OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, October 18, 2012

OVW TV #687: "Uh-Oh!"

Tonight at the Davis Arena, we had a huge 8-man tag match. Could Johnny Spade put his trust issues aside? In Femme Fatale action, Josette & Taeler Hendrix were forced to team up. Michael Hayes made a shocking announcement. Alex Silva defended the Television Title. Plus, there were some surprise returns!

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Match: 

"Party" Marty Scurll & Rockstar Spud b. Eddie Diamond & Raphael Constantine (w/Timmy Danger). This was the OVW debut for Scurll & Spud who are both billed from England. It was clear from the get-go that neither man wanted to team with one another. This match went back and forth, but toward the end, Spud was in the ring with Diamond and Scurll wanted to be tagged in. Spud flipped him off and hit a neckbreaker for the pin. After the match, Scurll argued with Spud, and Spud spit in his face and ran out. MY TAKE: An interesting way to kick off the night. Constantine finally had an opponent his own size in Spud. 

That was tonight's only pre-show dark match. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

Doug Williams, The Wild Cards, & Crimson vs. Rob Terry, Sam Shaw, Johnny Spade, & Alex Silva. As soon as the bell rung, this match was chaos. All 8 men were fighting all over the place. Finally, there was some order. Spade took the brunt of the punishment for most of the match as Crimson's Army stayed fresh tagging in and out and keeping Spade on their side of the ring. Spade finally fell into his corner where Silva tagged in and was on fire. Silva hit the Silva Surfer on Shiloh and went for the pin, but Williams, LaMotta, & Crimson ran in to break it up. This brought in Terry, Shaw, & Spade, and it was chaos again. In the middle of the brawling, Crimson smacked Spade in the back and rolled out of the ring giving the impression that it was Silva who did it when Spade turned around. Spade gave him a Spade Kick. He said screw everybody and walked out. Shiloh went for the pin, but Silva managed to kick out. Silva fought back as Terry & Crimson fought out the side door, Spade came back and fought with Williams to the back, and Shaw was brawling with LaMotta on the outside. Silva set up for another Silva Surfer when Cliff Compton ran out and pulled Silva's head down across the top rope, and Shiloh rolled him up with a handful of tights for the pin. WINNERS: WILD CARDS, CRIMSON, & WILLIAMS by pinfall. MY TAKE: All kinds of craziness during this contest. Spade's trust issues continue due to Crimson's mind games, Compton gets the best of Silva, and Crimson & Terry continue to fight right out the door. 

Silva grabbed a mic and asked if everyone saw that. He calls out Compton and tells him to quit being a coward and face him like a man. Cliff comes out and says he doesn't know what he's talking about and it's all a case of mistaken identity. He says you don't call out the great Cliff Compton, he's a former WWE Superstar. Silva says whatever, he's the first ever GutCheck winner. Silva then says he wants Cliff in the ring right now and he'll do anything. Cliff says anything? He said how about Silva puts the title on the line tonight. Silva agrees and tells Cliff to get in the ring, but Cliff says to slow down, they'll have their time later.

Elvis Pridemoore (w/Bobbi Bardot & The Joker) b. Jeremiah Plunkett. Plunkett controlled most of the match until Elvis fought back late with a couple shots and his inverted stunner to get the win. MY TAKE: A repeat of a match from last week. Nothing really noteworthy here. 

Next thing we hear is Jason Wayne yelling at somebody, and he comes out of the curtain throwing "Chris" around. He says "Chris" disgusts him and will find out if "Chris" is a man or a woman tonight. He demands "Chris" get in the ring and yells at "Chris" to tell him what gender "Chris" is. "Chris" begs to be left alone, but Wayne tells "Chris" to give him pushups. Wayne says "Chris" doesn't look strong enough to be a man after somewhat doing 3 pushups. He then makes "Chris" shine his shoes with "Chris" shirt. He corners "Chris" and says no one can save "Chris" since "Chris" friend Espy isn't here. All of a sudden, Paredyse makes his surprise return and lays a couple shots into Wayne including a backhanded slap that sends Wayne running for the hills.

We see Trailer Park Trash back in his office welcoming newcomers Rockstar Spud and "Party" Marty Scurll when Josette walks in and says she is done helping Trash because she has a title match soon and when she is defending her title, will not have time for running errands. Taeler Hendrix walks in and says she still deserves a title shot, because she never got a rematch after losing the belt. Josette & Taeler start arguing over who gets the next shot, and Trash yells at them to shut up. He says this is why he's not married. He said they both have valid points, but he has a solution. At the next Saturday Night Special, there will be a 3-way for the Women's Title between Taeler, Josette, & Heidi Lovelace. He said they will also tag tonight, and if one of them gets the pin, they will become sole #1 contender. They leave the office, and Josette gets on her phone and tells the person on the other end that she can't take this any longer and she needs them to come in and take out the "Trash" now.

