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OVW Champions

Thursday, May 10, 2012

OVW Report: TV #664 "Josette's Shocking Surprises!"

Sorry for the delay OVW Fans, but it's been a long week, and I've just gotten to the point where I feel like I'm somewhat caught back up. Last night at the Davis Arena, we witnessed some shocking returns and surprises. The rest of the card for Saturday Night Special was finalized as well, as it comes up this Saturday night, May 12th.

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Rob Terry b. Daniel Pruce. Big Rob completely overpowered poor Daniel in this match and Pruce got his nose busted open in the process. MY TAKE: Could Terry be on his way to capturing the OVW Heavyweight Championship at Saturday Night Special? I wouldn't be surprised.

Ted McNaler b. Raphael Constantine. This was a gentleman's rules match, a preview of what's to come Saturday when McNaler meets Revolver. McNaler made Constantine tap out for the victory. MY TAKE: Will this rivalry finally be settled at the Special? What role will Brittany DeVore play in it? I think Ted & Brittany may have been stringing Revolver along this whole time.

Jamin Olivencia b. Dave Osborne. Osborne attacked Jamin early and took the advantage, but Jamin fought back with his aggressive style and nailed his leaping DDT for the win. MY TAKE: Can Jamin control his aggression as he awaits the opportunity to get his hands on Mohamad Ali Vaez?

That concludes the pre-show dark matches. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report.

Ms. Josette Bynum and the Family, minus Rob Terry, make their way to the ring to open the show. Josette calls out Johnny Spade and tells him that she's just bursting with excitement at his opponent for tonight and may bust out of her top. (Yikes.) Johnny tries to talk, but Josette has his mic cut off. She brings out his opponent, accompanied by Rob Terry..."Mr. Wrestling" NICK DINSMORE! Spade looks shocked at first as Dinsmore explains that he's been training guys for a long time and took Spade under his wing 15 years ago, and recently called Spade to come back to OVW when his career was in the gutter and he was going nowhere. He said since that time, Spade has made a name for himself and won the OVW Heavyweight Title, but he never called Dinsmore just to say thanks. Josette lets Spade speak on the mic, and Spade now says he's not surprised, and thinking something like this might happen, he called in some backup for tonight. He points to a side door, and bursting through it is...JASON WAYNE! The Family is now shocked and Josette says the main event will now be a tag match between Jason Wayne & Johnny Spade vs. Nick Dinsmore & Rob Terry.

Gentleman's Rules Match: Adam Revolver vs. Brandon Baronis
We get to see another gentleman's rules match. This time around Revolver uses cheap tactics by first loosening his wrist tape and as the ref hands it to Brittany DeVore on the outside, he then low blows Baronis and the ref turns around to make the pin. WINNER: REVOLVER. MY VIEW: Revolver's sneakiness allows him to not only win the match, but avoid having Brittany see him cheat to do it. Will that play into her judgment Saturday night?

Backstage, Jamin Olivencia is in Josette's office and she tells him that his #1 contendership for the television title has been revoked. He storms out as the camera pans over to Raphael Constantine and the Ho Train. Dylan Bostic walks up and Constantine says he can look , but he can't touch as he laughs annoyingly. Taeler Hendrix walks up and slaps Dylan and says he needs to focus on their match later tonight. We then see Chris Silvio walk into Josette's office and she says she hasn't forgot about what he's done and that he will have a match at Saturday Night Special. She says his opponent will be Jose Del Barrio as he attacks Silvio from behind.

TV Title: Mohamad Ali Vaez (c) vs. Tony Gunn
Ali looks over his shoulder and under the ring on his way out, scared that Jamin could jump out and attack him. A good competitive back and forth match ends after Ali hits his neckbreaker finisher. WINNER: ALI. After the match, Jamin makes his way out, but before he can get in the ring, Josette comes out and says if he steps in the ring, he's fired. She then tells him he will have a match at Saturday Night Special, but not against Ali, it will be a surprise. MY VIEW: Yet another mystery opponent from Josette, this time for Jamin. Who could it be? I don't think Jamin cares as he will be ready to run through them on his way to Ali.

