OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Monday, October 1, 2012

OVWmania Presents: OVW Top 20 (Ed. 21)

This is the OVW Top 20 for the week of September 25-October 1, 2012 exclusively on OVWmania. SNS is around the corner, so we are sure to have a lot of movement next week. But what about this week? Where does the OVW roster stand at this moment?

#1) CRIMSON (Last Week: #1)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Heavyweight Champion

LAST MATCH: Defeated Sam Shaw.

*Crimson is bruised and battered after a brawl with Rob Terry in which Terry took out his bad knee. Now all the superstars and fans are left wondering what condition he is in and if he will be able to defend the OVW Heavyweight Title at SNS.
#2) ROB TERRY (Last Week: #2)

LAST MATCH: With Johnny Spade, defeated Rocco Bellagio & Jason Wayne of BS 2.0.

*Big Rob finally got his hands on Crimson, and the angry giant wants his title back. However, not only did he disobey Trailer Park Trash's orders, but did he put Crimson on the disabled list and miss out on his opportunity to reclaim it?

#3) "SMOOTH" JOHNNY SPADE (Last Week: #3)

LAST MATCH: With Rob Terry, defeated Rocco Bellagio & Jason Wayne of BS 2.0.

*Spade continues to search for the Wild Cards who are making the Smooth One continually look over his shoulder to make sure they aren't trying another sneak attack. If Spade meets up with them face-to-face, who will have the winning hand?
#4) ALEX SILVA (Last Week: #4)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Television Champion

LAST MATCH: Defeated Joe Coleman.

*Silva successfully defends the TV Title again this week over the always confident "Jacked Knight", and does so with a tweaked knee/ankle. The sky is the limit for the first ever GutCheck winner.

#5) HEIDI LOVELACE (Last Week: #7)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Women's Champion

LAST MATCH: Defeated Epiphany.

*Another "big" win this week for Heidi as she takes down Epiphany. Can anyone stop the momentum of the Women's Champ?

#6) THE BEST TEAM EVER: Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz (Last Week: #5)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Southern Tag Team Champions

LAST MATCH: Godderz lost to the Mobile Homers' Ted McNaler.

*The Best Team Ever can't agree on anything and it is hurting them inside the ring. Can they regain focus and steer their ship through the rocky sailing they have had lately?

#7) THE MOBILE HOMERS: Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (Last Week: #9)

LAST MATCH: Revolver defeated Jeremiah Plunkett; McNaler defeated Jessie Godderz.

*Ted & Adam continue their climb as they head toward their goal of becoming the next OVW Southern Tag Team Champions. Can the "White Lightning" help strike down the Best Team Ever?

#8) JASON WAYNE (Last Week: #8)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Elvis Pridemoore; With Rocco Bellagio, lost to Rob Terry & Johnny Spade.

*Wayne has been on a warpath and decided to beat the respect he feels he deserves out of his opponents. It seems as if his latest comments were directed at Brandon Espinosa. Will he try and beat the respect out of him also?

#9) MOOSE & MICHAEL HAYES (Last Week: #6)

LAST MATCH: Moose lost to Cliff Compton.

*Moose & Michael have great chemistry as a team, but didn't get to showcase it last week. Will they be able to get back in the title picture after the Mobile Homers and the Best Team Ever face off?

#10) CHRIS SILVIO (Last Week: #10)

LAST MATCH: Eliminated himself from the Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

*Silvio was recovering from a concussion given to him by Cliff Compton last week, but what will happen when they finally settle their feud once and for all at SNS? It won't be a wrestling match, it will be war!

#11) CLIFF COMPTON (Last Week: #14)

LAST MATCH: Defeated James "Moose" Thomas.

*Cliff works his way back up after a "huge" win over the Moose. Does he have the advantage physically and mentally over the injured Chris Silvio heading into the next SNS?

#12) DOUG WILLIAMS (Last Week: #16)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Tony Gunn.

*The wrestling purist is showing OVW trainees and his opponents how to get things done in the ring. Tony Gunn was the latest to experience Chaos Theory, and Williams will continue to do that to anyone in his way.

#13) THE WILD CARDS: Shiloh Jonze & "Rudo" Raul LaMotta (Last Week: #13)

LAST MATCH: Both were eliminated from the Nightmare Rumble at SNS.

*The Wild Cards are loving the attention they are getting as Crimson's cronies. They can strike at any time as Johnny Spade can attest to. Will they end up in the ring with the Smooth One to settle their issues?

#14) ROCCO BELLAGIO (Last Week: #11)

LAST MATCH: With Jason Wayne, lost to the team of Johnny Spade & Rob Terry.

*The BS 2.0 big man is always a big threat. Can the "Leg Breaker" get back on the winning track this week?

#15) EPIPHANY (Last Week: #12)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Heidi Lovelace.

*Epiphany hits a bump in the road after a loss to the Women's Champion. Can she return to form when she gets back in the ring?

#16) SAM SHAW (Last Week: #19)

LAST MATCH: Defeated "Bodyguy" Max Wolfgang.

*Shaw made quick work of his opponent last week and proves why TNA decided to give him a contract following his GutCheck. It will be fun to watch this superstar climb the ranks of OVW and eventually IMPACT.

#17) TAELER HENDRIX (Last Week: #15)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Jessie Belle.

*The former champion continues to struggle since losing her title a few weeks ago. What will it take to get the first and only female GutCheck winner back in the win column?

#18) JOE COLEMAN (Last Week: #17)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Alex Silva.

*Coleman is ready for any opponent or fan. Even if he's not competing in the ring, he's not afraid to let anyone at ringside know what he thinks. After failing to capture the TV Title, what's next for the "Tan Lantern"?

#19) JESSIE BELLE (Last Week: NR)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Taeler Hendrix.

*Jessie Belle is the latest Femme Fatale to defeat the former Women's Champion Taeler Hendrix. A win like that could put her back on course for a future title shot against current champion, Heidi Lovelace.

#20) DYLAN BOSTIC (Last Week: NR)

LAST MATCH: vs. Eddie Diamond was thrown out after interference by Rob Terry.

*It appears Dylan's shoulder is healed as he made his return to the ring last week. He definitely has the swagger, but can he start racking up wins again and especially with Taeler Hendrix yelling at him?

-Fabiano Rolento
*After holding on to the #20 spot last week, Fabiano was nowhere to be found and slides off the rankings this week.

-Tony Gunn
*Tony made a great showing this week but was ousted by the wily veteran, Doug Williams.

-Brandon Espinosa
*Espy was inactive this week, but he is willing to stand up to Jason Wayne's constant displays of disrespect.

*Randy Royal     *Ryan Howe     *Jack Black     *The Assassin     *Jeremiah Plunkett

*Mohamad Ali Vaez     *Jamin Olivencia     *Randy Terrez

***Special thanks to "Mr. SC" for his input/votes on the Top 20***