OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, August 5, 2012

OVW Report: August SNS Results

Alright OVW fans, we had another big night of action with the August edition of SNS. This show was headlined by the 2nd meeting for the OVW Heavyweight Championship between "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Jamin Olivencia. We also had the OVW Women's Championship on the line and the finals of the Nightmare Cup. Ready? Here we go...

Grudge Match: Rocco Bellagio (w/BS 2.0) vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal
Rocco came out first with the rest of Bolin Services. Randy came out, but paused and went back behind the curtain. He came back with an equalizer, a Louisville Slugger bat. BS 2.0 scattered, and Royal plunged the bat into Rocco's gut. Royal threw the bat out of the ring and the referee officially rang the bell. Royal got in a good bit of offense until BS 2.0 interfered, which allowed Rocco to gain control. The ref threw BS 2.0 out of the ringside area. Rocco continued his assault on Royal and went for a chokeslam, but Royal reversed his way out of it. Royal then went for his finisher, the Royal Treatment, but Rocco flipped him over and went for the chokeslam again. Royal was able to once again break out of it, and hit a reverse facebuster that took Rocco out. Before he could go for the pin, BS 2.0 ran back out and attacked Royal forcing the referee to call for the bell. WINNER: ROYAL by DQ. BS 2.0 continued their assault on Royal until Alex Silva came flying out and took care of business. Silva spit at Rocco and grabbed a mic saying he was tired of BS 2.0 thinking they can come out whenever and do whatever they want every week and wants to fight one of them tonight. Chris Bolin said Joe Coleman would take care of him. Before Coleman could get in the ring, Silva went to the outside and grabbed him from behind. He proceeded to fling him across the ringside chairs of ring announcers Ron Hed & Terry Boddie, before rolling him into the ring...
Joe Coleman (w/BS 2.0) vs. Alex Silva (w/Randy Royal)
As Silva rolled into the ring himself, Coleman got back up and kicked and stomped Silva. BS 2.0 stayed at ringside as well as Randy Royal, who was watching Silva's back with a chair in hand. Coleman & Silva exchanged blows, and Coleman worked over Silva for a little bit. Silva fought back as BS 2.0 climbed up on the apron. Royal came around the ring with the chair, scaring them off. Silva was able to take advantage and take Coleman down with a huge clothesline. He set up in the corner, and Coleman got up to get knocked back down with the Silva Surfer for the 1-2-3! WINNER: SILVA by pinfall. MY TAKE: Will BS 2.0 look for revenge against Alex Silva? Even though Silva considers himself a lone wolf, could he partner up with Randy Royal to take care of their opponents' "BS"?

6-Man Tag: Ricky Chevy, J. Best, & Eddie "E.F.D" Diamond (w/Timmy Danger) vs. Ryan Howe, Elvis Pridemoore, & "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer
Howe rocked out pre-match as the opposing team covered their ears. Elvis started out against Chevy, and the fans were happy that Chevy was able to keep his pants on during this match. Elvis, Howe, & Dumeyer with quick tags as they worked over the arm of Chevy. Chevy was finally able to break free and tag in Diamond, who ran in into an armdrag takedown from Elvis. Diamond was able to break free and get Elvis into his corner where he tagged in Best. Best tagged Chevy back in. Elvis took Chevy down and each man made tags to Diamond & Howe. As they fought on the inside, Elvis and Chevy fought to the outside as well as Dumeyer & Best. Howe was on fire in the ring and took Diamond down with the Rockbuster for the win. WINNERS: HOWE, DUMEYER, & ELVIS by pinfall. MY TAKE: Howe looked like he was "amped" up and ready as he heads into the triple threat match for his opportunity at the Television Title against Rob Terry and reigning champion, Tony Gunn.

2 Out of 3 Falls Match: Chris Silvio (w/Mo Green) vs. Cliff Compton
As Silvio was making his entrance, Cliff ran out from behind and rammed Silvio head first into the steel ringpost. He rolled Silvio into the ring and told the ref to ring the bell, which he reluctantly did. Cliff got the pin for win #1. WINNER of the FIRST FALL: COMPTON by pinfall. After a 10-second rest period, Cliff went to pin Silvio again with one finger, but Silvio kicked out. Cliff tried to pin him a couple more times, but a dazed Silvio was still able to kick out. Compton started to argue with the ref about the count, and Silvio was able to roll up Compton for a quick 3. WINNER of the SECOND FALL: SILVIO by pinfall. After another 10-second rest period, Compton came flying out of the corner taking Silvio down again, who still looked loopy after being rammed into the ringpost. Compton controlled most of the third fall, but couldn't keep Silvio down. Silvio was able to once again come back and get a pinfall to win the deciding fall. WINNER of the THIRD FALL and the MATCH: SILVIO by pinfall. Compton was upset after the match and attacked Silvio. He went to the outside and grabbed the ring announcers' steel chairs. He set them up and slammed Silvio through them. MY TAKE: The crowd was very pro-Silvio and even more so after Cliff's attack following the match. Did Silvio's antics push Cliff over the edge?

Trailer Park Trash made his way out with Josie and explained the reason behind the Nightmare Cup. He had her go to the outside and get the trophy before telling her to go get water for the announce team. He said the winners of the Nightmare Cup would also be #1 contenders for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. This brought out the Best Team Ever. They said they are champions, and aren't worried about a tournament where someone is awarded a trophy, because they truly won something. Trash told them to get out of the ring and go to the back, because it was time to start the match.

