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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OVW Report: TV #661 "The Josette Bynum Era Continues"

Hey everyone, I'm back with another report on OVW TV. Tonight, Ms. Bynum continued to abuse her power and make things tough for all those who stood against her.

Pre-Show Dark Matches:
Paredyse b. Dylan Bostic (w/Taeler Hendrix). Hendrix continues to boss Dylan around and prove who wears the pants in this relationship. Paredyse provides his usual comedic moments for the crowd. Taeler tries to distract Paredyse, but it backfires. MY TAKE: Taeler is getting a lot of heat now for siding with the Family and being super annoying at ringside. Paredyse really knows how to work the crowd and is a big fan favorite.

"The Double R Superstar," Randy Royal & Epiphany b. CJ Lane & "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer. This match was mostly controlled by Royal & Epiphany. It looked like Royal had a pin on Dumeyer, but CJ broke it up. Epiphany got in the ring, and her & Royal each hit their finishers on their opponents for a double cover and pin. MY TAKE: It looks like they are getting ready for a real showdown between Royal & Epiphany and Bostic & Taeler. My vote is for Royal & Epiphany. Royal loved my sign.

Brandon Espinosa (w/Chris) b. Brent Baronis (w/Brandon Baronis)
Espinosa controlled most of this match as well and won with his finisher. MY TAKE: Espinosa may snap at all the comments he gets from the locker room on the video that Paredyse released of him in what appeared to be a gay bar. I'm still awaiting to see where they decide to go on this angle.

*SPOILER ALERT* If you wish to watch the show first, you may want to stop reading for now.

The show opens with an intro video of nothing but the Family and a few of their supporters (Taeler Hendrix, Brandon Espinosa, BS 2.0, etc.) as well as their entrance music, not the OVW theme. Their entrance music then hits in the arena and they make their way to the ring. Josette informs everyone that the Family is missing Rob Terry, as she used Danny Davis' money to send him on a trip to the Bahamas after Silvio's attack on them last week. She then calls out Silvio and informs him that he has a TV title match right now against Mohamad Ali Vaez.

TV Title Match: Mohamad Ali Vaez v. Chris Silvio (c)

Godderz & Switchblade are at ringside with Josette for this one. Before the match starts, they close in on Silvio, who has to quickly get in the ring and goes right after Ali. Silvio controls early, but of course we get outside interference from the Family. The ref and Silvio get distracted by the Family who are arguing with Mo Green & Mary Jane on the outside. Ali gets a roll up with a handful of tights for the victory. WINNER and NEW OVW Television Champion: Mohamad Ali Vaez. After the match, Silvio goes on the attack on Ali, but Godderz & Switchblade run in and the Family begins to beat down Silvio. This brings out OMG, Michael Hayes, Moose, & Jamin to fight off the Family. Then the heel locker room empties bringing out everyone from BS 2.0 to Jose Del Barrio to Adam Revolver to Dylan Bostic & Taeler Hendrix, etc. A moment later, we get the face locker room emptying bringing out everyone from Ted McNaler to Elvis to Randy Royal to Tony Gunn, etc. We have every superstar in the ring in an all out melee! Josette grabs a mic and keeps screaming for everyone to stop. The fighting continues, and everytime she tells them to stop, her screams get louder and louder. Finally, everyone pauses, and she enters the ring. She says that tonight since they apparently are in love now, Michael Hayes & Moose will face BS 2.0 in a handicap match, Shiloh Jonze will face Adam Revolver and Shiloh will have one hand tied behind his back, Jamin Olivencia will face Jose Del Barrio with Ali as special referee, and Johnny Spade will face Godderz & Switchblade in a triple threat match. She also tells Spade that he will be defending the OVW Heavyweight Title at the May 12 Saturday Night Special against Rob Terry! MY VIEW: What a chaotic opening as we get a new TV champion, followed by a brawl involving the entire locker room. I had a feeling this was not going to be a night for the "good guys" from the get-go. I wonder if this angle will continue for weeks to come, seeing as Switchblade & Godderz have the tag titles and Ali now has the TV title. Will Big Rob capture the heavyweight title and the Family hold every championship after SNS?

3-on-2 Handicap Match: Bolin Services 2.0 (w/Prince Bolin) v. Michael Hayes & Moose (w/Mickey)
Hayes & Moose control early. BS 2.0 starts to wear down Hayes and work him over for a while until he gets the hot tag to Moose. Moose tags Hayes back in who hits a flying elbow onto Joe Coleman. Prince has gotten into Mickey's face on the outside. Moose comes over to break it up, but Jack Black shoves him into the ringpost. The ref is distracted with the going-ons outside. On the inside, Rocco hits a massive spinebuster on Hayes, and when the ref turns around, Coleman is able to get the pin. WINNERS: BS 2.0. Coleman celebrates with BS 2.0 like he just won the lottery as the ref, Mickey, and Hayes check on Moose. MY VIEW: This rivalry ain't over. I can see a scenario where we have a 6-man tag involving Mickey in the future. Moose continues to get loud cheers from the crowd.

