OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OVW TV #679: "Tag Titles & Top Rope Takeovers"

Tonight at the Davis Arena, we found out who would get to be the lucky final entrant in the Nightmare Rumble at SNS, and we were also treated to an OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match. Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Match: 
"The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal b. Eddie Diamond (w/"The Hype Man" Timmy Danger). A funny slip-up by Terry Boddie who called Randy the "Rated R Superstar" before correcting himself. Royal had the quick start on this match until he ran off the ropes and Danger grabbed his foot, temporarily distracting him enough for Diamond to get some shots in. It wasn't enough, though, as Royal came back and finished him off with the "Royal Treatment" for the pin. MY TAKE: Royal didn't let his loss against Crimson keep him down as he came back strong with a victory tonight. What does the future hold next for Double R?
That was tonight's only pre-show dark match. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report. You can find the shows online at

Gilbert Corsey starts us off in the ring again this week and talks about the 30 minute Iron Man Match between Johnny Spade & Jamin Olivencia, a preview "Rumble" tonight in which 10 of the top contenders for the OVW Heavyweight Title will meet in the main event with the winner becoming the last entrant in the Nightmare Rumble at SNS, as well as the OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match between the Best Team Ever and Moose & Michael Hayes at SNS. He's then interrupted by the Wild Cards who are upset that they are being overlooked again as they push Gilbert and take the mic to complain and say they deserve a shot since they never got their rematch and that Shiloh beat Jessie Godderz last week. This brings out the Best Team Ever who say that a singles match fluke win doesn't count or mean anything. They are still the champions and don't have to prove anything. They also mention the fact that they want to be in the Nightmare Rumble, but can't because of their title defense and they aren't complaining. They go on to say that they don't have to prove anything to losers like the Wild Cards or their opponents at SNS. Moose & Michael Hayes then make their way out. Moose says they aren't losers. He says he may have been bullied in school, and Michael may never get his leg back, but they are fighters, and they are more than willing to prove it.
All 3 teams begin to battle, and that brings out the Director of Operations, Trailer Park Trash. He yells at everyone to stop fighting, and then tells the Wild Cards to shut up. He's tired of them trying to hold up the show, and he's tired of their whining and tells them to leave the building. He then turns to the Best Team Ever and tells them he's tired of their whining also about wanting to be in the Nightmare Rumble. He says that they are going to face Moose & Michael for the titles...right now!

OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match: The Best Team Ever ("Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade) [c] vs. Michael Hayes & James "Moose" Thomas
Moose & Michael controlled the match early with quick tags and kept Godderz down and away from his corner. Godderz was finally able to bring in Switchblade (who by the way, has chopped off his long hair) and they took over control for a while keeping Michael grounded and away from his corner. Rudy & Jessie used some cheap tactics to keep control until Michael finally made the tag to Moose. Moose came in and cleaned house. Moose had Rudy set up for the double team finisher with Hayes and they hit it, but Godderz ran around the ring and put Rudy's foot on the bottom rope to halt the count.
Moose hit a big boot to Rudy who had tried to sneak up from behind and Moose went for another pin, but Jessie pulled the ref out to stop the pin again. Michael hopped over to Jessie, but Jessie threw him into the steel ringpost. While Moose was distracted on the inside and the ref was trying to break up Jessie & Michael on the outside, Rudy was able to come up from behind and low blow Moose and roll him up for the pin. WINNERS: BEST TEAM EVER by pinfall. MY VIEW: The Best Team Ever were finally able to defeat the #1 contenders, but not without some "low" tactics. Will the same thing happen the next time these two teams meet?

Backstage, we see the Mobile Homers talking about Adam's opportunity to be the final entrant in the Nightmare Rumble. They ask each other about the "rocket fuel", but neither one of them brought it. Brittany DeVore is sitting behind them with a glass of it and apparently she decided to try some herself. Ted asks if she's okay as Fabiano Rolento-to-to makes his television debut and says hello. He asks Brittany her name as Heidi Lovelace enters the room. Fabiano says "uno momento" and tells them he will NOT be back as he follows Heidi. We then see Dylan Bostic sitting next to Taeler Hendrix with a guitar, as Ryan Howe walks in. Taeler has the googly eyes for Howe, and then yells at Dylan to keep practicing.

Arik Kristopher vs. TNA Superstar, Crimson
Crimson totally dominated this match with a series of power moves. AK got in a dropkick and a couple shots, but tried charging after Crimson and was caught in Red Sky. WINNER: CRIMSON by pinfall. MY VIEW: It's hard to bet against an "IMPACT" player like Crimson in the upcoming Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Heidi Lovelace
Just like Taeler's match last week with Jessie Belle, Taeler and Heidi were in an all out brawl and the referee had no choice but to call this match off. NO CONTEST. MY VIEW: The women's division in OVW has gone crazy. Is there something in the water in their locker room? Whatever the case may be, the ladies have it out for each other and are looking to prove who the queen bee is.

