hits a Boomstick on both men and pins Spade for the win.
MY TAKE: With the turmoil between Spade & Moose, Bradley didn't really need a partner. They were working well until it came down to how they were going to finish the match.

Dean Hill makes a big announcement that OVW is moving to a new time and channel. Starting the day of the next Saturday Night Special on April 6th, OVW can be seen in the Kentuckiana area on Louisville's ION television affiliate, WBNA-21, which can be seen on cable and satellite providers. The show will air every Saturday afternoon at 12.

Paredyse brings out the new and improved Brittany Devore. She comes out wearing a nice orange dress. Paredyse says she needs to be seen in the right light, though, and has her move around the ring, to the stairs, and then over by the announce table next to Dean Hill. He says she looks beautiful, and to close her eyes and soak it all in. Espy sneaks out behind her with a bucket full of yellow stuff, and pours it all over her head. Paredyse says he figured the Mobile Homers might want some mustard to go with their "pork". They run off as they see the Mobile Homers running to the ring on the monitors.
MY TAKE: Paredyse was indeed up to something all along. This will not set well with Ted & Adam, as they will be looking for revenge for their "trailer-park princess", Brittany.

Tony Gunn is talking to Randy Royal in the back. He says it doesn't matter who has the belt, Cliff Compton or Rockstar Spud, he has kicked out of death twice and can fight back and win the Television Title.

#1 Contender Final: "The Red Baron of Ruthless Reconnaissance" Crimson vs. Jamin Olivencia.
Crimson tells the Coalition that a great general moves to the front and does it on his own. He dismisses the Coalition from being at ringside. crimson locs up with Jamin in the corner, and clean breaks. He locks up into the corner again, but this time, smacks Jamin. Jamin smacks back and Crimson leaves the ring. When he gets back in, Jamin puts him in a headlock. Crimson pushes him off into the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Jamin comes back with punches in the corner. Crimson comes out and Jamin catches him with a side headlock takedown. Crimson pulls Jamin by his hair into the corner. Jamin comes back and takes him back to the mat with the side headlock. Crimson breaks out. Jamin jumps up on the ropes. Crimson comes at him, but Jamin kicks him. He goes to kick again, but Crimson grabs his foot and yanks him off the ropes. Jamin comes back, though, and knocks Crimson out of the ring. Crimson lures Jamin to the ropes, and pulls his head down across the top rope. He hits a clothesline and chokes Jamin with his boot in the corner. He puts him in a side headlock. Jamin fires back with chops, but runs off the ropes and is caught by a knee from Crimson. Crimson locks him in the Camel Clutch, but Jamin gets up and rams him into the corner. He charges Crimson, but is caught by an elbow. Crimson hits a clothesline and a big boot. Jamin fights back, but Crimson throws him to the outside. Crimson throws Jamin on the announce table and goes for a piledriver, but Jamin flips him to the floor. Both men make it back in the ring before the 10 count. Jamin climbs to the top and hits Crimson with a forearm to knock him away, and then hits a high flying dropkick. He hits the kamikaze splash in the corner, followed by a roundhouse kick for 2. He goes for the Standing O, but Crimson throws him off. He hits a big spinebuster for 2. Crimson sets up for the spear, but Jamin catches him with a dropkick for 2. Jamin climbs up again, but Crimson hits the ropes, causing Jamin to fall and straddle the top turnbuckle. Crimson climbs up and hits a top rope suplex, but Jamin kicks out at 2. Crimson goes for another spinebuster, but Jamin reverses it into a DDT. Doug Williams runs out and pulls referee Josh Ashcraft out before 3 and throws him into the steel steps. Chris Sharpe comes out to check on Josh as the Coalition comes out and attacks Jamin. Doug tells Sharpe to go in and make the pin, which he does.
WINNER: CRIMSON by pinfall. 
MY TAKE: Jamin got ripped off from meeting Doug Williams once again at the next SNS. What will he do now? Did Doug think he had a better chance facing Crimson?

