OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OVW Report: TV #671 "Pre-Fourth Fireworks"

Alright fans, we had a crazy night at OVW that featured some surprises and chaos to top it all off.

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches: 
TV Title Tournament Match: Tony Gunn b. Jay Freddie. This was the first appearance for Freddie, and he looked good and controlled early. One mistake led to an airplane spin, bearhug, and a huge alabama slam for the win by Gunn. Following the match, Raphael Constantine snuck out to clock Gunn with Ralphie, but Nick Dumeyer ran out and got Gunn's attention, and a chase ensued around the ring, but Constantine was able to run to the back with Ralphie still in hand. MY TAKE: Gunn was able to stay focused on this match, but how long will his streak continue without Ralphie?

Loco-MG (Shiloh Jonze & "Rudo" Raul LaMotta) b. The Punisher and partner. The 2nd team debuted here also, and I only caught one name. Shiloh & Raul controlled for the most part, and won with a double-team finisher. MY TAKE: I've been thinking that we could see a heel turn by Rudo soon, and later on in the show I had a stronger feeling.

TV Title Tournament Match: James "Moose" Thomas (w/Mickey McMichael) b. Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger). Basically a squash for Moose. The size advantage was laughable for Moose. He won with a big boot. Following the match, Danger tried to jump on Moose's back, but Mickey got in the ring, grabbed him off and gave him a stunner. MY TAKE: Moose has been on fire. What will be next for the biggest free agent in the business?
That concludes the pre-show dark matches. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report. You can find the shows online at

TV Title Tournament Match: Joe Coleman (w/Jack Black) vs. Elvis Pridemoore
We start off this show with a match, and no talking, which is something different as of late. Coleman controlled early, followed by a small comeback from Elvis. In the end, Coleman hit a finisher for the win. WINNER: COLEMAN. MY VIEW: At this point, I thought it was an interesting array of wrestlers who had advanced in the tournament so far.

Before Coleman exited the ring, Ken Wayne came out and said to stay in the ring, because due to time constraints before the Saturday Night Special, the Board of Directors decided to have a battle royal with all the finalists. This included winners from house shows as well. The final 2 in the ring would be chosen by Danny Davis & Josette Bynum as their picks at SNS. 

TV Title Tournament Battle Royal: Joe Coleman, Raphael Constantine, "Rudo" Raul LaMotta, Shiloh Jonze, Jason Wayne, "3G" Eric Wayne, Cliff Compton, Dylan Bostic, Chris Silvio, Mohamad Ali Vaez, James "Moose" Thomas, & Tony Gunn.
When Gunn made his entrance, Constantine ran in the ring from wrestler to wrestler, trying to hide behind them. Gunn ran in after him, and Constantine jumped over the top rope to get away, and Gunn followed suit, eliminating themselves. The rest of the eliminations went: Bostic, Coleman, Shiloh, Silvio, Cliff, Moose, JWayne, and finally 3G, leaving the remaining 2 to be chosen as Raul & Ali. Ken Wayne came out and called out Danny Davis & Josette. Danny got first pick this week, and in a shocking turn of events, chose Ali! This upset Raul, who got passed up last week for the tag title match, and this week for the TV title match. Josette refused to pick Raul, but Ken Wayne said she didn't have a choice. MY VIEW: This is why I'm thinking we could see a heel turn from Raul. Could we also see him return with Lowrider soon? And what about Ali? Could we see a face turn for the 7-time TV champion? What happens at SNS if Josette needs a win, but Ali wants his 8th TV title reign?

"The Final Encounter": Ted "the Manbeast" McNaler (w/Brittany DeVore) vs. Adam Revolver
This match quickly turned into a brawl. Ted came out first, and as Adam was making his way out, Ted dove through the ropes and out on to Adam on the floor. They brawled around the ring, with Brittany yelling at them to stop, and the match became a double countout. After the bell rang, they each grabbed a chair and circled around in the middle of the ring as if they were sword-fighting. Next thing you know, a lady with slippers and a funny-colored hair comes out yelling at Adam & Ted, and must have been "Momma". They both put their chairs down while Momma kept scolding them. She then told Ted to bend over and slapped his behind, before doing the same to Adam. They both kept telling her that the other one started it, before she grabbed them both by their ears and took them to the back. MY VIEW: This rivalry between the brothers just got even stranger now that Momma is involved. Will Ted & Adam end up being forced to patch things up and reform their old partnership as either "The Elite" or "The Mobile Homers"?

Next, the OVW Women's Champion, Epiphany, makes her way out and joins Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, & Kenny Bolin on commentary at ringside. Ken Wayne comes out and says he doesn't want to, but the Board of Directors is forcing him to strip Epiphany of her title, also. In the ring, we are having a 4-woman scramble match.

