OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, March 10, 2013

OVW Special Report: Expo 5 Results

I just got back from a fun night of action at Derby Park Expo 5 that concluded with watching the TNA Lockdown PPV, in which Bully Ray revealed himself as the President of Aces & 8's and won the TNA Heavyweight Title from Jeff Hardy. Here is the OVW action from tonight:

-Elvis Pridemoore b. Bodyguy with a rollup.

-"Lonesome" Jay Bradley b. Stephon J. Baxter III with the Boomstick, and then delivered one to Albert Einstein Baxter II following the match. The Assassin came down and helped Stephon up, and carried Albert to the back on his shoulders.

-Hannah & Holly Blossom b. "Lovely" Lylah Lodge & Taeler Hendrix after Lylah was thrown into the corner, knocking Taeler to the floor, and then rolled up for the victory. Heidi Lovelace served as special referee.

-"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz b. Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger) via submission to the Boston Crab.

-The Coalition's "He-Man of Homeland Security" Jason Wayne, "Sergeant Major" Jack Black, & "Lieutenant Lats" Joe Coleman b. New School (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw) & Paredyse, after Paredyse faked a knee injury the entire match and then turned on Alex Silva, hitting him in the back from behind with a steel pole, allowing the Coalition to get the pinfall.

Another fun night of action, but what's going on with Paredyse? He's been having issues with the Mobile Homers, but why did he turn on Silva & Shaw tonight? Stay tuned to OVW's official Facebook & Twitter accounts for the latest, plus other exclusive updates!