OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

OVW TV #677: "The Champ Is..."

We had another big night of action at the Davis Arena following the controversy from the last Saturday Night Special. We learned more about the championship situation between "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Jamin Olivencia and had a TV Title Triple Threat between Ryan Howe, Rob Terry, and defending champion, Tony Gunn. Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Match: 
BS 2.0: Joe Coleman, Jason Wayne, & Rocco Bellagio (w/Chris Bolin & Jack Black) b. Elvis Pridemoore, "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, & Arik Kristopher). AK started out against Big Rocco, but didn't even faze the big man with any of his shots. BS 2.0 took turns decimating each opposing member of the other team, and made quick work in what was basically a squash. Rocco & Wayne hit a double chokeslam on AK, and Rocco made the pin for the win. MY TAKE: BS 2.0 gets back on the winning track following a bad night at SNS. What does the "Prince" Chris Bolin have in mind for his group next?

That was the only pre-show dark match tonight. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report. You can find the shows online at

Gilbert Corsey starts off in the ring and says there was some confusion to end the last SNS, and brings out Trailer Park Trash, who is followed by his assistant, Josette. Trash describes what happens as they show footage of the pinfall that ended the SNS match between Johnny Spade & Jamin Olivencia. He says that Danny Davis, along with himself and the Board of Directors looked at the footage and made a decision. Before he can say any more, Jamin makes his way out, and says he should be OVW Heavyweight Champion since referee Jordan Barker made the pin for him. Trash says he understands why he thinks that, but Spade is still champion for now. Spade then makes his way out. He says that whatever Jamin thinks does not matter, because he is still holding the belt. Trash then says before he was interrupted again, that a decision has been made, and tonight there will be a rematch for the title. Jamin & Spade face off and start exchanging blows as referees have to pull them apart.

Backstage, we see BS 2.0, and Chris Bolin is trying to figure out how they could let Randy Royal & Alex Silva get the best of them. Joe Coleman says not to kick him off the team, and Bolin asks what he is talking about. Coleman said he was told he would be kicked off if he didn't beat Silva. Bolin says they'll work it out, as Jason Wayne starts talking about how the Olympics should have a team named after him, because of what he has done for this country. He then asks if they had heard a story from the time he served, and the rest of BS 2.0 wants to hear it, and Bolin says they'll listen to it back in their dressing room. We then see Trailer Park Trash telling Josette he forgot to take out his gear from the last show in E-Town, and asks her to wash it for him as she gags at the smell.

Next, we are back in the ring with the voice of OVW, Dean Hill. Dean says an important date is coming up. He said they will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Davis Arena at the next SNS in September. He says that the next SNS will feature a special "Nightmare Rumble", where the winner will receive a shot at the OVW Heavyweight Title at the October SNS, and also scheduled is the Best Team Ever defending the OVW Southern Tag Titles against the Nightmare Cup winners, Michael Hayes & Moose. Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze's music hits and they walk in from the side door of the building. They say they are tired of being overlooked. They say screw both locker rooms, screw Danny Davis, and since Dean Hill is such a good friend of Danny Davis, screw him too. Raul then shoves Dean as him & Shiloh corner him. Michael Hayes & Moose run out to make the save, ridding Shiloh & Raul from the ring. Moose grabs a mic and says if they want to prove something, get in the ring. Raul says they aren't going to get in the ring for nothing. Michael says they proved something in the ring by winning the Nightmare Cup, and they are willing to put their #1 contendership on the line, which baits Raul & Shiloh to get in the ring...

#1 Contendership for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles: "Rudo" Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze vs. James "Moose" Thomas & Michael Hayes
Moose started things off with Raul and was in control as he tagged in Michael. Raul got Michael into his corner as him & Shiloh were able to double team Michael and take the advantage for a while as they worked over his arm. Finally, Michael was able to get over to the corner and tag in Moose. Moose came in on fire and took Shiloh & Raul both down and out. All of a sudden, the Best Team Ever ran out from the back and clocked Moose with the tag titles, causing a disqualification. Rudy & Jessie beat down Moose & Michael, delivering their finisher to Michael, and clocking Moose in the head with the tag title. WINNERS: MOOSE & MICHAEL by DQ. MY VIEW: The battle for the tag titles just got more intense, as the Best Team Ever decided to interfere and make a statement. How will Moose & Michael respond?

