OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OVW TV #678: "Spade vs. Jamin at SNS...Maybe"

We had another big night of action at the Davis Arena as we again found out more about the Heavyweight Title situation between Johnny Spade & Jamin Olivencia. We also had a "BIG" surprise with the OVW debut of a TNA Superstar. I also took a few extra pics tonight of some of the action. Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches: 
Alex Silva b. Arik Kristopher. Silva came out on fire and dominated the entire match. He kept yelling at AK to show him something, and said he was tired of the same guy and same story every week. Alex finished AK off with the Silva Surfer. MY TAKE: You can call it cockiness or arrogance, but the results don't lie. Silva continues to dominate in OVW, and you can't blame him for wanting more competition to prove why he's one of the top dogs. It may just be a matter of time before Silva is wearing gold.
Next, we had the hillbilly rapper, Elvis Pridemoore, come to the ring accompanied by Cyndi Snow. He talked about how he was from Down South, and said Cyndi was going to be in his music video. He then asked the fans if they wanted to hear a little bit of his album. He started rapping, but was interrupted by J. Best. Best came out with a "40" and a bucket of KFC. He said no one wanted to hear Elvis rap, if anyone should rap it's him. He asks for music, but the entrance music of "Bodyguy" Max Wolfgang hits as he struts to the ring. Bodyguy says no one wants to hear either of them rap, they want to see the Bodyguy pose. He asks for music, but the Assassin's hits. Assassin comes out and Elvis escapes the ring as Assassin takes out Best & Bodyguy with big clotheslines. Ricky Chevy sneaks out with a chair and hits Assassin from behind, but it doesn't faze him. Assassin turns and goes after Chevy, but Chevy runs out of the ring and to the back. Elvis gets back in the ring with Cyndi and celebrates as Raphael Constantine walks out and shakes his head before heading to the back.

That concludes the pre-show dark matches. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report. You can find the shows online at

Gilbert Corsey starts off in the ring and says again there was some confusion to end the last television episode, and brings out Trailer Park Trash, who is followed by his assistant, Josette. Trash says that they ran out of tv time last week, but he thinks he has a solution. He calls out Jamin and Spade. Jamin is still making a case that he should be champion from SNS when referee Jordan Barker made the pin for him. Spade came out and said that whether he wants to face the facts or not, he is still champion. Trash then says at SNS, they will face off in a 30-minute ironman match, and whoever has the most wins at the end of the 30 minutes will leave SNS as champion. Ryan Howe's music hits and he wants to know why Jamin keeps coming and going as he pleases and getting all these rematches against Spade. He says since he's been back, he's been fighting every week, and fought to get a shot at and become new Television Champion. He thinks he deserves a shot at the Heavyweight Title. This brings out Rob Terry. Big Rob can't believe what he's hearing, and if anyone deserves a shot, it's the guy who has beaten Spade on more than one occasion, Rob Terry. Trash decides on a way to settle this. He says tonight's main event will pit the team of Johnny Spade & Jamin Olivencia against the team of Ryan Howe & Rob Terry. He says that if either Howe or Terry get a pinfall or submission, they will replace Jamin as #1 contender at SNS, and then tells Jamin & Spade that they better learn how to work together.
Backstage, we see Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze talking about not getting respect. As they are talking about respect, Jessie Godderz is walking through and tells them to get out of his way. They start to argue, and Shiloh challenges Godderz to a match later. We then see the Mobile Homers getting drunk on what they call "rocket fuel" as Brandon Espinosa walks in with Chris. Espy asks if they'd like to go to a club with him & Chris, but they decline and go back to drinking.

"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Shiloh Jonze (w/Raul LaMotta)
Shiloh came in hot, as he and Raul still feel like they have something to prove. Godderz came back and took the advantage for a while hitting some of his signature moves. However, in the end, Godderz missed his legdrop and Shiloh was able to roll him up for the victory. WINNER: SHILOH by pinfall. MY VIEW: Raul & Shiloh (who are calling their team "The Wild Cards") could be wild cards in OVW as it pertains to the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. With a victory over 1/2 of the current champions, they are trying to make a case that they deserve a shot as well.

Backstage again, we see Dylan Bostic walking through a hallway talking on his cell when he tells the person on the other end to hold on. The camera pans over and Dylan sees Taeler sitting in the floor next to Ryan Howe talking to him about being TV Champion, and asks if they are still on for guitar lessons later.

