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Thursday, October 4, 2012

OVW TV #685: "The Stage is Set"

Tonight at the Davis Arena, Trailer Park Trash put his foot down to get things back in order, Alex Silva defended the TV Title, the Mobile Homers clashed with the Best Team Ever, the reigning Women's Champion was in action, plus much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go... 

Pre-Show Dark Match: 
Rob Terry b. Jeremiah Plunkett. Plunkett actually took the early advantage after giving Terry a few shots and taking him down after cutting out his knee. Plunkett tried to put Terry in a sleeper, but Terry fought back. He threw Plunkett off through the air and Plunkett landed on his stomach. He got up to a roundhouse kick from Big Rob and this one was over. MY TAKE: Terry is ready to get his hands on Crimson and regain the OVW Heavyweight Championship.
That was tonight's only pre-show dark match. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at www.ovwrestling.com/tv.

Trailer Park Trash starts off the show coming to the ring with Josie trailing behind. He says he's sure all the fans are tired of the show being constantly interrupted and it should be about wrestling. He says that's why...but before he can continue he is interrupted by Chris Silvio. Silvio says he has never asked for anything before, but he wants Cliff Compton at SNS and he wants a match where he can't run. Trash says he was about to get to SNS before he was interrupted...but now Cliff Compton interrupts. He says he's not scared of Silvio and doesn't run from him or anyone. He said he was busy fighting a 20 minute match last week on TV against Moose and Silvio wasn't even in the building. Trash says that's why at SNS, Cliff Compton will face Chris Silvio in a...but now Rob Terry is chasing Crimson out to the ring. Crimson is hobbling with a crutch and a paper in his hand that he says is a restraining order against Terry. Terry grabs the mic and says he wants Crimson. Crimson says he has a restraining order and to get Rob back. Silvio grabs the mic and says he doesn't know what their deal is, but they can settle it later. Right now it's between him & Cliff. All 4 men continue to argue until Trash gets fed up and tells them he will settle everything in the back and tells them all to leave the ring.

Rob Terry is going after Crimson in the back as Trash tries to separate them. Trash tells him he can't do that, because Crimson has a restraining order. He says he has no other choice right now but to suspend Terry. Crimson smirks behind Trash's back, but Trash turns around and tells Crimson that if he finds out his injury is being faked, he'll get what's coming to him.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Heidi Lovelace. Before the match gets underway, the two shake hands. A little bit sloppy, but the two go back and forth with Scarlett having the advantage first before Heidi comes back and ends up picking up the win after hitting an enziguri. WINNER: HEIDI by pinfall. MY TAKE: Heidi has knocked off Taeler Hendrix, Jessie Belle, Epiphany, and now Scarlett Bordeaux. Is there anyone left in the Femme Fatale locker room that will step up and challenge the OVW Women's Champion?

In the back, we see Trash telling Josie that if he finds out Crimson is lying, he will not like what happens. We then see Crimson hobble down the back hallway and come up on Doug Williams. Crimson says something about being an old friend, and Williams says they are not friends.

Rudy Switchblade vs. Adam Revolver (w/Brittany Devore). A couple quick armdrags and pin attempts from Revolver until Rudy takes the advantage. Rudy has Adam draped over the second rope and runs and jumps on him putting all of his weight across the back of Revolver. While Rudy brags to the crowd, Adam takes a shot of rocket fuel. Rudy goes to jump on him again, but Adam moves and Rudy falls on the second rope. Adam hits some punches and a dropkick as Jessie Godderz makes his way out Jessie grabs the rocket fuel from Brittany and slams it down on the floor distracting Adam. Ted McNaler comes out and brawls with Godderz. Godderz tries to interfere and hit Adam with the belt but almost hits Rudy. Adam rolls Rudy up from behind and gets the pin. WINNER: REVOLVER by pinfall. MY VIEW: We will find out once and for all if the Best Team Ever can work together this Saturday at SNS. Could Adam & Ted become the next OVW Southern Tag Team Champions?

 In the back, Trash tells Cliff Compton that he called him in to inform him he would meet Chris Silvio in a cage match at SNS so that he couldn't run. Josie mentions that Heidi doesn't have an opponent yet, and Trash gives Josie the match. He says she hasn't been active in a while, but if she beats Heidi, she will get a future shot at the OVW Women's Title.

Dylan Bostic (w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Espy (w/Chris). The former Brandon Espinosa was announced as just Espy now. Espinosa with a couple armdrags and the early advantage. He hit a spinning kick and a reverse russian leg sweep, but couldn't put Bostic away. Jason Wayne came out and said he's seen enough of the rainbow parade a he tells Gilbert Corsey to put his eyes on the deck. Espy is distracted and Bostic tries to roll him up, but Espy kicks out. Espy comes back and hots another kick to the head of Bostic followed by another inverted russian leg sweep for the win. WINNER: ESPY by pinfall. After the match, Espy takes the mic out of Wayne's hand and tells Wayne that he is more man than him and if he has the balls, he'll fight him at SNS. MY TAKE: Espy has finally taken a stand against the arrogant disrespect that Wayne has been dishing out for the last several weeks. Can he give Wayne a taste of his own medicine at SNS?