Backstage again, we see Trailer Park Trash tell Josie that he needs her to vacuum and to collect all the garbage from the offices and around the arena. We then see Cliff Compton walk into his dressing room where Mo Green is sitting in his chair. Compton asks what he is doing, and Mo said he is just relaxing. Cliff says to get his bald head out of the chair and out of his dressing room. Mo said there's a funny thing about chairs, they can be used for sitting or sneak attacks. Chris Silvio comes in behind Compton and lays him out with a chair shot to the back.

OVW Television Title Match: Ryan Howe vs. Rob Terry vs. Tony Gunn (c)
Howe came out first and rocked out on the guitar. Rob Terry came out, and then the OVW TV Champion, Tony Gunn who had Ralphie wrapped around his waist with the belt. Before the match started, Trailer Park Trash made his way out and said he doesn't like the way Rob Terry made his way into this match, so he will be the special referee. Gunn & Howe locked up first, and then each of them tried locking up with Terry who just threw them both off like rag dolls. They decided to team up and they both double teamed Terry with punches and kicks. Howe tried to pin Terry, but Gunn pulled him off. They double teamed Terry some more, and Gunn went for the pin, but Howe pulled him off. Gunn asked what he was doing, and while they were arguing, Terry got back up and took them both down with a double clothesline. Terry took control for a while, and went for a double chokeslam on both men. Trash broke the hold since Terry had both of them by their necks. Terry started arguing with Trash, allowing Howe & Gunn to get back up and once again double team Terry knocking him out of the ring. Terry tried to climb back up on the ring apron, but Gunn dropkicked him off. As Gunn's back was turned, Howe came up from behind and rolled Gunn up for the pin! WINNER and NEW OVW TV CHAMPION: HOWE by pinfall. MY VIEW: I was surprised at the outcome here, but Howe has been on quite the streak since returning to OVW a few weeks back. The question remains, is Big Rob finished in his quest to get the TV Title?

In the back, Taeler Hendrix is yelling at Dylan Bostic, saying he was close to ruining her matchup at SNS. Dylan tries to respond, but Taeler puts her hand up as the new TV champion, Ryan Howe, walks in. Taeler talks to Howe who says he's the first rock 'n' roll champion, and she follows him out of the room as Dylan looks dumbfounded.

Eddie "E.F.D." Diamond (w/Timmy Danger) vs. Alex Silva
Silva comes out on fire, until Danger grabs at Silva's foot, causing a distraction for Diamond to take advantage. Diamond gets a few moves in, and works over Silva in the corner. Silva begins to fight back and pushes Diamond away. Again, Danger grabs Silva as he was setting up for the Silva Surfer, allowing Diamond to get back to his feet and work over Silva a little more. Once again, Silva fights back and knocks Diamond away. Danger gets up on the ring apron, but this time, Silva punches him to the floor. Diamond gets back to his feet and charges at Silva, but Uh-Oh! Silva meets him with the Silva Surfer for the pin. WINNER: SILVA by pinfall. MY VIEW: The Lone Wolf and GutCheck star is back and on a hot streak. How long before Silva starts looking to get a shot at some gold again in OVW?

Outside, we see Josette trying to figure out how to get the trash in the full dumpster. TPT walks up and tells her to throw it in and then to get in and jump up and down on it. She says she is in a dress, but he says she will be fine. She climbs up a ladder with the trash and as she throws it in, she loses her balance and falls in the dumpster with it.

