OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cannonball Corner #2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Cannonball Corner! This will be a recurring feature of OVWmania where we "dive" into the recent happenings at OVW and discuss them with you, the great fans of Ohio Valley Wrestling. This week, we discuss episode #934 of OVW TV.

-To begin, what a great match between the Legacy of Brutality and the Bad Boys Club! By hook or by crook, the Legacy of Brutality is the NEW OVW Southern Tag Team Champions. We only hope this is the beginning of a long rivalry as the fans (including us) were heavily invested in the match.

-Big Jon has Tyler Matrix as his first partner in War Games for the August 5 Saturday Night Special. With Matrix & Jon occupied in the steel cage, who will be the next challenger for Adam Revolver and the OVW Heavyweight Title? That's if Revolver defends at the Special and doesn't lose the title at tonight's show in E-Town, and doesn't somehow wind up in the steel cage. Speaking of the cage, I mentioned last week that Michael Hayes said no one was there for him and he acts like he wants no part of the steel cage. Dean Hill brought this point up, saying Michael would go it alone if he had to, but would be in the match. If the War Games winner(s) gets a title shot, following the same stipulation from last year's War Games, could that sweeten the pot for Hayes to recruit some willing combatants to be on his side?

-What "script" is David Lee Lorenze III writing that will help him craft a plan to try and defeat Big Zo? Lorenze wants the OVW TV Title back, but we don't see any way he can defeat the big man unless he comes up with a "surprise ending".

-We missed seeing a lap around the ring from Adam Slade!

-Justin Smooth said he lost focus the last few weeks, but given his history with Big Jon, could he focus in on being part of Jon's team at War Games?

What are your thoughts on the recent happenings at OVW? Leave a comment below and let us know!