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Saturday, August 4, 2018

OVW August 2018 SNS Results

This is the OVW Report for the August 4, 2018 Saturday Night Special!


-The Bro Godz defend the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against the War Kings!

-Justin Smooth goes 1-on-1 with Amon!

-Jaylee defends the Women's Title against Rebel!

-Big Zo goes 1-on-1 with Jay Bradley!

-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Josh Ashcraft & Dr. Ted McNaler, and Brittany & Mercy are ring announcers.

8-MAN TAG MATCH: OVW Anarchy & TV Champion "The Leading Man & Star of the Show" Billy O, "Livewire" KTD, William Lutz, & "The Vet" Apollo vs. "The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson, Dimes, Eddie Knight, & BGB.
Knight takes KTD down, then Apollo tags in and gets a drop toehold. Lutz tags in and gets a hip toss from Eddie and tags Dimes. Dimes hits a hurricanrana, then a kick to the head of Apollo who tags back in. KTD tags in and Dimes hits a springboard back elbow. BGB tags in and locks in a headlock. Off the ropes, BGB hits a hip toss, then a back body drop. Lutz tags in, but gets a backdrop for his troubles. Apollo tags back in, but BGB throws him to the corner and hits a running splash. He hits a bulldog, but Billy has the ref distracted. Team Billy stomps him while Team Sam tries to get the ref's attention. They work BGB over in the corner. BGB finally breaks free from Apollo and tags Sam. Sam fires away on everyone in his path. Billy blind tags and hits Sam with a big boot. Lutz holds Sam for the running high knee, but Sam breaks loose and Billy nails Lutz. Billy turns into a super kick from Sam, then Sam connects with the Duck Call for the 3.

Dre Blitz vs. "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe.
Howe throws his guitar pick in Blitz's face, then smacks him in the face. He takes him to the mat. Blitz comes back with a takedown and a Blitz kick that knocks Howe to the outside. Howe pulls him down and drags him out with him. He chops Blitz hard and slams his head off the apron. He gets on the apron and kicks Blitz in the head. He rolls Blitz in and goes up top. Blitz moves, and Howe rolls through, but turns into a clothesline for 2. Blitz chokes him in the ropes. Howe back with an uppercut and an armbreaker. He locks in the Whammy Bar, but Blitz pulls him down by the hair. He shoulders Howe in the corner and throws him to the opposite corner. Howe locks him in the tarantula as he comes in. Howe goes up top and connects with the Chart Topper for the 3.
WINNER: HOWE by pinfall.

Jay Bradley vs. Big Zo.
Jay attacks Zo as soon as he gets in. He hits a big boot hat doesn't knock Zo down. Zo shoulder blocks Jay down. Jay comes back with fists aplenty, then a boot in the corner. Zo hits Jay back out of the corner, then follows up with the cartwheel butt bump. Jay takes out the knee. He charges Zo, but Zo flips him onto the apron. Jay gets down and pulls Zo down, hitting his leg off the apron. Jay tackles the knee again and goes for a pin for 2. Jay goes to grab him, but Zo fires back. He then hits a suplex. Jay goes back after the leg and hits a suplex of his own. Jay tries to pin for 2. Jay stomps the knee, then drops an elbow on it, and another. Jay locks in a submission. Zo kicks Jay off. Jay goes right back after it, but Zo kicks him off again. Jay goes after him again, dropping an elbow across the chest. Jay hits and kicks him in the corner. Jay slams him and steps across him. He gets on the ropes and goes for a Zo bomb, but Zo puts the knees up. Jay charges into a back elbow. He clotheslines Jay twice, then hits a fallaway slam. Zo charges in with a splash in the corner. Jay kicks his knee out from under him. He goes for the Boomstick, but Zo catches him in a Samoan drop for 2. Jay clubs him across the back. Zo fires at him, but Jay hits him with aforearm to the chin. Zo catches him with a slam and connects with the Zo bomb for the 3!
WINNER: ZO by pinfall.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Rebel vs. Jaylee (c).
They lock up and Rebel starts with an armbar into a side headlock. Down to the mat, Jaylee gets her into a headscissors. Rebel gets out, but Jaylee rolls her up for 2. Rebel goes for a suplex, Jaylee blocks it, then pokes Rebel in the eyes. Off the ropes, Rebel catches her with a kick to the face for 2. Jaylee rolls out for a breather. Rebel goes out after her and hits her and rolls her back in. Jaylee tries to drop an elbow, but Rebel moves. Rebel charges her in the corner, but Jaylee moves and Rebel goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Jaylee works over the arm and hits an armbreaker. Rebel back with a back elbow, then a boot. Rebel misses the Rebel Yell, and Jaylee goes for the armbreaker submission. Rebel fights her off and charges her. Jaylee pulls the rope down and Rebel flies out. Rebel brings her out and hits her head off the apron. She throws her into the ringpost. She charges, but Jaylee moves and Rebel runs into the ringpost. The bell rings as Jaylee locks in the armbreaker submission on the floor and won't let go.

