OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, June 3, 2012

OVW Report: June Saturday Night Special Results

Another big night at OVW. The crowd was the loudest I've heard all year. We had 9 big matches, with a few changes along the way. So without further ado, the results...

WINNER GETS RALPHIE: Raphael Constantine (w/Cinnamon Twist) vs. Tony Gunn
Raphael came out with a bag assumed to have Ralphie inside. Before Raphael & Tony locked up, I yelled at Raphael that he had a string hanging off his shoulder, then said "oh wait, that's your arm!" He heard me and told me to shut up, but it got a good chuckle from the crowd. Tony came out on fire, but kept going after the bag to get Ralphie. Tony still controlled most of the way and was able to catch Raphael in the bearhug to make him submit. WINNER: Gunn by submission. After the match, Tony got the bag, but it was filled with trash. Raphael snuck back in the ring with Ralphie and decked Tony. He then pulled a brick out of Ralphie's head, and exclaimed that Tony got the bear. Nick Dumeyer, who helped Tony find Ralphie on Wednesday's show, came out to check on him, and tried to motion to him that there was a brick in the bear. Apparently, Dumeyer can't speak now, he was motioning like a dog in the cartoons. It looks like this rivalry has just begun. I would assume Gunn & Dumeyer will now partner up and take on Constantine & Casey, X2C.

Bonus 8-Man Tag Match: Ricky Chevy, LaMarcus "LMC" Clinton, Jayce King, & ? vs. Ted "The Manbeast" McNaler, Elvis Pridemoore, Arik Kristopher, & Sean Conway
The bad guys were out first and poor Chevy got bombarded with the "Bobby Hill" chants again. I also missed the name of their 4th man who I had never seen before. Until I figure out what his name is, I'll call him Joe-Bob. Anyway, the good guys came out to a decent pop led by McNaler. Lots of tags back and forth early to get everyone in the ring. The conclusion came when everyone got in the ring, and the good guys knocked everyone to the outside except for Joe-Bob, who ate a spear from McNaler for the win. WINNERS: McNaler, Conway, Kristopher, & Elvis by pinfall. After the match, we got another visit from the Assassin who clotheslined Joe-Bob. LMC & King were laughing at him, but got a double clothesline also. The Assassin turned to Chevy, who high-tailed it out of dodge before he could become another victim as well. How long has the Assassin been taking people out? I'm hoping this will finally lead somewhere.

Grudge Match: Jason Wayne vs. Chris Silvio
Wayne didn't wait for Mo to finish Silvio's entrance, and they exchanged blows. Wayne kept throwing haymakers that Silvio ducked, and came back with punches of his own. Silvio got the upper hand and knocked Wayne out of the ring. Wayne got up and grabbed Mo, and threw him to the ground. Silvio ran inside the ring and flipped over the referee onto Wayne on the outside. Silvio then checked on Mo. He went back after Wayne who grabbed him and threw him into the steel ringpost. During all this, the referee had been making the 10-count. Wayne rolled back in before the 10, while Silvio was still down from hitting the steel ringpost on the outside. WINNER: Wayne by countout. After the match, Silvio got up angry grabbing a chair and heading to the back looking for Wayne. Wayne has gained victories with the help of the Family, and now by countout. Are we headed to a No DQ, No Countout match between these two?

OVW Women's Championship: Epiphany (w/Randy Royal) vs. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic)
There was an added stipulation that Bostic would be handcuffed to Royal. Epiphany controlled most of the match until Bostic slid through the ring to the other side of the ringpost pulling Royal into it. While the ref was checking on Royal, Bostic got in the ring and went after Epiphany, but got slammed by her. Taeler took advantage by hitting her in the back of the knee. On the outside, Royal regained his senses and slung Bostic into the ringpost, then distracting Taeler. Epiphany then got Taeler and delivered her finishing spinning suplex for the win. WINNER and NEW OVW Women's Champion: Epiphany by pinfall. A loud pop after the conclusion as Royal & Epiphany celebrated. Taeler slapped and hit Bostic on their way to the back. The curse continues. Last month, Spade was featured on the SNS banner and lost the OVW Heavyweight Title. This time, it was Taeler.

