OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, May 31, 2012

OVW Report: TV #667 "New Sheriff in Town"

Big changes happened last night and the card (which can be found on my previous post) was finalized for this weekend's Saturday Night Special. Without further's what transpired:

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Ted "The Manbeast" McNaler b. Dylan Bostic (w/Taeler Hendrix). Dylan pointed at my "Prostitot" sign as he entered the ring and did a ripping motion, like he wanted to tear it up. I told him to come and get it... Anyway, a back and forth match until Taeler got on the ring apron which distracted the referee. Epiphany & Randy Royal ran out, and Epiphany pulled Taeler down. While the ref was distracted by them, Royal got in the ring and delivered his finisher to Bostic, allowing McNaler to get the pin. MY TAKE: This is another feud that is far from over.

Raphael Constantine (w/the X2C ladies) b. "LMC" LaMarcus Clinton. LMC with some early offense. Constantine would fight LMC off and then argue with the X2C ladies, who were scared Tony Gunn would find them with Ralphie. This happened a few times, until LMC got the upper hand again and the X2C ladies got on the ring apron distracting him. Constantine rolled him up from behind and put his feet on the ropes to steal the victory. MY TAKE: Constantine will need to use his speed to stay out of the bearhug from Tony Gunn, who will be coming for Ralphie.

"Marksman" Nick Dumeyer b. Randy Royal. A repeat of the first match. Royal controlled most of the match, until Taeler & Dylan made their way out. Taeler again got on the apron, allowing Dylan to sneak around and hit Royal, who was then hit with a finisher from Dumeyer. After the match, Taeler & Dylan celebrated over Royal, and Epiphany came out and slammed Taeler. Dylan jumped out of the ring and pulled Taeler out, as Epiphany grabbed Taeler's title and held it up. MY TAKE: It would have made more sense to me to reverse this match with the first one. Let the "heels" get one up first, then let Royal & Epiphany get their revenge.
That concludes the pre-show dark matches. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report. It is up now at

To start off, we have Josette in the locker room with the entire OVW roster telling everyone the board member will be arriving any minute and everyone needs to be on their best behavior.

After the intro, Josette & the Family come out. Josette says the board member will be arriving soon and she knows that he will want to see a good wrestling show, so that's what we are going to do. Have wrestling. She tells the first match competitors to come out, and out comes Chito Martinez...

Chito Martinez vs. Jayce King
The Family leaves the ring and heads to the back, with the exception of Mohamad Ali Vaez who looks dumbstruck by Chito. He stays at ringside to watch the match which was basically a squash by Chito, who finished King off with the jumping DDT. WINNER: CHITO. After the match, Ali grabbed a mic and got in the ring. He said Chito looked familiar. Chito just points at himself, like "Who, me?". Ali asks if he can't speak. Still, Chito just kind of shakes his head and doesn't say anything. Ali says Chito must think he's some sort of big shot, because he's won a few matches the last few weeks since he arrived. Ali says he'll give him a match and prove why he's the 6-time TV champion. Chito points at the title, and Ali says fine, he'll make the match for the title, too. Chito nods and takes off his mask to reveal Jamin Olivencia! Ali falls to the mat like he just saw a ghost. MY VIEW: Really, Ali? You didn't know that was Jamin? Another match is coming between 2 of the top superstars in OVW, and it is for the TV title.

Backstage, Tony Gunn is distraught that Ralphie is missing. He comes up on Nick Dumeyer and says all he has is Ralphie's bowtie, which Gunn has Dumeyer sniff to see if he can find a scent. It appears Dumeyer is tracking Ralphie's scent and takes off with Gunn close behind. We then see Ted McNaler & Brittany DeVore talking in the back (I had trouble hearing this part), and it looks like he gave her a love note. Aww! They walk off, and the camera pans out to see Adam Revolver creeping around again. He looks at the note, shakes his head, and crumples it up and throws it away. Next, we see Chris Silvio & Jason Wayne arguing in the back, which includes Mo Green throwing confetti in Wayne's face. Josette comes up on them, and tells them to split away, that she's serious about everyone being on their best behavior. Then we're back to Dumeyer & Gunn who have tracked Ralphie in X2C's locker room where Constantine is with the ladies. Gunn yells at Constantine for kidnapping Ralphie, but Constantine says it's not Ralphie, it's "Raphie" (like his name). Gunn says it is Ralphie and at Saturday Night Special, he will beat Constantine and take Ralphie back.