GRUDGE MATCH: "Shotgun" Tony Gunn vs. "The Man" Dapper Dan.
Gunn hightails it as Dan goes right after him. Gunn locks him up from behind and Dan reverses. Gunn takes Dan down and goes for a single leg Boston crab, but Dan gets to the ropes. Dan catches him with a t-bone suplex, then throws him to the corner and hits a cannonball. He tries to grab Gunn, but Gunn pulls his head down across the top rope. Gunn hits Dan with something from his knee pad and knocks him out of the ring on the other side. Gunn drops a double axehandle off the apron. Gunn hits Dan with the foreign object again, then puts it back in his knee pad. Gunn rolls him in and clubs him across the chest. He jumps in with a knee to the face for 2. He locks in a sleeper. Dan works his way up and hits a clothesline. He hits a big slam, then drives Gunn into the corner. He goes up and hits a flurry of punches. Gunn hits him with the foreign object again. Dan fires back and hits a rock bottom, then a leg drop. He goes for the release German, but Gunn holds the ropes. Dan gets him in position for the Death Valley Driver, but Gunn slides out and kicks him in the head. Dan connects with the release German suplex after a missed knee strike from Gunn. Dan with a back body drop. The foreign object falls out and Dan picks it up. Dan thinks about it, then strikes Gunn with it. The ref calls for the bell.

HANDICAP MATCH: "The Entourage 2.0": Shiloh Jonze & DL3 vs. "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd.
Floyd goes right after DL3 on his countdown. He hits an overhead slam to Shiloh and a powerslam on DL3, as they come in and out quickly trying to gain control. DL3 gets Floyd into the corner and charges with a boot, but Floyd moves. DL3 keeps from hitting Shiloh, but Floyd takes DL3 for the pin. 3 times, Shiloh tries to break the count, but Floyd moves, and Shiloh accidentally hits and kicks DL3. They shove each other, but end up hugging. Floyd brings them together with a meeting of the minds. DL3 kicks Floyd and Shiloh hits a chinbuster. DL3 shoulders him and Shiloh drives him into the ringpost. DL3 fakes being hurt while Shiloh hits Floyd on the outside. DL3 & Shiloh with some quick exchanges. Shiloh chops Floyd, but Floyd chops back. He drops Shiloh on DL3. Shiloh tags out and DL3 runs in into a takedown. Floyd takes Shiloh down and pounds him also. He clotheslines them both and smacks DL3 in the face. He drops DL3 with a backdrop and goes for the modified Boston crab. Shiloh comes after him and he drops Shiloh for the crab. DL3 knocks him off and both of them go after Floyd. He locks them both into single leg crabs for a double tapout!
WINNER: FLOYD by submission.
After the match, Jay Bradley runs out and clubs Floyd from behind.
He takes him down with a big boot and then Floyd gets triple teamed until Zo runs out and clears house for the save!

Cali Young vs. Meg.
Cali goes after Meg, and Meg keeps taking her down and telling her to calm down. Meg takes her down with a big spinebuster. Cali drags her into the turnbuckle on her shoulder. She works it over. Meg comes back and locks Cali's arm up. Cali reverses and jumps on Meg's back. Meg rams her into the corner, then hits a throat thrust. She headbutts her and spears her. Cali fake cries in the middle of the ring and as Meg goes to help her up, she rolls her up in a small package for the 3.
WINNER: CALI by pinfall.

Amon (w/"The Void": Chace Destiny, Nigel, & Houdini) vs. "The Trinidad Titan" Justin Smooth.
Smooth knocks Amon down off the ropes, but Amon goes for the injured ribs. He throws him hard into the corner. Amon peels off the bandages and kicks him in the ribcage. Smooth tries firing back, but Amon continues to club the ribs. Amon bites him. Smooth sends him off the ropes and hits a big spinebuster. Amon jumps right back up and headbutts him in the ribs. Amon tries to pin for 2. Amon stretches him out. Smooth works his way up, but Amon clubs the ribs. Smooth clotheslines him and DDT's him. Amon jumps up, but eats a bicycle kick for 2! Smooth picks him up, but Amon knees him in the ribs and hits the STH for 2! Amon goes after his chains and wraps one around his fist. He goes after Smooth, but Smooth ducks and hits another bicycle kick for the 3!
WINNER: SMOOTH by pinfall.
After the match, the Void runs out and surrounds the ring. Smooth is able to take them all out and stand tall!

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: "The War Kings": Crimson & Jax Dane vs. "The Bro Godz": Dustin Jackson & Colton Cage (c).
The Kings attack the Bros after the intro and try to throw them into each other. They spin around and fire away on the Kings. They try to throw them into each other, but don't budge them, and clothesline them down. Crimson hits Colton and throws him into the barricade, as Jax chops Dustin against one of the supports. Jax & Dustin are back in the ring and Dustin fires back. Off the ropes, Dustin kicks Jax, then hits a cross body. He hits a nice dropkick and locks up the arm. He tags Colton, who comes in and twists the arm up. He tags Dustin, but Jax hits them both and hits the double Samoan drop! Crimson comes in and double clotheslines them both. Jax tags Crimson in and Dustin is chopped hard. They continue to double team Dustin and Jax elbows Colton off the apron. Crimson throws Dustin into the corner turnbuckle. Dustin tries to fire back, but is clubbed across the back. Crimson with a suplex and then twists Dustin's neck in a submission. Crimson tries to pin for 2. Jax causes a distraction as Dustin makes the tag, so Colton isn't allowed in since the ref didn't see it. Jax takes him down into a submission. Dustin goes off the ropes, but gets plowed down by Jax. Crimson is tagged in and they go for their finisher, but Dustin slides off and throws Jax into Crimson. Colton gets the tag and he fires away on Crimson. He hits the sideburn effect, then a scissor kick. Dustin hits the top rope splash, but Jax breaks the count. They double team Colton in the corner as Dustin is on the outside, and hit him with their cutter off Jax's shoulders for the 3!

If you have never been to a Saturday Night Special and/or are not able to, make sure you pick up a copy Wednesday nights at the Davis Arena during the TV tapings, or order them online at the shop on ovwrestling.com!

As always, thanks for reading!

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