OVW Heavyweight Title: "Smooth" Johnny Spade (c) vs. Jamin Olivencia
A good back and forth match between 2 of OVW's top dogs. Midway through, Spade & Jamin were fighting on the outside and Spade hurt his lower leg after going to kick Jamin. Jamin had ducked, and Spade kicked the steel ringpost. Jamin then focused on the leg, working it over, and using a couple submissions such as a boston crab and figure-four. Spade wouldn't give up, and fought back even hitting Jamin with Jamin's own Standing O DDT. Jamin kicked out. Jamin then returned the favor by nailing Spade with the super kick. Spade kicked out! Both men were giving it everything they had, but both refused to be pinned or give up. The two then started exchanging blows as the bell rung. The TV time limit was up, and as a result of the draw, Johnny Spade remains champion. MY VIEW: Until the time limit was up, I thought this match actually outdid their match from SNS. Will Jamin still be pushing for another shot? Could we possibly see a Spade-Jamin 4 (or 5, if you count their non-title match from last week's TV)?

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
Ricky Chevy came out again and this time he was armed with a chair. He called out the Assassin. The Assassin made his way out, but as he was entering the ring, Sean Conway & Cody jumped in and started double-teaming him. The Assassin fought back and clotheslined them both down. He turned his attention to Chevy who tossed the chair at Assassin and ran out of the ring and out the side door again.

Epiphany vs. Heidi Lovelace vs. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic) vs. Jessie Belle. We got treated to a fatal 4 way ladies' match. Taeler ran out of the ring, and Heidi tried to roll up Jessie Belle. This match was a little chaotic. Heidi & Jessie Belle grabbed Taeler and threw her into the corner. Epiphany charged at her, but she moved, and referee Josh Ashcraft got squashed. He went down, and this allowed Fabiano Rolento-to-to to come out. He said "HELLO!" and asked the fans if they knew what they called 4 mamacitas in Colombia. He said they call them "4 mamacitas in Colombia". The ladies went back to fighting, and there was a giant submission move where Heidi had Epiphany's legs while Jessie Belle had Epiphany in a headlock and Taeler was in between both of them on top of Epiphany grabbing both of them backwards by their hair. Fabiano went around in a circle and took pictures of him with each lady while they were locked up. They all got up and cornered him, where Heidi slapped him, Jessie Belle slapped him, Taeler low blowed him, and Epiphany then slammed him. The match was thrown out, but ring announcer Terry Boddie said the loser was obviously Fabiano. MY TAKE: Fabiano is still one of my favorite parts of the weekly show. Poor guy just wants a kiss from one of the lovely mamacitas, is that too much to ask?

Chris Silvio (w/Mo Green) b. Raphael Constantine. Silvio took control early with an array of quick offensive maneuvers, but after going for a suplex, grabbed his back as he still had some soreness from the post-match attack by Cliff Compton at SNS. Constantine got a little bit of offense in, before Silvio made his comeback and knocked out Constantine with the Rocket Punch. MY TAKE: Silvio got some payback on Compton earlier in the taping, but something tells me that this feud isn't over yet. Could we end up with a street fight between these two at the next SNS?

The Best Team Ever: "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade b. The Mobile Homers: Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (w/Brittany DeVore). Ted & Adam grabbed the titles away from the Best Team Ever and teased them to chase them and jump for them. Rudy got a hold of one and Ted & Adam drug him in the ring to start the match. An early advantage by the Mobile Homers, until the BTE trapped Adam in their corner. They worked over Adam for a while, until he got the hot tag to Ted. Ted came in on fire, but Jessie got the ref distracted, and Rudy nailed Ted with a low blow. Brittany was yelling from the outside and Rudy rolled out and got in Brittany's face. Adam ran over and fought with Rudy on the floor as Jessie was able to roll up Ted on the inside for the pin. MY TAKE: The Best Team Ever had the Best Night in comparison to their opponents at the next SNS, Moose & Michael. Will they prevail again when it counts?
After the match, Ted grabbed a mic and said that he knows at SNS, Moose & Michael will be able to defeat the Best Team Ever and take away their tag team titles. He said then they will get their chance at the gold and it will be time for the Ma-Ma-Ma-Mobile Homers to be back on top!

Don't forget to watch the episode online. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. And as always, thanks for reading!