OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OVW TV #688: "4 Men, 1 Heavyweight Title"

Tonight at the Davis Arena, the Best Team Ever faced Dylan Bostic and a partner of his choosing, Alex Silva & Cliff Compton went head-to-head with the TV Title on the line, Espy planned a party for Paredyse, and in the main event, there was a fatal 4-way with OVW Heavyweight Title implications. Plus, Spike TV was there doing some filming, and King Mo was in attendance in the audience.

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Match: 

The Mobile Homers & Ryan Howe (w/Brittany Devore) b. Ace Hawkins, Jeremiah Plunkett, & Raphael Constantine. Early on, the Mobile Homers and Howe kept Constantine in their corner as they worked him over and took some swigs of rocket fuel in between. Constantine finally tagged in Ace, but the results weren't much better for him either. He eventually tagged in Plunkett who was able to finally get the upper hand for his team. They worked over Howe for a little bit, before Ace let him get away to make a tag into a fresh Adam Revolver. Adam came in and cleaned house, but had a pinfall broken up by Plunkett & Constantine. Howe & McNaler got in and McNaler threw Constantine to the outside as Howe and Plunkett fought to the outside. Adam set Ace up and together with Ted hit the Double Wide for the pin. MY TAKE: The Mobile Homers "taste" victory again as does Howe after some rocket fuel takes them to the top. 

That was tonight's only pre-show dark match. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

Here is a shot of King Mo in attendance at tonight's taping, sitting with the fans and watching the show:

Crimson comes out to start the show and says that everyone saw what happened last week during his match. "Robert Terry" fought him out the door, in the parking lot, and on OVW property. He says this is why Trailer Park Trash needs to be removed as Director of Operations. It's not a safe environment, and if the officials hadn't showed up when they did, he would have hurt Terry. Doug Williams wanders into the ring, looking over his shoulder, and asks Crimson if he has seen Johnny Spade. Crimson says he hasn't, and it's Williams' problem to deal with. Rob Terry comes out from backstage with Trash and 3 officials trying to hold him back. Terry gets in the ring with Trash and the officials holding him back. Crimson asks Williams to help him out, but now the tables are turned and Williams tells him that Terry is his problem. Williams exits the ring, but Johnny Spade comes out and starts brawling with him. Terry breaks loose inside and starts brawling with Crimson. Trash and the officials are trying to break them all up as he yells at them to stop. He says since all of them want to fight so bad, there will be a fatal 4-way tonight. Crimson asks what's in it for him. Trash says if he wins, he doesn't have to defend the OVW Heavyweight Title at SNS, but for Spade, Williams, and Terry, if any of them pin Crimson, they will get a shot at the title on November 3 at SNS.

Backstage, the Best Team Ever walk up to Dylan Bostic and ask who his partner will be, but he says he can't tell them. They mess with him and tell him it can't be Taeler Hendrix, because it's not a mixed tag match. Dylan walks out as Rudy asks Jessie who he thinks it will be. Jessie says it doesn't matter, because they are the Best Team Ever.

Stephon "Swag" Smith vs. James "Moose" Thomas. Moose grabs a mic and says it was weird to not have his brother in battle with him tonight, but he's back to singles competition. He said he did talk to Michael Hayes who had a few doctor's appointments today and Michael told him to go out, look his opponent in the eyes, and let them know he was going to beat the holy crap out of them. He did. Swag tried to charge Moose twice, but didn't budge him. The third time, Moose laid him out. He hit a couple splashes in the corner and finished it up with a big boot that almost knocked Swag's head clear off his shoulders for the 1-2-3. WINNER: MOOSE by pinfall. MY TAKE: Moose let it be known that he will carry Michael's spirit into battle and is now looking to become a triple crown champion for a second time as he looks for any gold he can get his hands on.

Backstage, the Wild Cards walk up on Alex Silva and ask how he gets a title shot tonight against Cliff Compton. Silva says he gets his rematch and they better keep their nose out of his business or "UH-OH!". They look at each other and Raul asks what that even means.
We then see Terry Boddie interviewing Espy. Espy says he was out last week, but was glad Paredyse returned to help his friend Chris. He then told Boddie not to say anything, but he was planning a party for Paredyse tonight. Paredyse walks up and asks what they are talking about, and Espy says they were talking about him. Paredyse asks if it was sweet things, and Espy says yes.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Alex Silva vs. Cliff Compton (c). As Cliff poses on the top rope, Silva grabs him and slams him down and this match is underway. Silva with the bulk of the offense as he hits an array of hard-hitting moves, but can't put Cliff away. He goes for the Silva Surfer, but Cliff avoids it as Silva crashes to the mat. Cliff takes control and puts Silva in a sleeper hold. Silva fights out and the two exchange blows. Cliff goes for the chain in his boot, but Silva sees it and knocks it out of his hand. He grabs it and swings it around as Cliff tries to escape, but the Wild Cards run out and attack Silva causing a disqualification. WINNER: SILVA by DQ. The Wild Cards continue to attack Silva until Sam Shaw runs out and chases them off. Silva thanks Shaw and they shake hands. MY TAKE: It appears as if the Wild Cards may have a meeting in the near future with "Team GutCheck".