10-Man Rumble for the last entry in the Nightmare Rumble at SNS
It's hard to do a write-up on a battle royal style match where all the participants are trying to eliminate one another, so I will give you the highlights as well as the order of elimination. The match started with Alex Silva & Jason Wayne. After a minute, Wayne's BS 2.0 colleague, Joe Coleman entered and they double teamed Silva, trying to eliminate him. After another minute, Brandon Espinosa entered to even the odds, even though it was every man for himself. After another minute, Ryan Howe rocked his way into the ring and eliminated Joe Coleman.
The next entrant was Chris Silvio, but he was attacked from behind by Cliff Compton, who threw him into the steel ringpost. Silvio still wanted to compete and was crawling in the ring as Dylan Bostic made his way out. Bostic picked up Silvio and eliminated him. Adam Revolver was the 8th entrant. As the previous 6 men were fighting, Crimson came out to get a close-up view of his competition. The 9th entrant was Tony Gunn, and the 10th man was Rob Terry. Terry came in and started destroying everyone. He quickly eliminated Revolver, before everyone else decided to try and gang up on Big Rob.
Rob powered through all 6 men, though, and continued on. Ryan Howe eliminated Bostic, and shortly thereafter, Big Rob eliminated Espinosa. Then a surprise elimination happened as Silva took out Big Rob with an assist from Crimson, who helped pull the ropes down to get him out. Howe & Gunn formed a partnership to eliminate Jason Wayne, but started arguing and tried to eliminate each other. As they were fighting on the ring apron, Wayne charged after both of them and knocked them both off the apron to eliminate both men. It came down to the first two entrants, and Silva was able to eliminate Wayne to win the preview rumble, and become last entrant into the Nightmare Rumble at SNS.
After the match, the cameras followed Rob Terry in the back who was upset at losing and beating lockers and throwing chairs. Crimson was in the room and said if he's upset to go do something about it. Terry came charging back out to the ring and went after Silva who ducked and Terry turned back around into the Silva Surfer. WINNER: SILVA. MY VIEW: Silva finally got the competition he was looking for and has a big advantage at SNS. We were also treated to an interesting twist as we could have a program between two of TNA's big men in Crimson & Rob Terry to look forward to.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Ricky Chevy b. "The Assassin". Chevy came out and said he was going to prove something tonight by calling out the Assassin for a match and not trying to sneak attack people like he does. The Assassin's music hit and out came about a 180-200 lb. guy with a blue mask walking like Frankenstein. "The Assassin" went for a punch, but Chevy ducked it like he was in "The Matrix" and poked "Assassin" with one finger in the chest knocking him out. Chevy celebrated winning over this phony Assassin when the real Assassin made his way out. The Assassin took out the fake Assassin with two massive clotheslines, but once again Bobby Hill, I mean Ricky Chevy, was able to escape and run away. MY TAKE: Chevy's time is coming, and I for one, would not want to mess with the mysterious Assassin!

The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & Ted "Manbeast" McNaler) [w/Brittany DeVore] b. Fabiano Rolento & Raphael Constantine. A strange pairing of Fabiano & Raphael. Adam started out with Constantine after Fabiano tricked him into starting. Adam took Constantine down and went for a drink of "rocket fuel". Adam tagged in Ted and Raphael tagged in Fabiano. Fabiano kept waving and looking over at Brittany. Brittany ended up getting up on the ring apron and distracting Fabiano as Ted set up for the spear. Fabiano turned around into it and the Mobile Homers were victorious. MY TAKE: The Mobile Homers are back on a winning streak after indulging in their secret weapon of "rocket fuel". They may need to watch Brittany's intake, though. I hope we continue to see more of Fabiano on television, as his character is fantastic.

OVW Heavyweight Champion, "Smooth" Johnny Spade b. "The Leg Breaker" Rocco Bellagio (w/"The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman). Spade made fun of Rocco's size and Rocco made fun of the way Spade struts around in the ring. Once they locked up, Spade controlled early, but Rocco would take the advantage after interference from Coleman. Coleman would interfere a couple times as Rocco would distract the ref. Spade began to fight back and regain control. He went up top, and Coleman tried to interfere, but Spade kicked him onto the floor. Rocco got back up and hit the ropes causing Spade to slip. Rocco tried to chokeslam Spade off the top rope, but Spade slid out of it, and Rocco turned into the Spade Kick for the 1-2-3. MY TAKE: Spade took down a big challenger in Rocco tonight and looks prepared for his 30-minutes of action at SNS against Jamin Olivencia.

Don't forget to watch the episode online. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. And as always, thanks for reading!