OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, May 17, 2012

OVW Report: TV #665 "The Family's Party Crashed"

Hey all! Back from another exciting night of OVW action, which featured the fallout from Saturday Night Special.

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Tony Gunn b. Raphael Constantine. Gunn controlled most of this match. There was a small comeback by Constantine after Gunn was distracted by the X2C ladies, but the master of the bearhug made Constantine tapout for the win. MY TAKE: Gunn, with the help of Ralphie (who has his own twitter @realMrRalphie) and his "happy pills" continues to succeed. Hopefully his push continues.

Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic) b. Heidi Douglas. Some back and forth action early and Heidi took control and was a house of fire. Unfortunately, Taeler was backed into a corner and while the ref tried to separate Heidi from Taeler, Taeler headbutted her and then took a pin while Dylan held her feet on the ropes. After the match, Taeler decided to kick Heidi a little more but fled with Dylan after Randy Royal & Epiphany chased them off. MY TAKE: Will we see Epiphany get a Women's title shot against the "Prosti-tot"? If so, hopefully Randy Royal can keep Dylan Bostic from interfering.

Rob Terry b. LaMarcus Clinton. Big Rob completely dominated and wasn't fazed at all by any shots 'LMC' tried to get in. Terry won it with a powerslam. MY TAKE: It's going to take someone smart and strong to challenge the new OVW Heavyweight Champion and take him down.

That concludes the pre-show dark matches. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report.

Gilbert Corsey awaits in the ring as Jason Wayne makes his entrance. Gilbert asks Wayne the question on everyone's mind. Wayne yells at Gilbert and asks him who he thinks he is. Wayne tells him to keep his eyes on the deck and to go stand in the corner. Wayne then says he didn't necessarily join the Family, because it was them who took him out of action, but it did open his eyes. He then runs down the fans saying as a marine, he's been deployed twice and it was to fight for the stupid no-good fans. He also says he's glad Josette Bynum is in charge and not Danny Davis. He said he had to call Davis to see if he'd get paid for rehab, when Davis should have called him and offered himself. He said Davis told him he gets paid more than enough to cover rehab. He continues to run down the crowd when the music hits of one Chris Silvio. Silvio comes out alone and tells Wayne nobody cares what he thinks. He said if he wants to fight, Silvio would be more than happy to. This leads to the entrance of Josette & the Family. Josette says Silvio and Wayne will go one-on-one later tonight and to get out of her ring. Josette then says she's excited, because Rob Terry is the new OVW Heavyweight Champion, and they will have a celebration later tonight.

We then get the only backstage segment of the night (there could be more added, but it was the only one they showed to the live crowd) which saw Ted McNaler & Brittany DeVore playing Jenga against Taeler Hendrix & Dylan Bostic. Ted makes a move, and they wait for Taeler to go but she is busy blabbering some story to Dylan who interrupts her and says it's her turn. She yells at Dylan and makes a move, knocking over the Jenga tower. She then yells at Dylan asking him why he told her to make that move, and she gets mad and walks off. Ted's looking to play again and looks up and asks Brandon Espinosa if he & Chris want to play couples Jenga. Espinosa gets mad and asks what he's implying and Ted looks confused saying he's just looking for a couple to play against. Tony Gunn then walks in with Ralphie and says they are a team and will play against Ted & Brittany to end a wacky segment.

Arik Kristopher vs. Chito Martinez
Chito Martinez is a masked superstar with a lot of similarities to Jamin Olivencia. He came spinning out and had the same moveset. Chito totally dominated Kristopher and won with the same jumping DDT that Jamin uses. WINNER: MARTINEZ. MY VIEW: With such a dominating performance, maybe "Chito" deserves a shot at Ali's TV title...

Premiere Brutality vs. The Baronis Brothers
'3G' Eric Wayne & 'Killer' Kid Nikels made their return this week against crowd favorites in the Baronis Brothers. P.B. controlled early until Brandon got the hot tag to Brent. Brent came in on fire and after a double team neckbreaker/flying splash combo got the victory. WINNERS: BARONIS BROS. MY VIEW: Premiere Brutality is a good looking team, but seemed to have some communication issues on the way out. The Baronis Brothers could start to climb the ranks of the tag division and challenge for the tag titles.

