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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

OVW TV #898: "Silvi-No He Ain't"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, November 2, 2016. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 10PM, and online on Monday at www.ovwrestling.com/tv. In this episode, Chris Silvio returns, Rebel faces Maria James for the OVW Women's Title, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

 Ringmaster (w/Scarlet, Dapper Dan Van Zandt, & Little Damion) defeats Brother Reed. Reed hits a reverse snapmare off the top rope, but Scarlet & Damion distract the ref. Dan gets in and hits Reed with the Death Valley Driver, and Ringmaster follows it up with the flying elbow for the 3.

"The Legacy of Brutality": Big Zo & "Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya (w/Josh Ashcraft) & Ca$h Flo defeat Billy O & "The 50/50 Boys": Lucas Jacobs & Kevin Giza. A literal squash. Ca$h has Jacobs in a chokehold, Hy Zaya kicks him in the face, and then Zo hits a Zo Bomb on him for the 3.

"The Prince of Angst" Jade Dawson defeats Little Damion (w/Scarlet). Damion goes up top, but misses a flying headbutt. Jade hits a DDT for the 3.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 10PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at www.ovwrestling.com/tv.

Gilbert Corsey & Ron Hed are on commentary, and Ron is the ring announcer.

"Wrestling's Rockstar" Diamond (w/Annie) defeats Adam Revolver. Ryan Howe is now going by "Diamond". Diamond with some quick offense early, but he hurts his leg. Adam focuses on it, works it over, and locks in both a single-leg Boston crab and then a Figure 4. Diamond fires back, and jumps off the top rope. Adam moves, and Diamond lands on the bad leg again. Adam goes to his jacket and pulls out some brass knucks, but Annie takes them away.
He goes out and gets in her face, but Mexicutioner shows up at ringside. Diamond recovers and hits Adam from behind, then rolls him inside. He goes up and connects with the Chart Topper for 3.
After the match, Gilbert Corsey interviews Diamond & Annie. Diamond says he has a new name, but the same fire. Annie says as long as she is by his side, he will shine brighter than ever.

Big Jon (w/Houdini) defeats Carlos Gabriel. Jon clotheslines Gabriel and chokeslams him for the 3 in about 10 seconds.
After the match, Gilbert Corsey interviews Big Jon and says they have another crack at the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against the Legacy of Brutality. Jon has a test of strength set up for Houdini, as the Legacy of Brutality comes out. First up, Houdini loses a foot race to Hy Zaya after Josh Ashcraft trips Houdini. Second, Houdini loses a 225-lb. bench press to Big Zo. Zo lifts it with ease, and Houdini can't budge it.
Last, both teams have a tug of war. Houdini & Jon win, but the Legacy attacks them. Jon & Houdini fight back and run them off.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE (WITH SPECIAL REFEREE RANDY ROYAL): Rebel defeats "The Most Hated Woman in Wrestling" Maria James (c). Royal gets his phone out and takes some pics while he is officiating. Rebel locks Maria in a submission for the tapout win. REBEL is the NEW OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPION! 
After the match, Rebel says she trained here and is never going to forget this moment. This is her first ever wrestling title!

"Shotgun" Tony Gunn defeats "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix. A very good and competitive back-and-forth matchup. Trevor Steele comes out and distracts the ref and Matrix, and throws a lead pipe in the ring in the process. Gunn grabs it and hits Matrix in the back from behind. He then locks in the YTO, and Matrix has to tap.

Rocco Bellagio comes out and calls out Chris Silvio, saying he paid for a plane ticket and rental car for his best friend to be here.
Silvio comes out, and Rocco introduces him as the second best OVW Heavyweight Champion in history. Rocco says it is time to reveal their plan, but Silvio says Rocco's plan sucks. Rocco says after all he did for him, he should do him this favor, and lay down for him at the Special. Silvio looks as if he is going to leave the ring, but then turns around and nails Rocco with a Psychadelic Superpunch. He grabs the mic and says he doesn't lay down for anyone.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Maddie Max defeats Callie. Maddie gets a rollup with a handful of tights for the victory.

"The Psychadelic Superstar" Chris Silvio defeats "The King of Hairstyle" Robbie Walker. Silvio connects with the Psychadelic Superpunch for the 3.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Rocco Bellagio (c) vs. Chris Silvio
OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Trevor Steele (c) vs. Tyler Matrix
OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: The Legacy of Brutality (c) vs. Big Jon & Houdini
The Elite vs. Mexicutioner & Rev. Stuart Miles

As always, thanks for reading!