OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, May 12, 2012

OVW May SNS Predictions

I'm doing something new and giving my predictions on what I think will happen tonight at the Saturday Night Special. It's sure to be a great show.

Chris Silvio vs. Jose Del Barrio
I don't see any way Del Barrio wins, unless it involves interference from the Family. I believe Silvio rocket punches his way to victory. PREDICTION: SILVIO.

GENTLEMAN'S RULES: Ted McNaler vs. Adam Revolver (Brittany DeVore as special judge)
I'm hoping this feud ends tonight. I'm guessing a scenario where Ted & Brittany actually fool Revolver, and all their arguing and bickering was fake this whole time. Ted makes Adam tap out. PREDICTION: MCNALER.

3-WAY MIXED TAG: Randy Royal & Epiphany vs. Dylan Bostic & Taeler Hendrix vs. Paredyse & Aleida Ortiz
I think with Brandon Espinosa & Chris missing from the equation in this match, that Paredyse & Aleida will be non-factors. Royal & Epiphany finally get some revenge against Dylan & Taeler, and hopefully Epiphany gets a rematch for the OVW Women's Title. PREDICTION: ROYAL & EPIPHANY.

Jamin Olivencia vs. ???
Whoever Josette brings out is going to feel the boiling over frustration of Jamin as he tears through them on his way to a match against Ali. PREDICTION: OLIVENCIA.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz (c) vs. Alex Silva & Shiloh Jonze
Something tells me there will be miscommunication between Silva & Shiloh, and therefore Rudy & Jessie sneak off with a victory and retain their titles. PREDICTION: SWITCHBLADE & GODDERZ.

HANDICAP LADDER MATCH: Bolin Services 2.0 vs. Michael Hayes & Moose
This one I feel could go either way, but I think BS 2.0 steals one and unfortunately Moose & Michael will be under the control of BS 2.0. PREDICTION: BS 2.0

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Johnny Spade (c) vs. Rob Terry
After weeks of being beat down and laid out, I think Spade comes back strong and defeats the big man. Possibly interference by the Family will backfire, and we could see an eventual face turn by Terry, especially now that Jason Wayne is back and turned heel. PREDICTION: SPADE.

As always, thanks for reading. I will have a report up late tonight following the show here on OVWmania and of course