Jason Wayne vs. Chris Silvio
Wayne with the size advantage controlled early. Silvio started mounting a comeback and hit the rocket punch and an elbow drop from the top rope. Before he could make the pin, Ali ran out and argued with Mo Green in one corner distracting the ref. On the other side of the ring, Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade interfered, and Silvio was able to fend them off for a while until he got clocked with a tag title belt and turned into a full nelson slam from Wayne. WINNER: WAYNE. After the match, Josette drug Mary Jane out by her hair and Mo got in Josette's face, but it led to nothing. Josette asked Wayne to be a part of their celebration later tonight and they shook hands. MY VIEW: The Family continues to make life miserable for Silvio. How will he recover?

TV Title: Sean Casey vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez (c)
An odd match with two heels and the crowd mostly not caring for either competitor. Casey offered one of the X2C ladies to Ali, and Ali grabbed one of them and started dancing with one while Casey had his back turned. Ali then threw the girl down and hit Casey from behind with his neckbreaker. The ref rung the bell and Ali hit a 2nd neckbreaker and got the pin. MY VIEW: This was an odd match that really didn't develop any storylines and felt like filler.

Next, we had Moose & Michael Hayes come to the ring with Mickey. Michael talked about how Bolin Services talked about handicaps and made fun of disabilities, but he showed video from their victory at Saturday Night Special. Moose said that Michael was full of heart and able to climb the ladder which BS 2.0 didn't think he could do and retrieve the contract to win Mickey's services. He then asked Mickey what he did with that contract. Mickey reached in his pocket and pulled out the contract that was all shredded and torn up. Josette then came out and said that she's happy for Mickey and that he's independent now. She said she went about getting Mickey a wrestling license and he will have his first match next week. Moose & Michael said they just started working with him. She said she had faith and he would go one-on-one next week with Chris Bolin! Michael said it has to be fair and Bolin Services can't be at ringside. She said they wouldn't be, but neither would him or Moose. She then told them to get out of the ring, because she was ready to celebrate. She told Dean Hill to get someone out to sweep up the paper and set up the decorations. A guy came out and started sweeping when the music of the Assassin hit. The Assassin got in the ring and knocked the sweeper out with a powerful clothesline, and left. The officials checked on the sweeper and finished sweeping while they brought out a keg and balloons for the celebration.

Josette brought out the Family & Jason Wayne and they said it was time to party. LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" started playing while they kicked around the balloons and posed, and Rudy was doing a handstand on the keg, when suddenly the music, lights, and TV's all went out. When the lights came back on, Johnny Spade & Cliff Compton were in the ring back-to-back and took out Wayne & the Family ruining their victory party. At intermission, it was announced that Spade & Compton would take on the entire Family next week. MY VIEW: Compton's back full-time! Will he be the one to challenge Terry for the OVW Heavyweight title while Spade looks for revenge against Jason Wayne?

This ended the tv taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
Elvis Pridemoore b. Vic the Bruiser. Holy crap. Elvis won a match. Vic controlled most of the match and laid some vicious chops to the chest and back of Elvis, but Elvis mounted a comeback and ended up getting a roll-up for the win.

Rudy Switchblade, Brandon Espinosa, Adam Revolver, & Jessie Godderz b. Mike Mondo, Paredyse, Shiloh Jonze, & Raul LaMotta. Lots of tags and control early by Shiloh, Raul, Mondo, & Paredyse. A good back-and-forth match. In the end, with everyone on the outside except Paredyse & Revolver (with Espinosa the legal man), Paredyse was set up for the Bronco Buster, but Espy snuck in and rolled up Paredyse with a handful of tights to get the win. MY TAKE: Looks like there's still more to go between Paredyse & Espy.

Another great night of action. Don't forget OVW updates their website with the weekly show Thursday evenings. Thanks for reading!