Blair Alexis vs. Heidi Lovelace vs. Jessie Belle vs. Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic)
A lot of chaos in this match as only 2 women were allowed in the ring at a time. Every time Taeler went to get in the ring, someone else would get in first. Taeler finally made it in, but was taken down by Heidi. Heidi went for the pin, but Bostic pulled her off. Heidi got in his face as he backed up into Epiphany, and Jessie Belle and Blair also came around the ring, surrounding him, and all 4 ladies beat him up. Heidi got back in the ring with her back turned allowing Taeler to roll her up and grab a handful of tights for the win. WINNER: TAELER. After the match, Ken Wayne said it was time for picks again, and Josette came running out and grabbed a mic yelling that she wanted Taeler and beat Danny to it. Danny said his pick was Epiphany. MY VIEW: So all the titles but one had been stripped at this point...I don't understand why in Epiphany's case, but we will have a rematch for the Women's Championship between Taeler & Epiphany. Wayne then told Josette to stick around, because he had another surprise for her. He brought out the board's choice for the new director of operations, Trailer Park Trash! Josette was beside herself.

Triple Threat Match: Jason Wayne vs. Chris Silvio vs. Cliff Compton
Compton & Silvio are still bickering and arguing. This was a good match with a lot of action. Highlights included a double sleeperhold with Cliff on Wayne's back while Silvio was on Cliff's back. There were also a few dives outside by both Silvio & Cliff. In the end, Cliff hit a finisher on Wayne after a low blow kick to Silvio, that the ref didn't see allowing him to get the pin. WINNER: COMPTON. MY VIEW: With Silvio & Compton both being fan favorites, it'll be interesting to see what happens next between these two. Could each of them become opposing picks, essentially turning one of them heel?

Ken Wayne comes out again, and calls out Josette & Danny again. Josette comes out with the Family. Danny comes out alone. Wayne said his big announcement that everyone has been waiting all night for is that at SNS, there will be a 5-on-5 gauntlet match in the main event, and both Josette & Danny will each pick 5 guys, where the last man standing will be OVW Heavyweight Champion. This is because Rob Terry is also being stripped of his title as he takes it away. He says this gauntlet match will also be held inside a steel cage! Josette loses her mind and starts running at Danny Davis hitting and smacking him, and Ken Wayne keeps pulling her away. After about the 3rd time, the Family, joined by BS 2.0 and Jason Wayne, attack Danny Davis & Ken Wayne! They are left lying in the ring, until finally the locker room empties chasing away the Family and company. This even includes OVW Commentator Dean Hill who grabs a chair and runs in the ring. After they help Davis & Wayne to the back, Dean Hill says this won't wait for SNS, he said to be sure to be here next week on July 4th!

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
As we returned from intermission, Ricky Chevy made his way to the ring and asked Trailer Park Trash if he would indeed meet him at OVW Homecoming VIII on Sunday, July 15th in a dog food match. TPT said he accepted, and Chevy better go home and try some Alpo and get used to the taste. Arik Kristopher, who was at ringside, jumped in the ring and Chevy asked him if he wanted some of him, and told the ref to ring the bell. Very quickly, AK took Chevy down and put him in a crossface, making him tap. After the bell, the Assassin's music hit and AK & the ref jumped out of the ring and ran off, and Terry Boddie ran away from the announce desk as well and grabbed a chair to shield himself. The Assassin got in the ring and took out Chevy with a massive clothesline.

Vic the Bruiser b. Dave Osborne. The usual beatdown from Vic that included some nasty chops. Osborne got in a little offense including slamming the big man and hitting a running buttdrop, but couldn't finish him off. Vic hit the layout spinebuster for the victory. MY TAKE: Vic's been on quite the roll as of late.

"Pare-Nosa" b. The Street Kings. A lot of funny spots again from the dynamic duo of Espinosa & Paredyse early. The Street Kings took control for a while, keeping Espy cornered on their side of the ring, but Espy finally made the hot tag to Paredyse. Paresdyse came in and cleaned house. LMC got kicked to the outside by Espy, who got in the ring and hit a double-team finisher on Jayce King for the win. The finisher was like a double rock bottom with them giving King a wedgie first. After the match, Paredyse gave a wedgie to LMC, too, actually tearing his underwear in the process. MY TAKE: Pare-Nosa looks ready to roll as they approach their ladder match at SNS against the Best Team Ever for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles.

Thanks for reading! Pictured to the right is a new shirt I had specially made and wore to the show tonight, showing my support for OVW and plugging this site at the same time. Don't forget that this episode should be up on OVW's website sometime on Thursday evening.