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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OVW Report: TV #660 "The Family Rules"

Well, I'm back from vacation and finally got to watch this week's episode online. Before I review what I saw, I'd like to mention this month's issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated that's currently on newsstands. It features Rock & Cena on the cover, but has a 4 or 5 page article inside focusing on the relationship between TNA & OVW, and how it will be beneficial to both companies. It's an interesting read, and I'm even featured! Not really, but I can be seen in a picture of Rob Terry behind one of his massive tree-trunk legs.

The OVW landscape changed quite a bit in the matter of a few days between last week's Saturday Night Special and this past Wednesday's TV Taping which can be seen online by clicking here.

This episode opens up with a recap of the featured bouts from Saturday Night Special in a cool video package. From there, the show opens with Josette & the Family making their way to the ring to take over the opening segment. Josette mentions the nice video package, and brings out Martin Richardson. Martin made the video package and has been an OVW employee for about 12 years, but Josette is angry that he didn't ask her for permission to make and show the video. Therefore, to show her power, he's fired. Josette then calls out Frank "TPT" Miller, and says he probably expects to be fired. Instead, in a move similar to WWE's storyline between John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long, Josette says she's going to keep him on to clean the bathrooms and shine her stilettos. TPT says he would quit if he didn't have a daughter to care for. Josette then calls out the entire OVW locker room, saying it's time to draw the line and choose sides. No real surprise here to see X2C, Jayce King, Bolin Services 2.0, Brandon Espinosa & Chris, among a few others choose to side with the Family. In a surprising twist, Taeler Hendrix decides it's in both her and Dylan Bostic's best interest to choose the Family's side. We see Johnny Spade, Shiloh, the referees, Paredyse, Moose & Mickey, Raul LaMotta, and Michael Hayes stand their ground and fight for OVW, which Josette says she is now going to call Jo-VW, because she's in control. During this entire segment, we once again have Ted McNaler & Brittany DeVore arguing at ringside. We also see Alex Silva walk back to the back and not choose a side. Adam Revolver continues to play the sneaky weasel role, and at the last minute runs in the ring and sides with the Family. Interesting here that Chris Silvio did not show up for this meeting. MY VIEW: An interesting opening segment that drew the battle lines. I'm still expecting Danny Davis to make a big move, possibly have someone come in from TNA to fight for OVW. An OVW alumni like Matt Morgan could come in for one night to face Rob Terry and win back OVW. Chris Regal nailed it when he said Taeler and Dylan were exhibiting heel tendencies, as they switched allegiance to join the Family's side. Alex Silva is playing a "Stone Cold" role in that he doesn't answer to anyone.

Next segment, we get Alex Silva facing a newcomer named Rogue Navy. Silva mostly controls this quick match and hits the Silva Surfer for the win. MY VIEW: Navy has a good build and it will be interesting to see how he develops. They continue to push Silva here with another victory. It will be fun to see if Silva chooses a side as he doesn't answer OMG following his match, either.

Completely flip-flopping the script, we have Randy Royal in the ring calling out Dylan Bostic, and telling him to leave his "prosti-tot" Taeler Hendrix in the back. Taeler's music hits and she comes out of the heel entrance followed by her boy-toy. She argues with Royal and says "out with the old (Royal) and in with the new (her & Dylan)". Royal said he figured Taeler would come out, and calls for back up. Out of the face entrance, we get Epiphany who make a beeline toward Taeler. The four start brawling when Josette has to make her presence known. She said she sees two guys and two girls, so we have a mixed tag match. This doesn't last long as Epiphany chases Taeler around the ring. Royal distracted by the women, gets rolled up by Bostic who uses the tights for the cheap victory. MY VIEW: What happened? Royal & Epiphany are now the faces, and Taeler & Dylan are now arrogant and having to cheat to win. I'm actually a fan of Royal & Epiphany, so it'll be easier to cheer for them.

Next, it's the moment we've all been waiting for...A MOMENT IN PAREDYSE! Paredyse cracks a joke about the unicorn in the ring and before he can show the video, Espinosa & Chris storm the ring. Espy pleads for Paredyse not to show the video, saying Paredyse beat him and proved he does belong in the ring. Paredyse will have none of it and plays the video. We see Espinosa walk into some sort of bar/nightclub, and talk to a guy who proceeds to grab his butt. We then see Espy and the guy dancing, but before anything else plays, Josette comes on and says that while she was contractually obligated to show the video, she didn't have to show all of it, and that Paredyse would pay. MY VIEW: I figured the video would have something to do with Espinosa being with another dude, but where they go from here will be the interesting part. Will we see any more of the video?

Next up, Josette continues to abuse her power by granting a rematch to Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade who will face Raul LaMotta in a handicap match for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. Josette supposedly sent Anarquia to Ashland, KY for an autograph signing which is about a 7 hour round trip. Godderz & Rudy are able to continuosly tag out and although Raul tries to fight back, he gets overpowered and Rudy & Godderz are once again tag team champions. MY VIEW: I understand the abuse of power angle, but a 4 day title reign for Los Locos?

 In the final segment, Josette calls out Chris Silvio for not being present at the meeting to open the show. Silvio comes out with Mo & Mary Jane. Silvio says he does whatever he wants and cracks some insults toward the Family, including calling Jessie "Spray Tan" and Ali "Borat". Josette wants him to think real hard and make a decision as to whose side he's on. Silvio asks for his title and demands Mo & Mary Jane leave the ring. Mo & Mary Jane are confused and think he's going to join the Family's side, but it turns out that he's protecting them as he gets his title belt and clocks Jessie & Rudy, low blows Ali, and then tries to hit his rocket punch on Terry, but it doesn't faze him. Silvio shrugs and kicks Terry below the belt, too. Josette is throwing a fit, and Silvio grabs her and plants a big wet kiss. He then runs out before the Family comes back after him. MY VIEW: Another surprise turn as Silvio effectively becomes a face. He had actually been getting quite a bit of crowd support, but this will definitely get the crowd on his side against the Family.

Overall, we had a lot of storyline movement and surprise twists, which is good to keep things fresh. It was an entertaining show, although short on actual in-ring competition.

Pre-show dark matches saw Ali b. Daniel Pruce, Taeler Hendrix b. Heather Owens, and Rob Terry b. Tony Gunn (working as a face, I'm not sure if this was a one night thing seeing as it was his birthday, or if he has changed over as well.) Post-show: There were actually 2 dark matches but my source didn't catch the names of either participant in the first match. The final match saw Bolin Services 2.0 come out and take out everyone, including the heels, in a match between Moose, Jamin, & Michael Hayes v. Dave Osborne & X2C.

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