OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, October 7, 2012

OVW Saturday Night Special October Results

Tonight at the Davis Arena, Chris Silvio & Cliff Compton finally settled things once and for all in the steel cage, Alex Silva defended the TV Title, the Best Team Ever defended the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against the Mobile Homers, Josie returned to the ring against Women's Champion Heidi Lovelace, plus much more!

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OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal vs. Alex Silva (c). Before the match gets underway, the two shake hands. They lock up and Silva pushes Royal into the corner and releases with a clean break before giving Royal an "Uh-Oh!" They lock up again and Silva puts an arm bar on Royal. Silva goes for a pin, but Randy kicks out. Royal fights back and delivers some chops to Silva in the corner. Silva fights out of the corner and delivers some chops of his own. He throws Royal into the opposite corner and runs in with a clothesline. Silva charges again but meets a boot to the face. Royal then hits the Silva Surfer on Alex! Silva kicks out at 1. Silva comes back and teases delivering the Royal Treatment to Randy, but instead goes for the Silva Surfer. Royal ducks it, and goes for the Royal Treatment, but Silva reverses him into a Silva Surfer for the pin. WINNER and STILL OVW TV CHAMPION: SILVA by pinfall. MY TAKE: Silva continues to dominate against all opponents for his TV Title. He could have an interesting challenge coming up as you'll see next.

15-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal: Winner Receives TV Title Shot at Derby Park Expo 5 on Sunday, October 14. There is so much going on in these battle royals, it's hard to keep up. Here is the order of elimination: Sean Conway, Arik Kristopher, Stephon Smith, VIP, Ryan Howe, Tony Gunn, Nick Dumeyer, Elvis Pridemoore. It came down to Michael Hayes, Moose, Sam Shaw, Dylan Bostic, Joe Coleman, Eddie Diamond, & Raphael Constantine. Hayes was eliminated and as Moose was looking out to check on him, Coleman, Constantine, Bostic, & Diamond teamed up to flip Moose out. This left Shaw surrounded by these 4 guys, but Shaw fought out of it and Constantine, Diamond, and Coleman were eliminated. This left Bostic & Shaw. Bostic suplexed Shaw up on the top rope, and Bostic tried to suplex him off, but Shaw held his ground and dropped Bostic across the top rope. Shaw got down and dropkicked Bostic in the head to knock him off and out. WINNER: SAM SHAW. MY VIEW: Shaw's stock continues to rise and now he has gotten himself into title contention. What will happen when he meets Alex Silva in 8 days at Derby Park in a battle of GutCheck winners with the TV Title on the line?

After the match, Stephon Smith got in the ring and started dancing and talking about his swag. The Assassin came out and delivered a powerful clothesline to stop the swag.

SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH: Jason Wayne vs. Espy. Espy throws Wayne off his game early with his unorthodox style. Wayne tries to regroup outside, but Espy dives through the ropes and nails Wayne on the outside. He goes to throw him back in, but Wayne reverses and throws Espy into the steel ringpost. Wayne tells the ref to count, but Espy makes it back up. Wayne goes to grab him, but Espy flips in the ring and rolls Wayne up for a 2 count. Wayne regains control and works over Espy's arm. Espy tries to come back, but runs into a big boot from Wayne. Wayne does his choking pushups across the neck before breaking before the 5 count. Espy fights back again, hitting the butt bump in the corner before hitting the spinning kick off the ropes. Wayne kicks out. Espy goes up top, but Wayne catches him and delivers a shoulderbreaker. He grabs his ammo chain, but the ref takes it away. Espy recovers and tries to roll up Wayne, but Wayne rolls through and gets the pin with a handful of tights for the win. WINNER: WAYNE by pinfall. After the match, Espy makes his case to the ref, and then delivers a couple punches to Wayne and clotheslines him over the top rope. MY TAKE: Espy put up a good fight, but Wayne steals one. Is this the end between these two or has this war just begun?
The Wild Cards: Shiloh Jonze & "The Mexican Dream" Raul LaMotta vs. Doug Williams & "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Shiloh & Spade are in the ring to start off, when Williams runs in the ring and ambushes Spade from behind! This match is thrown out as Williams & the Wild Cards beat down Spade. Sam Shaw runs out with a chair to run them off and checks on Spade. Spade pushes him away and tells him thanks, but no thanks. He doesn't trust anyone anymore. NO CONTEST. MY TAKE: The Wild Cards had a trick up their sleeve and now Spade is looking to fly solo. Why did Williams align with the Wild Cards?