OVW Television Title:  Jamin Olivencia vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez (c)
Jamin & Ali exchanged pushes and punches to start out. Jamin was on fire, but Ali regained control. Good back and forth action and close pinfalls, but in the end, Jamin was able to hit the jumping DDT to get the victory. WINNER and NEW OVW TV Champion: Olivencia by pinfall. Jamin celebrated and Josette was distraught at ringside. Jamin was finally able to overcome Ali and the odds and solidifies his place as one of the top dogs in OVW.

OVW Southern Tag Team Titles: Shiloh Jonze & "Rudo" Raul LaMotta vs. Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jessie Godderz (c)
Another match that saw Rudy & Jessie use sneaky tactics while the ref was distracted. Raul finally got the hot tag to Shiloh who came in and cleaned house. Shiloh was able to take Jessie down and get the win. WINNERS and NEW OVW Tag Champions: Shiloh & Raul by pinfall. So at this point, we had OVW-2, The Family-0. Shiloh & Raul were matching tonight, so it looks like they could remain a team for the forseeable future.

I Quit vs. I Admit: Brandon Espinosa (w/Chris) vs. Paredyse
A good back and forth match here where Paredyse controlled early, but Espinosa gained advantage after continued interference from Chris. Espy kept telling the ref to ask Paredyse if he would quit, but Paredyse refused, saying he would never give up as long as the fans believed in the truth, and he still had breath. Towards the end, Espinosa had Paredyse in the corner and went charging after him, but Paredyse jumped to the top rope, and Espy crashed across the middle rope. Paredyse then applied a boston crab on the top rope which forced Espy to submit. WINNER: Paredyse by submission. After the match, Espinosa sat in the middle of the ring with his head down. Paredyse stuck around and offered his hand to help him up. Espy took his hand, and as Paredyse helped him up, he told him he never has to be ashamed of who he is. They embraced and Paredyse raised Espy's hand. Looks like a face turn for Espy. I see a scenario where Paredyse is getting double-teamed next week and Espy has to make the save.

OVW Heavyweight Championship: "Smooth" Johnny Spade vs. Rob Terry (c)
It surprised me that they chose not to have this match as the main event, but I understood why later. Anyway, Spade came out strong, but the big man took control with his size advantage. After Spade started to make a comeback, and it looked like he was set up to hit the super kick, referee Chris Sharpe "accidentally" ran into Terry and "knocked himself out". Spade hit the super kick, but there was no one to count. The Family came out and started beating down Spade. Then the familiar music hit of Cliff Compton who came running out and started slamming everyone in the Family except for Terry who was recovering on the outside. Sharpe got back up and called for the bell. WINNER and Still OVW Heavyweight Champion: Rob Terry by DQ. Compton grabbed a mic and said Spade got screwed. I wonder if we'll see a Compton-Terry title match down the line, or if Spade will get another shot.

6-Man Tag Match: BS 2.0 vs. Michael Hayes, Moose, & Mickey.
This match was controlled early by BS 2.0 who had Hayes down where they wanted him. Jack Black & Joe Coleman did the majority of the work until Chris Bolin decided he wanted in. He kind of kicked at Hayes and when Hayes moved at him, Bolin went running back to his corner and tagged Coleman back in. Hayes finally got the hot tag to Moose who came in and cleaned house. Coleman fell back into his corner, knocking into Chris Bolin which was considered a tag. Bolin had to get in, and Moose tagged in Mickey. Bolin & Mickey watched as Hayes, Moose, Black, & Coleman fought through the ring and to the outside leaving them in the ring. Moose motioned up to Mickey who gave a DX crotch chop to Bolin followed by a stunner to get the victory. WINNERS: Mickey, Michael Hayes, & Moose. Bolin tried to scamper away, but the good guy locker room emptied and Spade, Paredyse, Shiloh, Raul, Kristopher, and others blocked his way and Moose & Michael grabbed him and flipped him back into the ring. They tore off his shirt and jacket, and grabbed his belt handing it to Mickey. They held him for Mickey who delivered 10 lashes to the back of Bolin sending the crowd home happy. Dean Hill said Mickey left his "mark" in professional wrestling.

This was another very entertaining show. Lots of title changes and interesting developments, such as Paredyse & Espinosa. Should be an interesting night of TV again next Wednesday. As always, thanks for reading!