OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, June 7, 2012

OVW Report: TV #668 "Here We Go Again..."

Tonight's show featured the fallout from Saturday Night Special and we had some big changes happen again. Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Chris Silvio b. Eddie Diamond. Diamond was the guy I called Joe-Bob in my report from last SNS, not that it matters. Silvio controlled most of the match and ended it with a rocket punch. After the match, Silvio said he was coming after Jason Wayne. MY TAKE: Silvio vs. Wayne III is coming to a ring near you. Based on their first 2 encounters, I would imagine a possible stipulation such as No DQ, No Countout.

Epiphany b. Heidi. Your new OVW Women's Champion got a nice reception. At the beginning, Epiphany charged after Heidi, but Heidi kept ducking and getting some shots in. Finally, Epiphany caught her and won it with her twisting suplex finisher. MY TAKE: Epiphany looks good with the gold, but you know Taeler wants it back.

Michael Hayes b. Raphael Constantine (w/the X2C ladies). Raphael kept yelling at the crowd that Ralphie was his bear. Not much wrestling here. Constantine grabbed the bear from one of the ladies, but the ref took it away distracting him for Hayes to get the rollup. After the match, Hayes said he would be facing Jack Black on Friday night, and if he won, Black would also get 10 lashes from Mickey. MY TAKE: Sean Casey has been absent for the last several weeks. If he does return, I see Tony Gunn & Nick Dumeyer vs. X2C in our near future. I also wonder if Mickey will get to each member of BS 2.0.
That concludes the pre-show dark matches. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report. You can find the shows online at

To start off, we get a video package highlighting what happened at SNS. Following that, Johnny Spade & Cliff Compton come to the ring. Spade said Cliff had his back Saturday, and we had some big changes. He calls out the new OVW Women's Champion, Epiphany, new Tag Champions, Loco-MG, and new TV Champion, Jamin Olivencia. He then calls out the locker room, and says that OVW is taking back over. He says the only problem is he didn't get a title, because of Chris Sharpe. Before he can continue, his mic gets cut off, and out comes Josette & the Family. Josette says she's still the best talent arbitrator OVW has ever had, and that Ken Wayne will not be here, because him and the rest of the board members are tied up in meetings with her lawyers. She says tonight while she's in control, Rudy, Jessie, & Ali will get rematches for their titles.

We are now backstage watching Josette walk through the hallway when Taeler Hendrix approaches her asking for a rematch also. Josette says rematches are only for members of the Family. Taeler says she sided with them, and Josette says it was a smart move, but no rematch. Josette walks on, and Taeler hits Dylan Bostic blaming him again. We then pan over to the happy couple, Ted McNaler & Brittany DeVore. He says he got her a present. She picks it up, but it's been tampered with. I couldn't hear what else was said, but the whole time they were talking, Adam Revolver was creeping around and watching them through a window.

"3G" Eric Wayne vs. Tony Gunn
A good match that saw Wayne control early, but a comeback by Gunn. Gunn was able to catch Wayne in the bearhug, and then turned it into a big spinebuster slam for the pin. WINNER: Gunn by pinfall. After the match, Nick Dumeyer who is still acting like a dog, motioned for Gunn to follow him. Backstage, Dumeyer leads Gunn to X2C's locker room where Ralphie is. Gunn rewards him with a bag of dog treats. (Seriously, I can't make this up). Gunn's excited, but Constantine comes in and attacks him and hurts Gunn's eyes. MY TAKE: As mentioned earlier, we could end up with Dumeyer/Gunn vs. X2C, or I thought about a "bear on a pole" match between Constantine & Gunn at the next SNS.

OVW Southern Tag Team Titles: Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Loco-MG (c)
A good match that saw Loco-MG control early. They were on a roll and it looked like they had the match won, but Chris Sharpe didn't count and instead talked to Josette. Raul got thrown out of the ring and as Shiloh looked outside, Rudy grabbed his feet and held them down for Godderz to get the pin. WINNERS and NEW OVW Southern Tag Team Champions: Switchblade & Godderz. MY VIEW: Here we go again. Just when you thought things were getting back to normal, the Family steals another one with the help of referee Chris Sharpe.

Next, we are setting up for "A Moment in Paredyse". Paredyse comes out and mentions SNS and how he defeated Brandon Espinosa in a hard fought battle. He said Espy was now a free man and gained respect for him in admitting the truth. He then brought out Espy who now has a pink flower on his jacket and fuzzy pink things on his boots. He says SNS was tough, but he's glad it's over and thanks Paredyse for helping him find his true identity. He gives Paredyse a colorful accessory that Paredyse puts on around his waist. Paredyse says he's gained so much respect for Espy and has a question for him. Paredyse gets down on one knee and asks if Espy will be his "partner". Espy asks the crowd if he should, and he accepts saying they should have a big ceremony next week. The double entendres continue.

In the back, Chris Bolin talks about losing at SNS and Rocco asks Joe Coleman & Jack Black how they could let that happen. We hear again that Jack Black will meet Michael Hayes Friday night and if he loses, will get 10 lashes. We then see Jason Wayne walk up on Mo Green, Mary Jane, and the little person who Wayne calls "circus freaks". He asks where Silvio is, and says if he wants more he'll annihilate him like he did at SNS.

OVW Television Title: Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Jamin Olivencia (c)
A very good wrestling match that went back and forth and had many near falls. Chris Sharpe was the referee again and kept doing everything in his power to help Ali. After a hard fought battle, at the end, Jamin rolled Ali up in a small package but Sharpe knocked the small package over to put Ali on top as he went down for the count. WINNER and NEW OVW TV Champion: Ali. As Ali, Sharpe, & Josette celebrated, Ken Wayne came out and said to hold up. He said he was hearing what was going on at the meetings. He told Sharpe he should fire him, but is putting him under a 2nd review. He calls out both locker rooms to hear what he has to say. He said Josette might have had him stuck in meetings, but they don't know what it's like to be with a "Nightmare". He said he can't do anything about the championships or match results, but he can take the TV title, as he grabbed it from Ali, and hold it up. He said he has a very big announcement for next week and that Danny Davis will be live! MY VIEW: Yes! The man, OVW Owner Danny Davis returns next week. Sounds like must see TV for next week's taping.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

LMC & Jayce King vs. The Baronis Brothers. The Assassin came out before this match could start and took out LMC & King as well as one of the Baronis. MY TAKE: Even though I'd still like to see some progression with the Assassin, I'm glad he saved us from the borefest that match would have been.

Rob Terry b. Randy Royal. Unfortunately, Terry dominated a large part of this match. Toward the end, Royal rallied a bit knocking the big man off his feet with a flying dropkick. He went up top again, but Terry hit the ropes causing Royal to fall in a bad place. Terry wpn it with the knockout punch. MY TAKE: I would like to see Terry win matches on his own as a monster heel. Not with cheating or help from the Family.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget that this episode should be up on OVW's website sometime on Thursday evening.