FEMME FATALE MATCH: (If Josie wins, she will get a future Women's Title shot) Josie vs. Heidi Lovelace. Josie grabs a mic and says she has a lot to do, so she is ready to get this over with and beat Heidi. Heidi with a couple quick armdrags. Heidi hits a spinning hurancanrana. She tries a second time, but Josie powerbombs her. Heidi comes back and goes for a spinning kick to the head, but Josie ducks it and rolls her up for 2, before Heidi rolls through and gets 2, and Josie rolls through with a bridge to get the 3! Heidi is shocked and Josie is excited about her opportunity to become an 8-time Women's Champion. WINNER: JOSIE by pinfall. MY TAKE: Josie is already in the record books for her 7 previous title reigns, can she pad her record and make it 8?

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: The Best Team Ever: Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. The Mobile Homers: Adam Revolver & "Manbeast" Ted McNaler (w/Brittany Devore). The Mobile Homers tag in and out quick early working over the arm of Godderz, before dropping Godderz on his head. Godderz goes to tag Rudy and misses 3 times. Rudy finally tags in and runs in to a drop toehold. Jessie runs back in, but the Mobile Homers take them both out of the ring. Jessie grabs the "White Lightning" away from Brittany, but before he can take a drink, Rudy snatches it away. They argue over the drink until Ted & Adam knock them into the railing with baseball slides. Jessie makes it back in and takes control on Adam. He tags in Rudy, but Rudy wasn't ready and Adam flips Rudy in. Adam tags in Ted. BTE regain advantage before arguing again. BTE sets up for their finisher, but Ted gets back in and throws Rudy into Jessie. Rudy turns and pushes Ted out of the ring. Jessie turns and sees Rudy and asks what he was doing. Jessie pushes Rudy out of the ring. Adam rolls up Godderz, but no pin. The Mobile Homers go for the "Double Wide", but Rudy is back up and trips Ted and pulls him out of the ring. Adam is distracted allowing Godderz to roll him up with his feet on the ropes and Rudy helping hold them on the ropes for the pin. WINNERS and STILL OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: BEST TEAM EVER by pinfall. MY TAKE: The Best Team Ever are still on different chapters, but they did enough to escape as champions again tonight. Who will be the next to battle them for the gold?

STEEL CAGE GRUDGE MATCH: Cliff Compton vs. Chris Silvio (w/Mo Green). Cliff tries to escape early, but Silvio hits the ropes and Cliff falls and racks himself across the top rope. He goes to throw Cliff into the cage, but Cliff reverses and Silvio goes head first into the steel. Cliff does this a second time, and then starts whipping him with his belt. He goes for a pin, but Silvio kicks out at 2. He flings Silvio into two corners and then hits a double underhook suplex. Only a 2 count again. Cliff then hits a big vertical suplex, but only gets 2 again. Cliff pulls on the cage door as Mo yells at him and asks what he is doing. Cliff puts Silvio in a sleeper hold. Silvio works his way back up and rams Cliff into the corner. He hits a german suplex for 2. Cliff back up first and clotheslines Silvio. He then grabs him and repeatedly bashes his head into the cage. With Silvio down, Cliff takes off the top turnbuckle in one corner. He goes back to Silvio and delivers some shots to his head, throws him head first into the cage again, and then grates his face across the steel. Cliff with a couple knee drops across the back of Silvio's head. Cliff throws Silvio off the ropes, but Silvio reverses and rolls him up in a one leg boston crab. Cliff breaks free as Silvio appears to pass out from the head shots. Cliff yells at the ref to ring the bell saying Silvio is dead, but the ref refuses. He goes to throw Silvio into the exposed turnbuckle, but Silvio blocks it 3 times and bounces Cliff's head off the exposed steel. He then throws Cliff into the cage and uses Cliff's belt against him. He goes for a jumping backward diamond cutter off the ropes, but nails referee Chris Sharpe instead. Silvio throws Cliff into the cage and rolls him up, but Sharpe is dead. Silvio then hits the diamond cutter off the ropes on Cliff, but there's still no ref. As Silvio tries to revive him, Cliff low blows him from behind. Cliff tries to escape over the cage, but Silvio gets back up and catches him as they fight at the top of the cage. Cliff headbutts him off and Silvio crashes to the mat. Cliff gets up on the top of the cage and does a death-defying dive from over 15 feet in the air, but crashes and burns. Silvio crawls over and Sharpe has enough life back to make the 1-2-3. WINNER: SILVIO by pinfall. MY TAKE: Silvio & Cliff put everything on the line tonight and although Silvio walked away with the win and some revenge, you have to give Cliff credit for pulling out all the stops and putting on a show for the fans.

This SNS was a good show all in all. Compton's breathtaking dive was amazing to watch live. OVW's momentum continues with the OVW Heavyweight Title on the line between Crimson & Rob Terry this Wednesday for the TV taping, plus Alex Silva meets Sam Shaw in a GutCheck challenge for the TV Title at Expo 5 on Sunday, October 14. My new Top 20 will be up Monday night. As always, thanks for reading, and as my friend the OVW Fan Advocate Terry Boddie would say, we'll see YOU at the shows!