OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Monday, June 25, 2012

OVWmania Presents: OVW Top 20 (Week 7)

This is the seventh edition of the OVW Top 20 exclusively on OVWmania. Which stars made an impact this week, and which ones tumbled down the list?

#1) JOHNNY SPADE (Last Week: #1)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Eddie Diamond.

*Spade looks ready to roll at the next Saturday Night Special, but what match will he be in and who will be his opponent?

#2) ROB TERRY (Last Week: #2)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Heavyweight Champion

LAST MATCH: Lost to Johnny Spade.

*The OVW Heavyweight Champion did not compete this week, and has yet to be chosen for the Saturday Night Special. How interesting would it be if Danny Davis was able to choose him before Josette?

#3) THE BEST TEAM EVER: Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz (Last Week: #3)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Cliff Compton & Chris Silvio.

*The Best Team Ever was stripped of the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles by Ken Wayne, but was able to get a chance to retrieve them after defeating Compton & Silvio. Will they be able to "climb" back up and defeat Pare-Nosa in a ladder match to truly be the Best Team Ever?

#4) JAMIN OLIVENCIA (Last Week: #4)

LAST MATCH: Lost the OVW Television Title to Mohamad Ali Vaez.

*Jamin was notably absent again this week. When he returns, I suspect we will see him enter the TV Title Tournament to try and recapture the championship that was robbed from him.

#5) MOOSE & MICHAEL HAYES (Last Week: #6)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Sean "Virus" Harddrive and partner; went to a no-contest with Bolin Services 2.0.

*Moose & Michael appeared to be focused on their opportunity for tag team gold, but when their opponents turned out to be BS 2.0, it reignited a feud that caused Mickey to get kicked below the belt by Chris Bolin.

#6) MOHAMAD ALI VAEZ (Last Week: #5)

LAST MATCH: With Jason Wayne, was defeated by Pare-Nosa.

*Ali is a former tag team champion, but failed to advance in the tag tournament. He will probably return his focus to the vacated Television Title and look to enter the tournament in his quest for reign #8.

#7) PARE-NOSA (Last Week: #11)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Jason Wayne & Mohamad Ali Vaez.

*Just 2 weeks after becoming an official "couple", Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa defeated the pairing of a former tag team and TV champion in Ali and a former heavyweight champion in Jason Wayne. Now they are set to meet the Best Team Ever at SNS for the tag team championships in the dangerous ladder match!

#8) LOCO-MG (Last Week: #10)

LAST MATCH: Defeated the Street Kings (Jayce King & LMC).

*Loco-MG was victorious and were hoping to regain the tag titles they were cheated out of, but looked a little surprised when Danny Davis chose Pare-Nosa over them.What's next for this duo?

#9) CLIFF COMPTON (Last Week: #7)

LAST MATCH: With Chris Silvio, lost to the Best Team Ever.

*Cliff never could get on the same page with the leader of Team Tye-Dye and it cost him a chance to go after tag team gold and a couple spots on the Top 20. Will his and Silvio's tempers reach a boiling point?

#10) CHRIS SILVIO (Last Week: #8)

LAST MATCH: With Cliff Compton, lost to the Best Team Ever.

*Silvio accidentally dropped an elbow on Compton, trying to break up a pin, but Cliff didn't seem to think so. Will these two continue to butt heads until one of them blows?

#11) EPIPHANY (Last Week: #9)

CURRENT TITLES: OVW Women's Champion

LAST MATCH: Defeated Heidi.

*Epiphany has been absent over the last 2 weeks since winning the OVW Women's Championship. Who will be the next Femme Fatale to step up and challenge her?

#12) TONY GUNN (Last Week: #13)

LAST MATCH: Defeated "3G" Eric Wayne.

*Gunn wasn't visible this past week, and we can only assume he's planning a strategy on how to retrieve Ralphie from X2C's Raphael Constantine.

#13) JASON WAYNE (Last Week: #12)

LAST MATCH: With Mohamad Ali Vaez, lost to Pare-Nosa.

*Wayne may have been dealing with ring rust, as he was absent from TV the last 2 weeks before returning in a losing effort this week. Will Wayne enter into the TV Title Tournament, or does he have other plans?

#14) TAELER HENDRIX (Last Week: #17)

LAST MATCH: Lost the OVW Women's Title to Epiphany at SNS.

*Taeler did not have an official match on OVW TV this week, but due to her ringside presence, was able to distract Randy Royal enough for her boy-toy Dylan Bostic to take advantage and advance in the TV Title Tournament. She did make an "IMPACT" elsewhere also.

#15) RANDY ROYAL (Last Week: #14)

LAST MATCH: Lost to Dylan Bostic.

*The veteran made a rookie mistake this week allowing Taeler Hendrix to distract him for Dylan Bostic to take advantage, albeit with a handful of tights, eliminating him from the TV Title Tournament. Maybe the Double R Superstar can be a pick for Danny Davis' side at SNS and help him regain control of OVW.

#16) "3G" ERIC WAYNE (Last Week: #18)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Ted McNaler.

*Wayne continues moving up the Top 20, and isn't afraid to let everybody know that he has more talent than his father and grandfather had combined.

#17) TED McNALER (Last Week: #15)

LAST MATCH: Lost to "3G" Eric Wayne.

*McNaler allowed Adam Revolver to get inside his head again and it cost him a victory. What will happen when these 2 men meet up one more time on next week's show?

#18) THE ASSASSIN (Last Week: #16)

LAST WEEK: Took out the Fan Advocate Terry Boddie.

*The Assassin has proven he is big and intimidating, but what's his purpose in laying people out? This week, he took out an innocent ring announcer in the Fan Advocate Terry Boddie, and the Top 20 is not impressed. The Assassin needs to do something a little more worthwhile to stay on this list.

#19) RAPHAEL CONSTANTINE (Last Week: #20)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Fabiano Rolento.

*Constantine used Ralphie to knock out Fabiano and gain a victory, but how long until Nick Dumeyer comes sniffing around with Tony Gunn to retrieve the bear?

#20) DYLAN BOSTIC (Last Week: NR)

LAST MATCH: Defeated Randy Royal.

*By hook or by crook, right? Bostic reappears on the Top 20 after defeating Randy Royal and advancing in the TV Title Tournament. Who will he be matched up against next?

-Vic the Bruiser
*Vic picked up another victory this week and if it wasn't for Dylan Bostic picking up a victory in the TV Title Tournament, would have made the list this week.

*Nick Dumeyer      *Fabiano Rolento      *Adam Revolver
*The Street Kings      *BS 2.0