"The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal vs. TNA Superstar, Crimson
Royal & Crimson locked up and Crimson took control early. Crimson worked over Royal's back and neck as he put Royal in a submission hold twisting his neck. Royal fought back, and hit a reverse russian leg sweep. He went for the Royal Treatment, but Crimson reversed it and ended up hitting the Red Sky for the win. WINNER: CRIMSON by pinfall. After the match, Crimson grabbed a mic and said everyone in Ohio Valley is in trouble, because Crimson is here. He said that he will be at Saturday Night Special, he will be in the Nightmare Rumble, and he will become #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight Championship, and will then become the new OVW Heavyweight Champion. MY VIEW: Crimson quickly made quite a stir in OVW as he surprised the fans by his debut, and then said he was going to soon become the new OVW Heavyweight Champion. It's hard to bet against this guy in the upcoming Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

In the back, Dylan Bostic looks all upset and talks to Jessie Belle. Jessie Belle says not to worry about Taeler Hendrix, because she's crazy. Taeler comes in the room and starts yelling, and says she thought she was finished with Jessie Belle when she beat her at SNS. Taeler says she wants her in the ring tonight. We then see Raphael Constantine walk in on Elvis Pridemoore & Cyndi Snow. Raphael asks what she's doing, and why she isn't on his sexy train. Cyndi says she's working on a video with Elvis and it'll put X2C on the map and as she hugs him, and she sticks her finger in her throat as she tells him everything will be okay.

Cliff Compton's music hits and he comes to the ring with a steel chair. He tells everyone that he is a great superstar and deserves respect. He also says that certain people that he will not name, should not sit in his personal chair in his locker room. This brings out Chris Silvio with Mo Green. Silvio gets in Compton's face, as Compton backs up into the corner and says he didn't mean Silvio. He says that the great Silvio was the better man as he appears to cower in the corner. Silvio says Compton is a coward and weak, and not worth his time. He turns to leave the ring, and as he is exiting, Cliff gets back up and grabs the steel chair. He then smashes it across the back of Mo Green and runs out of the ring. Silvio is angry and yells for Compton to come back out, but he doesn't.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Jessie Belle
The 2 redheads both went at it and traded blows in and out of the ring. They kept rolling back and forth pulling each other's hair and excahnging blows, and even steamrolled over referee Jordan Barker who was trying to pull them apart, but to no avail. Jordan called for the bell and ruled a no contest as referees Josh Ashcraft & Chris Sharpe came out to help pull them apart. NO CONTEST. MY VIEW: There's a fire brewing between these two fiery redheads. Will they meet again with the OVW Women's Title on the line?

Ryan Howe & Rob Terry vs. Jamin Olivencia & "Smooth" Johnny Spade
Rob Terry attacked Howe from behind and threw him out of the ring before going after Jamin. Terry worked over Jamin for a while and went for a pin, but was pulled off by Howe. As they argued, Jamin tagged in Spade. Spade came in and fought with Terry who took Spade down, but Howe tagged himself in. Howe came in, but Spade took control, and him & Jamin tagged in and out and worked well together. Terry was getting frustrated on the apron and finally took matters into his own hands by getting in the ring and beating down Jamin, and then throwing Howe over to his corner. Terry tagged himself back in and went to work on Jamin, but again Howe tagged himself back in. Howe went to the top rope for his next offensive strike, but Dylan Bostic ran out and pushed him, causing a disqualification. Terry & Howe won, but because neither of them made a pinfall or submission, Jamin remains #1 contender. Rob Terry was irate, and took out everybody including Bostic with a massive powerbomb. Terry grabbed the title and stood over Spade. WINNERS: HOWE & TERRY by DQ. MY VIEW: It should be a great match at SNS as fans will get a guaranteed 30 minutes of action between Spade & Olivencia. Time will tell if Big Rob will get another opportunity as he stood tall to end the show.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

The Mobile Homers (w/Brittany DeVore) b. Raphael Constantine & Eddie Diamond (w/MC Timmy Danger). The Mobile Homers must have been drinking the whole show, because they came out staggering and could barely make it in the ring. Everytime they went to make a tag, they kept missing each other's hands. They maintained control, however, during the entire match, as they drank their "rocket fuel" in between tags. Diamond got upset and smacked the "rocket fuel" out of Adam's hand, which caused the Mobile Homers to snap. Adam plowed Diamond into the corner, and as Constantine tried to come in, Ted met him with a spear. Adam then grabbed Diamond for his & Ted's finsiher for the win. MY TAKE: You don't tug on Superman's cape, and you don't waste good alcohol. The Mobile Homers' kryptonite is whatever was in their glass, and even though they didn't look ready for competition, they dominated and got back on the winning track.

"The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman (w/Jack Black) b. Brandon Espinosa (w/Chris). Espy started off with the advantage, throwing Coleman off his game with some unnatural wrestling maneuvers. Coleman came back and dominated a large portion of the matchup, but couldn't finish Espy off. Espy started to mae a comeback and hit a spinning kick off the top rope to Coleman's head. Before he could go for the pin, Black got on the ring apron. Chris came over and tried to pull Black off. Black got down and grabbed Chris, distracting Espy. Espy jumped through the ropes to kick Black, but Coleman grabbed Espy from behind and hit his finisher for the win. MY TAKE: Joe proved again to BS 2.0 what he can do with a big singles win. What's next for the Jacked Knight and BS 2.0?

Don't forget to watch the episode online. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. And as always, thanks for reading!