4 Corner Mixed Tag Match: Randy Royal & Epiphany vs. Dylan Bostic & Taeler Hendrix vs. Paredyse & Aleida Ortiz vs. Brandon Espinosa & Chris(?!?!)
Before this match can start, Paredyse grabs a mic and asks Espinosa where his partner is. He says Randy Royal has Epiphany, little old him has Aleida Ortiz, even Dylan Bostic has a prosti-tot, but who is his partner? Espinosa grabs a mic and says Chris is his partner. Paredyse asks if they're a couple. Espy says they are a couple...a couple of friends. Paredyse asks again what gender Chris is, but Espy says it's none of his business. A brawl ends up breaking out between everyone in the ring, but the comedy spot comes when people like Royal & Epiphany get ready to hit Chris, but don't because they don't know what Chris is. The referee throws the match out. Gilbert Corsey grabs a mic and says that this match is being added to Saturday Night Special, but because they don't have confirmation on what Chris is, it will only be a 3-way. MY VIEW: This is an interesting way to continue the feuds between Royal/Epiphany and Taeler/Dylan & Paredyse/Espinosa, and a bit of humor added with the questions surrounding Chris. Will we find out Chris' gender through this match at SNS? Will Royal & Epiphany finally get their hands on Dylan & Taeler?

Next up, Bolin Services 2.0 made their way out pushing Mickey around. Chris Bolin said Moose & Michael Hayes don't know what they've gotten themselves into. He said he'd set up a demonstration and ordered Mickey to get a ladder from under the ring and set it up. He then demanded Mickey climb the ladder, but Mickey said he was afraid of heights. Bolin pushed him up, as Moose & Michael came running out. While they were brawling with BS 2.0, Bolin pushed the ladder over sending Mickey crashing to the mat. Moose & Michael ran over and as they were checking on Mickey, BS 2.0 attacked them with the ladder, leaving them laying.

Backstage, Shiloh Jonze is looking for Alex Silva. Raul LaMotta says he hasn't seen him, but tells Shiloh his music is playing, leading to...
Shiloh Jonze vs. Jessie Godderz (w/Rudy Switchblade)
Shiloh & Jessie went back and forth early, but Jessie took an advantage after interference by Rudy. Shiloh started to make a comeback and won with a quick roll-up. MY VIEW: Where was Silva? Shiloh gained some momentum heading into the tag title match at SNS, but can he co-exist with someone who wasn't even around?

MAIN EVENT: Jason Wayne & Johnny Spade vs. Rob Terry & Nick Dinsmore
Wayne & Spade were surrounded in the ring as Dinsmore and the Family circled around them on the outside. All of a sudden with his back turned, Jason Wayne attacks Spade hitting him with the full nelson slam! Dinsmore and the Family enter the ring and everyone takes turns hitting their finishers and destoying Spade. Josette grabs a mic and tells Spade to shine the belt up real nice, because it will belong to Rob Terry after Saturday Night Special. The Family, Dinsmore, & Wayne celebrate over Spade to end the show. MY VIEW: What a shocking twist. I think this sets up an interesting story for the coming weeks. If Spade successfully defends against Big Rob at SNS, Spade could move into a feud with Wayne. Also, with Wayne's heel turn, I could see a scenario where the Family accidentally costs Big Rob the victory at SNS, causing him to turn face. We shall see...

This ended the tv taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
Vic the Bruiser b. LaMarcus Clinton. This was the debut for "LMC". Vic controlled most of this match as he had the big size advantage. Cousins got in a little offense towards the end, but missed a top rope maneuver from halfway across the ring. Vic hit a piledriver-like move for the victory.

Fabiano Rolento b. The Zodiak. This was also the debut for the Zodiak, who controlled early after taking exception to the fact that Rolento called his valet fat and ugly. Fabiano made a comeback and ended up with the victory. MY TAKE: I love Fabiano's character. Think Santino, only a Colombian lover, not an Italian goofball. Adding insult to injury, the Assassin came out after the match and knocked the Zodiak out again.

Rudy Switchblade, Mohamad Ali Vaez, & Jessie Godderz b. Mike Mondo, Shiloh Jonze, & Chris Silvio. An early advantage for the "O" team. (Mond-O, Silvi-O, Shil-Oh) Late in the match, everyone started brawling and Ali was able to roll up Mondo with a handful of tights for the win. After the match, the Family beat down the "O" team asserting their dominance as they head into SNS.

Another great night of action. Don't forget OVW updates their website with the weekly show Thursday evenings. I will be attending SNS and hope to have a report up late Saturday night. Thanks for reading!