OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, July 8, 2017

OVWmania Presents: Cannonball Corner

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Cannonball Corner! This will be a recurring feature of OVWmania where we "dive" into the recent happenings at OVW and discuss them with you, the great fans of Ohio Valley Wrestling. This week, our take on the fallout from the July 1 Saturday Night Special and recent OVW TV.

-To begin, we find the feud between the Legacy of Brutality and the Bad Boys Club to be one of the best battles in recent memory over the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. You have 4 veterans of the squared circle battling it out with Jessie Belle & Josh Ashcraft both being possible factors into how the championship match could play out next week on OVW TV. These two teams are two of the best tag teams OVW has had in some time.

-Adam Slade and his lap-running around the ring is hilarious. Even better than that? Some of the expressions of the OVW superstars in the ring as he does so. I can watch Slade continue to do this every week.

-Adam Revolver is the new OVW Heavyweight Champion. Once Shannon the Dude returns, we have a team of "Heavyweight" champions that the crowd despises. Who will be the ones to finally take them down a notch? Will it be Tyler Matrix? Big Jon? Will Tony Vanetti return to finally shut Shannon up once and for all?

-Speaking of Big Jon, it will be interesting to see how War Games plays out at the August SNS. He will lead a team against a team captained by Michael Hayes. Who will be on Hayes' team after he said no one stood up for him after he was kicked out the door? Will he be able to find any partners? If you take a trip down memory lane, it was Rev. Stu who won last year's War Games and got a shot at then-champion Rocco Bellagio for the OVW Heavyweight Title. Will that stipulation return this year, that the winner(s) get a shot at any title?

-A lot of the young talent have looked really good in the ring. Keep an eye on LJ, the Bro Godz, & Kevin Giza. They could surprise some of the veteran talents as they continue to improve each week.

-I get a lot of comments about the women's division of OVW, and while it is small right now, Mickie Knuckles has done a great job of coming in and taking charge of the division. Question is...who will be able to dethrone the demented queen as Women's Champion?

What are your thoughts on the recent happenings at OVW? Leave a comment below and let us know!