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OVW Champions

Monday, October 22, 2012

OVWmania Presents: OVW Top 20 (Ed. 24)

This is the OVW Top 20 for the week of October 16-22, 2012 exclusively on OVWmania. What did a title change and surprise returns do to the rankings this week?

#1) CRIMSON (Last Week: #1)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Heavyweight Champion

LAST MATCH: Defeated Rob Terry, Johnny Spade, Sam Shaw, & Alex Silva in an 8-man tag with Doug Williams & the Wild Cards.

*Crimson continues to stand strong as the OVW Heavyweight Champion and remains in the top spot of this week's Top 20 thanks in part to his army of lackeys. How long will he continue to weasel his way around OVW before it comes back to bite him?

#2) ROB TERRY (Last Week: #3)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Crimson, the Wild Cards, & Doug Williams in an 8-man tag with Johnny Spade, Sam Shaw, & Alex Silva.

*The big man's patience is wearing thin as he awaits another opportunity to get his hands on Crimson and a shot at the OVW Heavyweight Title. When will the Welsh Colossus get another shot?

#3) JASON WAYNE (Last Week: #4)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Espy at SNS.

*The leader of the "Wayne-bow Coalition" is always a threat, but has he bitten off more than he can chew with the return of the flamboyant Paredyse? It looks like he will be going to war with a Mascara Mafia.
#4) "SMOOTH" JOHNNY SPADE (Last Week: #6)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Crimson, the Wild Cards, & Doug Williams in an 8-man tag with Rob Terry, Sam Shaw, & Alex Silva.

*Spade is always a contender despite his recent trust issues, which caused him to mistakenly super kick Alex Silva in the jaw last week. Spade has made it clear he is currently in business for himself and wants to take his aggression out on Doug Williams' face.
#5) SAM SHAW (Last Week: #10)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Crimson, the Wild Cards, & Doug Williams in an 8-man tag with Rob Terry, Johnny Spade, & Alex Silva.

*The most recent GutCheck winner continues to climb the ranks of OVW and is engaged in battle against Crimson's Army. It is clear he is not a fan of their actions which echoes the feelings of Rob Terry and the fans.

#6) CLIFF COMPTON (Last Week: #14)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Television Champion

LAST MATCH: Defeated Alex Silva to become new OVW Television Champion.

*Cliff caused a "chain-ge" at the top of this week's rankings after knocking Alex Silva out to become only the 7th Triple Crown Winner in OVW history having won all the major championships in the company.

#7) ALEX SILVA (Last Week: #2)

LAST WEEK: Lost to Crimson, the Wild Cards, & Doug Williams in an 8-man tag with Rob Terry, Johnny Spade, & Sam Shaw; Lost the OVW Television Title to Cliff Compton.

*Uh-Oh! 2 matches lost, 1 title lost, and a drop in this week's rankings. Not a good week at all for Alex, but we are sure that it will only make him hungrier and more focused on climbing back up the rankings and getting back into title contention.
#8) THE MOBILE HOMERS: Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (Last Week: #9)

LAST MATCH: Defeated the Best Team Ever.

*OVW's "Brew Crew" gets a big win over the Best Team Ever as they eye another shot at the tag team gold. They will have to sit back, wait, and watch as Rudy & Jessie defend against Dylan Bostic and a mystery partner this week.

#9) HEIDI LOVELACE (Last Week: #8)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Women's Champion

LAST MATCH: Defeated Taeler Hendrix & Lylah Lodge with Jessie Belle.

*Heidi knew she would be facing Josette for the title soon, but she had no idea that it would become a triple threat match with Taeler Hendrix at the next SNS. She will definitely have her hands full and will have to prove she's not a fluke champion like Taeler thinks she is.

#10) DOUG WILLIAMS (Last Week: #11)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Rob Terry, Johnny Spade, Sam Shaw, & Alex Silva in an 8-man tag with Crimson & the Wild Cards.

*OVW's "purist" has a black heart as proven with his alliance to Crimson. He may have gotten the better of Johnny Spade up to this point, but the Smooth One wants his revenge and Williams had better watch out.