Nightmare Cup Final: James "Moose" Thomas & Michael Hayes vs. The Mobile Homers (w/Brittany DeVore)
Before the match started, the two teams shook hands. McNaler & Hayes started out and McNaler got the advantage. He worked over Michael's arm and tagged in Revolver. Revolver took over working on his arm, but Michael fought back and tagged in Moose. Moose had control on Revolver when McNaler came in to break up the pin. Michael came in and speared McNaler to the outside. While the ref was watching Michael & Ted on the outside, the Best Team Ever ran out and hit Moose who was climbing to the top rope with their titles, causing him to fall and crash to the mat. They then did the Best Move Ever, flipping Adam on top of Moose. The ref went to make the pin, but Moose was able to kick out. Michael got back in and him & Moose went to the outside and hit the Best Team Ever, chasing them to the back. All 4 men got back in the ring, and the match was out of control. Moose & Adam were now on the outside, as Ted & Michael fought inside. Then, Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze ran out and attacked Michael & Ted. Moose & Adam got back in the ring, and the 4 worked together to take out Raul & Shiloh. The ref decided he'd seen enough and called for the bell. He threw out the tournament final. The 4 men begged him to restart it as the fans' chanted "Let Them Fight!". The ref restarted the match. Moose took Adam out with a big boot, and Ted ran in and jumped on his back. Moose flipped him off and then turned back to Adam setting him up for Michael to run in and do their double team finisher for the win. WINNERS and 1ST EVER NIGHTMARE CUP CHAMPIONS: MOOSE & MICHAEL by pinfall. After the match, the 2 teams shook hands. Things got a little emotional as Dean Hill announced that it was the 6-year anniversary to the day of when Michael lost his leg fighting for our country. He said one thing that could never be taken away from Michael or Moose, is that they will go down in history as the first ever Nightmare Cup winners. We started a "USA" chant, as Michael motioned his mother down to the ringside barrier where they embraced in a touching moment for the Davis Arena crowd. MY TAKE: They've been on a roll for months, but now can the first ever Nightmare Cup winners take home the biggest tag team prize in the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles? If I were a betting man, I'd think we could've very well seen our next OVW Tag Champions win the Nightmare Cup tonight.

OVW Women's Championship: Jessie Belle vs. Taeler Hendrix [c] (w/Dylan Bostic)
It took a while for Taeler to get ready, as she was busy talking to Dylan. The ref called for the bell, and Jessie tried to roll her up, but Taeler kicked out. The match was mainly controlled by Taeler and was a slow-paced match. One of Taeler's kick outs sent Jessie into Dylan's arms on the apron. Taeler got up and got mad at Dylan and yelled at him to go to the back. Jessie was able to take control and went to the top rope, but Dylan snuck back out and pulled Taeler out of harm's way causing Jessie to crash and burn. Taeler was able to make the pin. WINNER and STILL CHAMPION: TAELER. MY TAKE: Taeler escapes again after help from Bostic. Can the feisty redhead win in a 1-on-1 encounter?

OVW Heavyweight Championship: Jamin Olivencia vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade (c)
Referee Chris Sharpe had to keep these two separated during the introduction. Once this match was underway, both men tried to show each other up. Lots of back and forth action, with the crowd split between the 2 on who to root for. The match was slow in the middle with a lot of headlocks and submission moves. Toward the end, Jamin nailed Spade with his own super kick, but Spade kicked out. Jamin tried to hit the Standing O, but Spade reversed it and took a page out of Jamin's book by hitting him with the Standing O instead. Jamin, too, was able to kick out. Spade set up for the super kick, but Jamin ducked, and Sharpe was able to avoid being kicked again also. Jamin shoved Spade, though, and Sharpe got caught in the corner. Jamin now hit the Standing O, but there was no ref. Finally, referee Jordan Barker ran out, but Spade again kicked out. Spade fought back and picked up Jamin for a slam. As he spun around, Barker got caught with a boot to the head from Jamin. Spade slammed Jamin close to the corner, and went up top and connected with the senton bomb. He went for the cover and Sharpe crawled over to make a 2 count, as Jamin kicked out. Both men got back up as the refs were still woozy, Spade grabbed Jamin from behind and did a german suplex. Both refs counted, but Sharpe counted for Spade, and Barker counted for Jamin! Spade's music hit and he grabbed the title and left, but Barker raised Jamin's hand. Sharpe waved it off and said he counted Jamin's shoulders down, for a Spade victory. MY TAKE: After the controversy on who won, and whose shoulders were down, it appears that we might get a Spade-Olivencia III. We'll most likely find out more this Wednesday!

Overall, it was a decent show. For me, personally, I enjoyed the Nightmare Cup final and the win for Moose & Michael more than any other match for the night. The end of Spade-Olivencia was better than the rest of the match, because there were too many submission holds and slow spots. It should be an interesting night of TV on Wednesday, because we'll see if Jamin gets another shot at the Heavyweight Title, and we also have a triple threat TV Title match involving Ryan Howe, Rob Terry, & current champion Tony Gunn. As always, thanks for reading, and look out for the newest edition of the Top 20 late Monday night following WWE RAW. The rankings will be based on last Wednesday and tonight's SNS this week. Until next time...