OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Monday, October 8, 2012

OVWmania Presents: OVW Top 20 (Ed. 22)

This is the OVW Top 20 for the week of October 2-8, 2012 exclusively on OVWmania. After last week's television and the huge SNS, where do the superstars rank on a week where the OVW Heavyweight Title will be defended on the next TV taping?

#1) CRIMSON (Last Week: #1)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Heavyweight Champion

LAST MATCH: Defeated Sam Shaw.

*Crimson faked the extent of his injury and was suspended, but when he returns, he will still have to defend the OVW Heavyweight Title against an angry monster in Big Rob Terry!
#2) ROB TERRY (Last Week: #2)

LAST WEEK: Defeated Jeremiah Plunkett on Wednesday.

*Big Rob should be fresh after being suspended as well and will be looking to reclaim the gold that Crimson holds. Can he beat the master of the mind games at the next TV taping?

#3) ALEX SILVA (Last Week: #4)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Television Champion

LAST WEEK: Defeated Jack Black Wednesday; defeated Randy Royal at SNS.

*The Television Champion is on a hot streak as he picks up 2 more big wins over quality competition this past week. As long as Silva holds on to the title at the next TV taping, his next challenge appears to be against another fellow GutCheck winner in Sam Shaw. Will the first ever winner prove why he belongs at the top?
#4) JASON WAYNE (Last Week: #8)

LAST WEEK: With Joe Coleman, Jessie Godderz, & Rocco Bellagio, lost to Moose, Michael Hayes, Johnny Spade, & Tony Gunn on Wednesday; Defeated Espy at SNS.

*The man who demands all eyes on the deck as he lays opponents out on the deck. Wayne's team may have lost last Wednesday, but he came away victorious with a big win over Espy at SNS. Will Wayne move on to other things or is this just the beginning of the "war" between him & Espy?
#5) CHRIS SILVIO (Last Week: #10)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Cliff Compton in a steel cage at SNS.

*The little big man stands tall after a ferocious battle with Cliff Compton at SNS. Silvio finally got his revenge, but will he still have any lasting effects from his concussion?

#6) THE BEST TEAM EVER: Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz (Last Week: #6)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Southern Tag Team Champions

LAST WEEK: Switchblade lost to Adam Revolver Wednesday; defeated the Mobile Homers at SNS.

*The Best Team Ever still didn't look like they had their chemistry in tact, but they won one when it mattered. Despite the turmoil they've gone through in recent weeks, is this a turning point for their team? Or did they do just enough to escape with the belts for now?

#7) "SMOOTH" JOHNNY SPADE (Last Week: #3)

LAST WEEK: With Moose, Michael Hayes, & Tony Gunn, defeated Joe Coleman, Jessie Godderz, Jason Wayne, & Rocco Bellagio Wednesday; No-Contest vs. the Wild Cards at SNS.

*Spade's ranking drops this week along with his trust after Doug Williams attacked him inexplicably from behind before their match got underway at SNS against the Wild Cards. Understandably, he is upset, but if it wasn't for a chair-wielding Sam Shaw, he may still be getting pummeled by Williams & the Wild Cards now.

#8) MOOSE & MICHAEL HAYES (Last Week: #9)

LAST WEEK: With Tony Gunn & Johnny Spade, defeated Jessie Godderz, Jason Wayne, Joe Coleman, & Rocco Bellagio Wednesday; both were eliminated from a battle royal at SNS.

*Moose & Michael leap back over the Mobile Homers in this week's Top 20, but does the OVW Board of Directors feel the same way? The Top 20 feels like Moose & Michael deserve another opportunity against the Best Team Ever for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles.
#9) HEIDI LOVELACE (Last Week: #5)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Women's Champion

LAST WEEK: Defeated Scarlett Bordeaux Wednesday; lost to Josette at SNS.

*Heidi's winning streak was derailed at SNS by the former 7-time Women's Champion Josette Bynum. She'll now be looking over her shoulder as Josette gears up to try and take her title away for reign #8.

#10) THE MOBILE HOMERS: Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (Last Week: #7)

LAST WEEK: Revolver defeated Rudy Switchblade; lost to the Best Team Ever at SNS.

*Ted & Adam's rocket fuel fizzled out at SNS as the Best Team Ever were able to escape still clinging to the tag titles. The Top 20 was hoping we could join in a celebration at the Mobile Home Park with some of Momma's BBQ and White Lightning, but we guess those plans are off for now.

