OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OVW Report: TV #659, Dark Matches, Randy Terrez

OVW's latest TV episode #659 is now streaming at

This episode features a brawl between Rob Terry & Trailer Park Trash that also involves OVW Owner Danny Davis, a Television Title defense by Chris Silvio, #1 contenders for the Southern Tag Titles Anarquia & Raul in action, the continuing feud between U.S. Army Veteran Michael Hayes and Bolin Services 2.0, a face-off between Jamin Olivencia and Mohamad Ali Vaez, and X2C in action against OMG who are partners for this match, but opponents at Saturday Night Special. There is also backstage happenings with Ted McNaler/Adam Revolver/Brittany DeVore and Brandon Espinosa/Paredyse. This episode is a must-see heading into this weekend's Saturday Night Special.

One of the benefits of being at the live shows is being treated to bonus matches that you can't see on the tapings. Last night, there was a post-show dark match that saw Jessie Godderz (w/Rudy Switchblade) defeat Randy Terrez. The ending of the match was a bad one for Terrez, as he flipped off the top rope and landed awkwardly on his left leg. It appeared that he clutched his left knee immediately and Godderz went straight into the pin. The dreaded "X" signal was made following the pin. Although the severity of his injury is not known, Randy will probably miss some in-ring action for a while, and I would like to send well wishes his way.

Pre-show dark matches saw Alex Silva def. Nick Dumeyer, Randy Royal def. Elvis Pridemoore, Mohamad Ali Vaez def. David Osborne, and Tony Gunn def. Kamel. I'm really hoping to see Silva, Royal, & Gunn featured more prominently on the tapings soon.