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Thursday, May 10, 2012

OVW Saturday Night Special May 12, 2012: FINAL CARD

The next OVW Saturday Night Special is May 12th.

OVW Heavyweight Champion "Smooth" Johnny Spade faces his biggest challenge yet. Not only does he have to contend with the genetic freak Rob Terry, but who knows what tricks Josette Bynum and the Family will try to pull as they try to bring every championship to their stable. Regardless, this will be a huge main event.

In a huge match with major stipulations, Michael Hayes & Moose will face Bolin Services 2.0 in a handicap match. If Moose & Hayes win, they get Mickey back. If BS 2.0 wins, they get control of Moose & Hayes. On top of all this, this match will be a ladder match!
A "Gentleman's Rules" match between Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver with Brittany DeVore serving as special guest judge will be held. A Gentleman's Rules match means no slaps, punches, moves off the top rope, etc. Pure wrestling only.
Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz (c) vs. Shiloh Jonze & Alex Silva for the OVW Southern Tag Titles
Mystery Opponent vs. Jamin Olivencia
Chris Silvio vs. Jose Del Barrio

Epiphany & Randy Royal vs. Taeler Hendrix & Dylan Bostic vs. Aleida Ortiz & Paredyse

To watch the latest episode online, you can click here.

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