#11) DOUG WILLIAMS (Last Week: #12)

LAST WEEK: Defeated Shiloh Jonze by DQ Wednesday; attacked Johnny Spade before their tag match at SNS.

*England's newest Benedict Arnold tricked Spade into tagging with him, only to attack him from behind with the Wild Cards. What are Williams' motives for doing this, and why did he align himself with Shiloh & Raul, the Wild Cards?

#12) SAM SHAW (Last Week: #16)

LAST WEEK: Defeated Elvis Pridemoore Wednesday; Won a 15-man battle royal at SNS.

*Shaw is an up and comer who continues to come on up the Top 20. He was very successful with 2 big wins last week, including a battle royal win that gives him a TV Title shot on Sunday, October 14 at Expo 5. Assuming Alex Silva is still the champion, will he have what it takes to uproot the first GutCheck winner and take the title in the process?

#13) CLIFF COMPTON (Last Week: #11)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Chris Silvio in a steel cage at SNS.

*Cliff falls back down in the rankings similar to the fall from the top of the cage at SNS. Like him or not, Cliff took a gutsy risk that didn't pay off, and for that he does deserve some credit. In a weird twist, Cliff might have lost but still proved that he is the ultimate showman.

#14) THE WILD CARDS: Shiloh Jonze & "Rudo" Raul LaMotta (Last Week: #13)

LAST WEEK: Shiloh lost to Doug Williams by DQ Wednesday; no-contest vs. Johnny Spade & Doug Williams at SNS.

*The Wild Cards had a trick up their sleeve and find strength in numbers after aligning with Doug Williams. Williams was thought to be at odds with their mentor, Crimson, but that is apparently not the case. What is their relationship with Williams?

#15) ROCCO BELLAGIO (Last Week: #14)

LAST MATCH: With Jason Wayne, Jessie Godderz, & Joe Coleman, lost to Johnny Spade, Moose, Tony Gunn, & Michael Hayes on Wednesday.

*The BS 2.0 big man always brings big fear to his opponents, but hasn't found the winning formula recently. Will the man from Jersey get it together next week?

#16) JOSETTE BYNUM (Last Week: NR)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Heidi Lovelace at SNS.

*After spending a majority of the last year in a battle for control of OVW, Josette returned to the ring at SNS and shocked Heidi with a defeat. The former 7-time Women's Champion brings instant credibility to the ring and is now looking to add title reign #8 to her resume.

#17) ESPY (Last Week: NR)

LAST WEEK: Defeated Dylan Bostic Wednesday; lost to Jason Wayne at SNS.

*Somewhere over the "rainbow", a challenge is waiting for the man known as Espy. Will he get another opportunity to teach Jason Wayne a lesson?

#18) EPIPHANY (Last Week: #15)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Heidi Lovelace.

*Epiphany was nowhere to be seen last week and it costs her to slip a few spots in the rankings. She will undoubtedly be keeping her eye on the Women's title situation between Heidi Lovelace & Josette Bynum.

#19) JOE COLEMAN (Last Week: #18)

LAST WEEK: With Jason Wayne, Jessie Godderz, & Rocco Bellagio, lost to Johnny Spade, Tony Gunn, Moose, & Michael Hayes Wednesday; eliminated from a battle royal at SNS.

*It wasn't a good week for the "Big Tan Machine", but a victory this week could equate to victory laps around the ring this week. We'll have to wait and see if the "Jacked Knight" can do it, or if he is still feeling the aftershocks of a stunner from Mickey McMichael.

#20) TAELER HENDRIX (Last Week: #17)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Scarlett Bordeaux Wednesday.

*The former champion has hit a lull. What will it take to shake off this recent losing streak? She better find out soon or she might fall off next week's Top 20!

-Tony Gunn
*Tony just missed out after an 8-man tag win last Wednesday.

-Ryan Howe
*OVW's resident rocker picked up a big win Wednesday over the powerful Onyxx and also just missed the cut this week.

-Dylan Bostic
*Dylan lasted to the final 2 in a 15-man battle royal and a win would've been huge, but a failed opportunity knocks him off this week's list.

*Randy Royal   *Jessie Belle   *Fabiano Rolento
*The Assassin   *Scarlett Bordeaux   *Onyxx

*Mohamad Ali Vaez     *Jamin Olivencia     *Randy Terrez

***Special thanks to "Mr. SC" for his input/votes on the Top 20***