Back in the ring, we are setting up for "A Moment in Paredyse". Paredyse comes out to the "Match Game" music and says tonight "A Moment in Paredyse" is now an episode of "Brandon Espinosa: This Is Your Life". Espinosa comes out with Chris. Paredyse questions Espinosa about hitting on Daniel Pruce in the locker room last week. Espy says that's false, that Pruce was touching him and telling him how nice his hair and abs were. Paredyse says Pruce was fired last week, but he has other guests that have claims against him. First out is Arik Kristopher who says he had Espy spot him doing squats at the gym, and he kept getting closer and closer, which Espy denies. Out next is Elvis, who claims Espy came up to him and said he liked his hat, and then wanted him to take it off so he could touch his "head". (Wow...double entendre, anyone?) Espy said he did like his hat, but denied anything else. Then, Ricky Chevy came out and said he showered up after a show and went to grab a towel, but it wasn't there. He said he peeked out through the steam to see Espy standing there in nothing but his towel. Of course, Espy denied it again saying it was his towel. Before, Paredyse could call out anyone else, Espy attacked, and they started trading blows. The guys in the ring tried to pull them apart, but before you could blink, both locker rooms emptied. We had another melee in the ring. Josette came out and started shrieking again for everyone to stop. Out of the other entrance appeared the board member, "Nightmare" Ken Wayne! (Obviously, Mr. Wayne was part of a tag team with OVW Owner Danny Davis called the Nightmares). He grabbed a mic and told everyone to stop and get out of the ring. He got in the ring and said Josette needed to get in, as he had a whole list of things to go over. He said the board gave a little, and she took a lot. First, he called on referee Chris Sharpe. He said he'd get back to him afterwhile, but he would allow him a second chance because he knows what pretty young girls can do to a man. He said the first item of business was Ali. He said this was easy, since he already gave Jamin a match earlier. He made Ali vs. Jamin official for the TV title at SNS. Next, he told Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz that they would defend the Tag titles against Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze at SNS. He proceeded to tell Rob Terry he would defend the Heavyweight title against Johnny Spade. He then said Paredyse & Espinosa would meet in an "I Quit" match. If Paredyse loses, his career is over. However, if Espinosa loses, he must say he is John Travolta, or "light in the loafers". He also makes Jason Wayne vs. Chris Silvio at SNS, and finishes the card by announcing that Moose, Michael Hayes, & Mickey would face Bolin Services 2.0. Rocco will be banned from the building, which I'm guessing means Chris Bolin will be participating in the match with Jack Black & Joe Coleman. He added that if BS 2.0 loses, Bolin will get 10 lashes! He then says that after the break, it will be "JO-VW" (The Family & Jason Wayne) vs. OVW (Johnny Spade, Shiloh Jonze, Jamin Olivencia, Chris Silvio, & Raul LaMotta) in the main event and Chris Sharpe would be the referee.

Jason Wayne & The Family vs. Team OVW
Ken Wayne stayed at ringside to watch the match and Chris Sharpe. Good back and forth action, with the Family controlling for a bit until the hot tag to Spade. Bodies were flying everywhere and Jason Wayne was the legal man. All the Family was knocked to the outside, leaving Jason to get a double chop from Shiloh & Raul, a rocket punch from Silvio, and a super kick from Spade, for Sharpe to have to make the 1-2-3. WINNERS: TEAM OVW. Dean Hill said we have a new sheriff in town. MY VIEW: Does this mean Ken Wayne is sticking around and Josette's authority role is finished? I hope so. I just hope they don't pull another swerve and have Ken Wayne turn on OVW, too.

This ended the TV taping. At intermission, I showed Randy Royal my newest sign and he gave me one of his new t-shirts!

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Vic the Bruiser b. Fabiano Rolento. Fabiano came out and said he wanted to dance with a small, pretty naturally out came Vic. Funny spots early saw Rolento hold out his mexican shawl like a matador and Vic charge through it. Finally, Vic got him. Vic laid in some vicious chops and controlled most of the rest of the match, that saw Fabiano try to make a small comeback, but he ended up eating a finisher from Vic. MY TAKE: I love Fabiano's gimmick, it's hilarious.

Michael Hayes & Moose (w/Mickey) b. Adam Revolver & "3G" Eric Wayne. Moose & Hayes controlled early until sneaky double team tactics happened to Hayes. He got the hot tag to Moose who came in and cleaned house. Even Mickey grabbed the foot of Wayne for a taste of their own medicine allowing Moose & Hayes to hit the double team finisher. MY TAKE: Moose, Mickey, & Michael hope to give Bolin a taste of his own medicine as well by lashing him 10 times at SNS!

Thanks for reading!