The Best Team Ever vs. Dylan Bostic & ? (NON-TITLE MATCH). The Best Team Ever enter first, followed by Bostic. The Mixtape appears on the screen with Eddie Diamond and Timmy Danger. They say Josette is definitely not the Suckah of the Week as they show some nice pictures. Diamond says to show the video of Josette in action, but a video appears of Diamond in a towel in the bathroom singing Taylor Swift's "Never Ever Getting Back Together" in the mirror. He has them cut it off, and says that this week there are Co-Suckahs of the Week, the Best Team Ever. He says one of them should have stayed on reality TV, and the other should have stayed in Los Locos. So, E.F.D. is Bostic's partner. Bostic takes the early advantage as he works over Rudy's arm. He tags in Diamond, but Rudy is able to break free and bring in Jessie. The Best Team Ever work over Diamond and control most of the match. In the end, Bostic tries to get in, but Rudy throws him to the outside. Jessie & Rudy argue again as Jessie tells him to go up top. Danger grabs Rudy's foot as Diamond tries to roll up Jessie, but only gets a 2. Jessie stomps him and tells Rudy to try again. Diamond gets back up and dropkicks Jessie into Rudy, knocking him down across the top turnbuckle, and Diamond hits an inverted DDT on Jessie for the pin! WINNERS: DIAMOND & BOSTIC by pinfall. MY TAKE: Here we go again with the Best Team Ever. Plus, they have given a shot of confidence to Bostic & Diamond who have to be considered for a future title shot after defeating the champions.

Up next, Espy comes out with Chris and the 3 ladies who have most recently been accompanying Elvis to the ring (they were dressed up as zombie cheerleaders). He tells Chris that he hopes Chris understands why he couldn't be here last week. He then says it's time to bring out the man who returned and saved Chris last week, Paredyse. Paredyse runs out with a Hello Kitty backpack and says he enjoyed being in "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" on Broadway, but is glad to be back in Louisville, and it's time to party. They start dancing to "It's Raining Men" until Jason Wayne makes his way out. Of course, this display disgusts him and it's people like Espy & Paredyse that make him sick and could have never served with him. He is ready for war to rid OVW of this nonsense and says he always has backup. With Espy & Paredyse's attention diverted, Jack Black & Joe Coleman run out and attack them from behind. Wayne says this is war and he always has an "army" to back him up. The former "Bolin Services 2.0" group now appear to be "Wayne's Army".

Backstage, Josette is walking out of the restroom with Trash's coffee when she comes up to Heidi Lovelace. She tell her to shine the belt up nice, because it will be her's after SNS. Heidi says last time they fought was luck. Taeler walks up and starts arguing, as Heidi shoves her up against a wall. Josette starts laughing at Taeler, and offers her a drink of the coffee. Taeler spits it out and the two start fighting as Trash comes out of his office and has to break them up.
FATAL 4-WAY: Doug Williams vs. Johnny Spade vs. Rob Terry vs. Crimson. As you would expect, Spade went right after Williams, and Terry went after Crimson to start out. Spade & Williams fought a lot on the outside, thought there were times they tried going for pins on the inside. After a lot of battling, Williams went for Chaos Theory on Crimson, but as he was rolling through, Spade super kicked him in the back of the head as he completed the Chaos Theory on Crimson. Crimson got back up and took Spade out, before turning around into the spinning roundhouse kick from Terry for the pin. WINNER: TERRY by pinfall. MY TAKE: Big Rob will get another opportunity to take the OVW Heavyweight Title away from Crimson at the next SNS. Can he reclaim the gold, or will Crimson weasel his way out of anther one?

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Sam Shaw b. Tony Gunn (w/Ralphie). Gunn got in most of the offense early. He went for the airplane spin, but after a couple rotations, Shaw was able to reverse it into a rollup for a 2. Shaw came back and hit a dropkick followed by a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. He then went up and finished him off with his flying cannonball leg drop for the pin. MY TAKE: Sam Shaw keeps flying high, and it looks like he is prepared to go into battle with his fellow GutCheck winner, Alex Silva, against the Wild Cards.

Elvis Pridemoore (w/Bobbi Bardot & Cinnamon Twist) b. The Bodyguy. Bodyguy was glad Elvis brought him some ladies out so that they could see his beautiful body. He takes off his robe as the ladies all laugh at him. He turns around and Elvis kicks him in the gut and hits a stunner for the 3 and this one is over quick. MY TAKE: Elvis has started a small winning streak. Can he keep it up?

Heidi Lovelace, Hannah & Holly Blossom, and Jessie Belle b. Killa Kaila, Taeler Hendrix, Josette Bynum, & Epiphany. Before the match starts, the Assassin's music hits and the ladies scatter. The Assassin takes out Austin, one of the OVW trainees that was working as a cameraman. He leaves his calling card as the ladies get back in the ring. A lot of tags in and out from both teams. Holly takes most of the abuse in this match, until she gets a hot tag to Heidi. Heidi comes in on fire and puts Kaila in a submission move. Epiphany comes in and breaks it up. This brings in all the ladies as they all fight around the ring. Heidi is able to take Kaila back down and put her back in the submission for a tapout victory. MY TAKE: Heidi adds another move to her arsenal before she meets Taeler Hendrix & Josette Bynum in a triple threat at SNS. A nice win for her with Jessie Belle & the Blossoms. 

Don't forget to watch the episode online starting tomorrow. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. As always, thanks for reading!