We then get another edition of the "Mixtape" starring Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger. Their "Suckah of the Week" is Alex Silva for calling Cliff Compton out for a match after a "100 foot" drop from the top of a cage. 

Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic) & Josette Bynum vs. The Blossom Twins. A surprise return from Hannah & Holly really excited the crowd. Most of the match was spent with Josette & Taeler arguing which allowed the Blossoms to take the upper hand. Taeler was knocked to the outside after an argument with Josette, and then the Blossoms hit a double team finisher where one of them jumped on the other's shoulders and hit a splash on Josette for the win. WINNERS: BLOSSOMS by pinfall. MY TAKE: It was nice to see Hannah & Holly back in action in the Davis Arena. Heidi now has an even tougher task at the next SNS by defending her title against both Josette & Taeler.

In the back, Jessie & Rudy are arguing over which tights to wear when Dylan Bostic walks up. He says he bets he can get any partner and be a better team than they are. Jessie & Rudy tell him that he can go find whoever and they will put the titles on the line against them next week and win.
Next, we had Michael Hayes & Moose enter the ring in street clothes. Michael first said he's been through many battles and wanted to tell Moose that they started on opposite sides of the ring, but then fought side-by-side and went after the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles, and wanted to thank him for being a partner and a friend. Michael then discussed how 6 years ago, the explosion he was in gave him a second chance. He said all he wanted to do was become a professional wrestler. He said it's an outlet for him to take out his aggression. He said unfortunately, it's taken quite a toll on his body. He said some of his scars have busted open and are getting worse every time he steps in the ring. He said he has talked to a surgeon and will have to step away from the ring to heal up. He wanted to come out and tell everyone that he's being real with us and has no idea when or if he can step back into the ring. He wanted to thank everyone and said that even if he's not in the ring, his spirit and energy will still be in the Davis Arena. He got a standing ovation from the fans as chants of "Thank You Mike" and "USA" broke out.
SIDE NOTE: This is one of the most genuine, nicest guys you will ever meet. It wasn't hard to tell that this was very tough for Michael, who has always loved wrestling. He will be in our prayers and I hope that there's a possibility of him healing and being able to return to OVW in some capacity, even if it's not wrestling. Thank you for both your service to this country and your hard work in OVW to entertain us on a weekly basis.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Cliff Compton vs. Alex Silva (c). Silva starts out getting the better of Cliff, but Cliff takes advantage. Cliff works over Silva for a little bit, until Silva starts to fight back. Silva sets up for the Silva Surfer in the corner with Cliff down on the mat. As Cliff is returning to his feet, he digs in his pocket and pulls out a chain. As Silva charges at him for the Silva Surfer, Cliff turns and nails him with a shot to the head with his chain-wrapped fist. 1-2-3! WINNER and NEW OVW TELEVISION CHAMPION: COMPTON by pinfall. MY TAKE: Compton's cowardly and underhanded tactics have now made him the 7th Triple Crown Champion in OVW history having held the OVW Heavyweight Title and 1/2 of the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles previously. He joins an exclusive list of only 6 other men to accomplish this feat. Will he meet up with Silva again before all is said and done? 

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

As intermission was wrapping up, Rockstar Spud & Marty Scurll were pushing each other and arguing through the curtain and out to the ring. This led to an "assassination" as both men were taken out by The Assassin and his powerful clothesline.

Jack Black (w/Jason Wayne) b. Tony Gunn. Wayne finally saw my sign tonight that had him pictured in a dress with a rainbow over his head and said he was part of the "Wayne-bow" Coalition. Needless to say, he didn't like it. Black dominated most of this contest with his strength and power advantage. Gunn fought back midway through and attempted his airplane spin, but Black was too much for him to get up. Later on, he went for a roll up, but Black just sat on him and got the 3. MY TAKE: Black gets BS 2.0 back on the winning track after a bad week last week.

Nick Dumeyer b. "Mr. VIP" Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio). VIP talked about how he flies in from Las Vegas to this hick town every week and says that Dumeyer, who he calls Elmer Frickin' Fudd, will finally get to experience the "VIP Treatment". Dumeyer with some early offense, but Rosa takes control and works him over until he starts to come back. Del Barrio interferes and is thrown out. As Rosa is distracted, Dumeyer is able to finish him off and get the pin. MY TAKE: A surprising win to many fans by Dumeyer. I like Rosa's look and the addition of Del Barrio as his manager/bodyguard. Definite potential for their pairing.

The Mobile Homers b. The Best Team Ever. Ted & Adam were both drunk as skunks again and Brittany was as well, but they were able to outlast the arguing Rudy & Jessie. In the end, after an argument by Jessie & Rudy, Ted & Adam were able to knock Jessie out of the ring and hit the Double Wide on Rudy for the pin. MY TAKE: The Best Team Ever had some nice new tights, but can they win when it counts? Next week, their relationship and titles are on the line when they meet Dylan Bostic and a mystery partner. 

Don't forget to watch the episode online starting tomorrow. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. As always, thanks for reading!