In the back again, Josie is on the phone and says she really needs the person on the other end to come in and "take out the Trash". Johnny Spade walks by her and goes after the Wild Cards. He wants one or both of them in the ring. Doug Williams walks up and offers his assistance, but Spade doesn't know. He just wants the Wild Cards. Williams decides to meet Shiloh Jonze one-on-one later tonight. We then see Cliff Compton with Crimson's crutch swinging it around and acting like he is hitting a homerun. Crimson walks up and Trash catches him without his crutch. He suspends Crimson, too. He tells him that he has already sent Terry out, but next week on TV, Crimson will defend the OVW Heavyweight Title against Big Rob! Mo then runs up and grabs Trash and brings him to Silvio's locker room where he has been laid out. Cliff walks in and says that is unfortunate, he guesses it will just be him by himself in the ring at SNS.
OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Jack Black (w/Chris Bolin) vs. Alex Silva (c). Black attacked Silva early before he could even get his ring jacket off. Black had the size advantage and used his brute force to keep Silva grounded for most of the match. Silva fought back, though, and after ducking a clothesline, came back with a Silva Surfer for the win. WINNER and still OVW TV CHAMPION: SILVA by pinfall. MY TAKE: Silva continues to crash through his competition. After taking down Joe Coleman and Jack Black in back-to-back weeks, will we see Silva meet Big Rocco next?

Shiloh Jonze vs. Doug Williams. Early on and throughout most of the match, Shiloh actually had the advantage but couldn't put Williams away. Williams fought back and took control. He motioned to the fans that he was going to go for Chaos Theory, but Raul LaMotta ran out and caused a DQ. Raul & Shiloh double teamed Williams until Johnny Spade ran out and made the save. Spade nailed Shiloh with a Spade kick and Williams hit Chaos Theory on LaMotta. Spade & Williams then shook hands. WINNER: WILLIAMS by DQ. MY TAKE: Spade will finally get his hands on the Wild Cards this Saturday at SNS and has a great wrestling partner in Doug Williams.

This ended the TV taping.
Post-Show Dark Matches:

"Bodyguy" Max Wolfgang comes out and challenges anyone in the back to a pose down. Eddie Diamond makes his way out with Timmy Danger and Danger says that no one has a body like Bodyguy, but wants to show the world Diamond's mad dance skills. Bodyguy poses and Diamond dances until the Assassin's music hits and he comes out and takes them both out with clotheslines.

Scarlett Bordeaux b. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic). Taeler controlled early and told Dylan not to interfere because it never works. Taeler goes after Scarlett but misses. Scarlett goes up top and hits a flying body press for the win. MY TAKE: Scarlett goes 1-1 on the night as Taeler's nightmare losing streak continues. What will she do next to try and reverse her fortune?

Sam Shaw b. Elvis Pridemoore (w/Bobbi Bardot). Elvis started out on fire hitting some armdrags and an elbow drop off the ropes. Shaw fought back, but Elvis took him down again. Elvis went back up top, but Shaw hit the ropes making Elvis crash in the corner. Shaw hit a running dropkick in the corner and picked up the win. MY TAKE: Shaw continues to soar and picks up another big win.

Tony Gunn, "Smooth" Johnny Spade, Michael Hayes, & James "Moose" Thomas (w/Mickey McMichael) b. "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz & Bolin Services 2.0: "The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman, Jason Wayne, & Rocco Bellagio (w/Chris Bolin). Lots of tags in and out early on. Wayne tagged out, because he didn't want to be in the ring with Michael Hayes. Hayes took most the beating in this match until he made the hot tag to Spade. Spade came in on fire on Rocco. Everything broke loose, as Godderz was taken down with an alabama slam from Gunn, Coleman knocked Gunn out of the ring, Hayes hit the kneebuster on Coleman, Wayne knocked Hayes out of the ring, Moose & Wayne hit a double big boot to each other, leaving Spade & Rocco. Spade hit the Spade Kick for the pin on Rocco. After the match, everyone surrounded Coleman and he got handed a stunner from Mickey. MY TAKE: Spade looks ready to deliver more Spade Kicks to the Wild Cards at SNS.

Ryan Howe b. Onyxx. Onyxx took Howe down early with some powerful clotheslines and slams. He yelled out that that's how you do it. After suffering a beating for most of the match, Howe fought back and after ducking a blow, hit a neckbreaker. He went up top and hit the Rockbuster for the pin. MY TAKE: Howe rocks back into action with a big win over the powerful Onyxx.

Don't forget to watch the episode online starting tomorrow. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports, which will include SNS this weekend. And as always, thanks for reading!

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