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

"VIP" Joe Rosa, Matt & Chase King (w/the VIP Club) vs. Lambda Lambda Lambda's Albert Einstein & Stephon J. Baxter, and The Mysterious Kastle.
Chase pushes Stephon, STephon with an arm drag. Albert comes in and hits the arm of Chase, and tags in Kastle. Kastle gets taken down and dominated by VIP. VIP hits the V-I-P legdrop, but Matt & Chase fail to take advantage. Kastle is able to get the tag to Stephon. The VIP Club interferes. The Baxters & Kastle do a good job of fighting them off, including Kastle & Albert diving onto them on the outside. VIP gets the champagne bucket from Roberto, though, and hits Stephon in the back of the head with the ref distracted, and gets the pin.
WINNERS: VIP & KINGS by pinfall.
 MY TAKE: The VIP Club picks up a win, showing there is power in numbers.

"The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal & Tony Gunn vs. Bodyguy & "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus.
Bodyguy came out and said he was training Maximus, who is jacked. Maximus takes Gunn & Royal both down. He gets knocked off his feet after a double shoulder tackle. Bodyguy yells at Maximus, saying he doesn't have a body like his. Maximus tags him in and flips him into the ring. Bodyguy turns around into a 3D from Royal & Gunn for the pin. Following the match, Bodyguy gets laid out again after the Assassin clotheslines him.
WINNERS: ROYAL & GUNN by pinfall. 
MY TAKE: Are Royal & Gunn back on the same page following the miscommunication during Royal's TV Title match?

"Lovely" Lylah vs. Jessie Belle.
Jessie locks Lylah up from behind. She puts her in an armbar. Lylah reverses and places Jessie in a side headlock. Jessie reverses and puts her in a headscissors. Lylah reverses into a headscissors, and Jessie Belle breaks out. Lylah wants a test of strength. Jessie wins and flips Lylah over. She hits a drop toehold and then hits a bronco buster on Lylah in the corner. She goes for a bulldog, but Lylah throws her off. She punches Jessie and splashes her in the corner. She chops her and goes for another splash, but Jessie moves, and then connects with the bulldog for the 3.
 MY TAKE: Jessie picks up a nice win after disappearing since her loss of the Women's Title at the last SNS.

"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry.
They lock up and Terry throws Jessie to the mat. They do a test of strength where Rob beats Jessie 1 arm to 2. Jessie locks Terry up from behind, but Rob just flings him off. He hits a big slam. Jessie off the ropes, runs into a big shoulder block from Rob. Jessie to the outside. Rob tries to grab him, but Jessie pulls his arm down across the top rope. He comes in and hits a dropkick. He goes to throw Rob, but Rob reverses and throws him hard into the corner. Jessie to the outside again. Rob goes after him, but Jessie hits him between the ropes and then dropkicks him to the outside. Rob gets back in and Jessie catches him with a legdrop. Jessie tries to suplex him, but Rob reverses. He charges Jessie, but Jessie moves and Rob hits the steel post. Meanwhile, Rudy runs out and tries to pin Jessie with a different referee for 2. Rob turns around and grabs Jessie and throws him in the corner. He charges him with a back elbow. He hits an axehandle to the chest followed by a powerslam. Rudy runs in and tries to pin Jessie again as Rob poses to the crowd. Rob turns around and grabs Rudy and hits his finisher on him, and then Jessie gets one as well for the 3. Rudy & Jessie are left lying as the referee for their match sits on the top turnbuckle and starts reading a book.
WINNER: TERRY by pinfall.
 MY TAKE: Big Rob looks to get himself back on the right track following a loss to Crimson in last week's semifinal.

Don't forget this episode will be up online tomorrow. Also remember that every Monday night you can find the latest edition of the OVW Top 20 here on OVWmania. As always, thanks for reading!