Next, we get a backstage skit where Ted McNaler leaves flowers at Brittany DeVore's locker. Espinosa & Chris walk in and Espinosa says something about Ted having "girl problems". Ted said something to the effect of at least he didn't have "boy problems". Espinosa then walks up on Raphael Constantine of X2C with the girls dressed up as pirates. Raphael says something about hanging out with them and their "booty". Espinosa then runs into Revolver. Adam asks him if he's seen Ted and tells him he just saw him around the corner. Adam walks up on the flowers Ted left for Brittany and steals them, leading into...

Shiloh Jonze (with one hand tied behind his back) v. Adam Revolver
While the ref gets Shiloh's hand tied, Revolver grabs the mic and tells Brittany he got her the flowers and a bunch of other nonsense. He then tells the referee to help her out of the ring. As he does this, Revolver turns around and low blows Shiloh and gets a quick pin. WINNER: Adam Revolver. As Adam celebrates, Ted comes out and Brittany gets in between them as they yell and argue. During this, the ref is untying Shiloh's hand. Ted acts like he is going to hit Adam, and as Adam spins around, Shiloh is waiting with a super kick to his chin. MY VIEW: Revolver gets the heel heat playing the weasel in the soap opera storyline between him, Ted, & Brittany. At least Shiloh knocked his head off with the super kick. I wish this storyline would wrap up and that Shiloh didn't have to be involved in it.

Jose Del Barrio v. Jamin Olivencia (Special Referee: Mohamad Ali Vaez)
As you could probably guess, every time Jamin got the offense going, Ali kept stepping in to stop it. Jamin hit a flying knee to the face of Del Barrio and had the pin, but Ali had his back turned. They argued some more, and Jamin then planted Del Barrio with a DDT. When he got up, Ali hit him with a neckbreaker and pulled Del Barrio on top of him for the pin.  WINNER: Jose Del Barrio. Ali ran out raising Del Barrio's hand in victory. MY VIEW: Not only do we have 2 of the top stars in an ongoing rivalry, but now the feud is more prestigious with Ali holding the Television Championship. This will be fun to watch.

Triple Threat: Rudy Switchblade v. Jessie Godderz v. Johnny Spade
Even though this was officially a triple threat, you may as well have just called it another handicap match. Spade went on the attack early and was in control. As he went to hit his super kick, Ali tripped him from the outside. Rudy & Jessie double-teamed him for a while, until Spade starts to make a comeback. It's not enough, however, as Rudy & Jessie hit a double-team maneuver followed by a finisher from Jessie who gets the pin. WINNER: Jessie Godderz. Even though it was a triple threat, Rudy could have cared less that Jessie took the pin and was the official winner. After the match, Josette grabbed a mic and told Spade that he would be in a hardcore match on next week's show. MY VIEW: Josette is going to pull out all the stops to try and take Spade out and soften him up for Rob Terry at the May SNS.  This ended the TV taping.

Post-show Dark Matches:
Tony Gunn & Elvis b. "Ravishing" Ronny Roberts & Cody Matthews (w/Ricky Chevy).
The crowd got to Chevy again with the chants of "Bobby Hill". Gunn controlled early and tagged in Elvis. Roberts & Matthews took over control until Elvis got the tag to Gunn. Gunn came in and cleaned house and hit his finisher for the win. After the match, Gunn sprinted around the ring and gave one of his "happy pills" to Elvis. MY TAKE: No one knew who Matthews or Roberts was. Everyone had fun with the "Bobby Hill" chants. Gunn has quickly became a fan favorite with his "happy pill" gimmick. I hope he continues to get a push.

Mike Mondo b. Raphael Constantine.
The crowd was really behind Mondo, as most people cannot stand X2C. This was also humorous, because they announced Constantine at 189 lbs. and Mondo at 218 lbs. Constantine would only weigh 189 if he was holding a 50 pound dumbbell. This was a wrestling clinic, with a lot of submission moves, pinfall combinations, etc. Mondo controlled early, then Constantine controlled for a long while, before Mondo made a comeback and made Constantine tap out to a painful looking submission hold, sort of a crossface-type maneuver. MY TAKE: Dark match or not, I'm glad Mondo won. He's a great talent and if he would have lost to Constantine, that would have been a joke. Constantine has some skill, but no size.

As I waited outside in line before the show, me and my dad showed Trailer Park Trash, who was outside, a picture from about 20 years ago of me wearing a Danny Davis t-shirt with Danny Davis at an old USWA show when I was probably 5 or 6 years old. He took it in and showed it to Danny Davis who signed the front of it, even though he had actually signed the back of it years ago. During intermission (between the end of the tv taping and before the post-show dark matches), I showed the picture to a few of the guys who came out to ringside, including Randy Royal, Terry Boddie, Moose, & Michael Hayes. They all loved it. Royal also took the picture of me from above holding the "Taeler = Prosti-Tot" sign. OVW truly is a family show with a great atmosphere and some real talent, both in the ring and out, as the stars truly care about the fans. Another fun night!

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