#11) THE BEST TEAM EVER: Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz (Last Week: #5)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Southern Tag Team Champions

LAST MATCH: Lost to the Mobile Homers.

*After picking up a much needed win over the Mobile Homers at the last SNS, it appeared as if Rudy & Jessie were finally turning things around. A loss to the Mobile Homers and something as silly as a disagreement over which tights to wear says otherwise. Maybe a name change is needed, because right now this is not a "team" effort.

#12) THE WILD CARDS: Shiloh Jonze & "Mexican Dream" Raul LaMotta (Last Week: #13)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Rob Terry, Johnny Spade, Sam Shaw, & Alex Silva in an 8-man tag with Crimson & Doug Williams.

*Unlike the team above, Shiloh & Raul are currently clicking on all cylinders as Crimson's cronies. They are always dangerous and could pose a threat in the tag team division.

#13) CHRIS SILVIO (Last Week: #7)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Cliff Compton in a steel cage at SNS.

*The Psychedelic Superstar has been slowed by injuries, namely a concussion at the hands of Cliff Compton. When can we expect Team Tye-Dye to be back in the building?

#14) JAMES "MOOSE" THOMAS (Last Week: #12)

LAST MATCH: Eliminated from a battle royal at SNS.

*It was a tough week for Moose as he watched Michael Hayes address the fans at Davis Arena. Michael's injuries have caught up with him, and he will have to step away from the ring. Now without a man who became more than just a partner, but a friend, Moose will have to go at it alone. One thing's for sure, Moose will carry the spirit of Michael into battle each week.

#15) JOSETTE BYNUM (Last Week: #15)

LAST MATCH: Lost to the Blossom Twins with Taeler Hendrix.

*The former 7-time Women's Champ finally found out when she would get her title shot, but was surprised to find out it would be a triple threat with Taeler Hendrix & Heidi Lovelace at the next SNS. That surprise was followed up by a surprise return from the Blossoms who were able to get the pin against her in a tag match.

#16) MASCARA MAFIA (Last Week: #17)

LAST MATCH: Espy lost to Jason Wayne at SNS.

*After Jason Wayne decided to disrespect "Chris", the surprise return of Paredyse made Wayne run for the hills. Paredyse will look to "makeup" for lost time as the Mascara Mafia goes to war with the "Wayne-bow Coalition".

#17) ROCCO BELLAGIO (Last Week: #16)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Sam Shaw.

*The Leg Breaker took last week off, possibly to regroup after miscommunication and an error by Joe Coleman cost him his last match. When Big Rocco is on his game, he always makes a big impact.
#18) JACK BLACK (Last Week: NR)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Tony Gunn.

*The "Louisville Slugger" got back in the swing of things this week with a good win over Tony Gunn. Can he keep the momentum going?


LAST MATCH: Defeated Jeremiah Plunkett.

*Elvis had 2 "hits" over the last 2 weeks, defeating Jeremiah Plunkett in back-to-back performances. With the ladies by his side, can the Hillbilly Rapper continue to climb the charts?

#20) TAELER HENDRIX (Last Week: #20)

LAST MATCH: Lost to the Blossom Twins with Josette Bynum.

*Again, Taeler avoids falling off the Top 20 by getting herself back into the title picture. She will face off against Heidi Lovelace and the #1 contender Josette in a triple threat match at the next SNS. Will she become a 3-time champion?

-The Blossom Twins
*Picking up where they left off, Holly & Hannah return to OVW and get a big tag team victory. Can they keep it up?

-Joe Coleman
*The Jacked Knight jacked up Rocco's last match. For his own good, hopefully he will regroup.

-Dylan Bostic
*Dylan aggravated the Best Team Ever into giving him a shot at the tag titles this week. Can he make the most of the opportunity, and who will his partner be?

*Nick Dumeyer   *Rockstar Spud   *Tony Gunn   *Marty Scurll
*Epiphany   *Ryan Howe   *Randy Royal   *Jessie Belle

***Special Thanks to "Mr. SC" once again for his input/votes toward this week's list***