OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, May 13, 2012

OVW Report: May Saturday Night Special Results

Another huge night at OVW. We had 8 big matches, with a few changes along the way. The crowd was pretty hot the whole night, ready for the big main event between Johnny Spade & Rob Terry. Without further ado, the results...

Jose Del Barrio vs. Chris Silvio
"You know what time it is!" This was a slow paced match, as Del Barrio works very stiff. Del Barrio had the early advantage due to his size advantage. The end saw Mo Green grab Del Barrio's leg and Del Barrio lifted him up on the apron allowing Silvio time to recover and start his comeback. He nailed him with a flying kick in the corner and then hit the Rocket Punch for the win. WINNER: Chris Silvio by pinfall. I think Del Barrio needs some more training. He has the look for a big man, but needs to move better. I figured Silvio would win this one.

8 Man Tag: Raphael Constantine, Wolfgang, Nick Dumeyer, & Bobby Hill Ricky Chevy vs. Tony Gunn, Daniel Pruce, Arik Kristopher, & Elvis Pridemoore

The bad guys were out first and while the crowd awaited the good guy team, we had chants of "Bobby Hill" toward Ricky Chevy, "STD" toward Constantine & the ladies, and "Elmer Fudd" toward Nick Dumeyer. This match was controlled early by the bad guys beating down on Pruce. Pruce finally got the hot tag to Gunn who came in and cleaned house. Gunn had Chevy in the corner, when Wolfgang ran in to get tossed out by Elvis, Constantine ran in to get slammed by Kristopher, and Dumeyer ran in to get taken down by Elvis. Gunn was then able to apply the bearhug to Chevy who tapped out. WINNERS: Gunn, Pruce, Christopher, & Elvis by submission. This was a fun bonus match. It was a good way to get all these guys on the card at the very least. Post-match saw Chevy left in the ring for the Assassin who came out and delivered a samoan spike-like maneuver to lay him back out.

Gentlemen's Rules Match: Adam Revolver vs. Ted McNaler (Guest Judge: Brittany DeVore)
A pure wrestling match with no strikes, kicks, etc. We saw Adam try to repeat what he did on Wednesday's TV taping by taking off his wrist tape and trying to distract the ref and Brittany. Adam got a chair, but McNaler was able to get it away which Brittany saw and yelled she was done and was about to leave when Adam got the chair and was about to hit Ted. Brittany finally saw Adam, and got in the ring yelling at him. She grabbed her by the arm and yelled back when Brittany slapped him. He turned around and Ted DDT'd him on the chair. The ref was about to grab the red card and call for a DQ, but Brittany said no, she was the judge, and made the pin herself. WINNER: McNaler by pinfall. After the match, Ted & Brittany celebrated and kissed. I'm hoping this storyline is done now. The boy gets the girl and they live happily ever after.

3 Way Mixed Tag: Paredyse & Blair Alexis vs. Taeler Hendrix & Dylan Bostic vs. Randy Royal & Epiphany
Taeler was bombarded with "Prostitot" chants as she made her way out. The match started with Royal & Bostic, but again Bostic tagged out to Paredyse before Royal could get him. Comedy spots again between Paredyse & Royal as Paredyse rubbed on him and jumped in his arms again. Paredyse snuck up on Bostic and tagged him and flipped him in the ring for Royal. Royal went to town on him, and Bostic rolled out of the ring and Royal chased him. Meanwhile, Epiphany got in the ring and grabbed Taeler and brought her into the ring. Dylan ran back in and went after Epiphany, but Epiphany moved and Dylan splashed Taeler in the corner. Dylan fell and Taeler fell head first down low on him. Royal & Epiphany each grabbed Dylan & Taeler respectively and hit their finishers for a double pinfall. WINNERS: Royal & Epiphany by pinfall. Paredyse was really a non-factor as expected. Royal & Epiphany finally got some revenge on Taeler & Dylan. I'm hoping Epiphany gets another shot at the Women's title and Royal moves on to bigger and better things as well.

OVW Southern Tag Team Titles: Shiloh Jonze & ? vs. Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz (c)
Shiloh came out first, followed by Rudy & Jessie with Josette. Josette said she figured Silva would flake out and not show up, so Shiloh can leave and forfeit the match. Shiloh said you got to be ready for things like this, you got to be a little crazy, a little loco...and out comes his new partner, Rudo Raul LaMotta. A good back and forth match, but with Raul & Rudy on the outside, Jessie grabs one of the tag belts which the ref takes away. While the ref is distracted, Jessie grabs the other tag belt and clocks Shiloh to get the win. WINNERS AND STILL OVW TAG CHAMPIONS: Godderz & Switchblade by pinfall. I was leaning toward this outcome happening, seeing as Silva wasn't there and Shiloh & Raul were thrown together.

OVW Television Title: Mohamad Ali Vaez (c) vs. Jamin Olivencia.
Josette came out and said the Board was forcing her to give Jamin his TV title opportunity. She said she got to choose the stipulation, however, and it would be a lights out match. Godderz & Switchblade had came out with Ali & Josette, and beat down Jamin when the lights went out. Josette counted down when the lights would come back on, and Rudy & Jessie would hide on the outside of the ring. Ali wasn't able to pin Jamin. Jamin started to make a comeback and she had the lights turned out again. Jessie & Rudy did the same, but Ali still wasn't able to pin Jamin. Again, Jamin started to make a comeback and hit his jumping DDT. Again, she had the lights go out, but this time Jamin was able to fight off Jessie & Rudy, and Josette screamed when the lights came back on and Jamin was the only one standing. Jamin was still looking down at Jessie & Rudy, though, when Ali snuck up from behind and rolled him up with a handful of tights for the win. WINNER AND STILL OVW TV CHAMPION: Ali by pinfall. Another victory stolen by the Family. Was this a trend for the night?

Handicap Ladder Match: BS 2.0 vs. Michael Hayes & Moose.
BS 2.0 came out with Mickey being forced to hold a "Reserved Parking" sign. Moose & Michael came out with steel chairs in hand, but BS 2.0 got the upper hand and used the chairs on Moose & Michael. A couple attempts by BS 2.0 to get the envelope hanging above the ring, but Moose or Michael were able to stop them. A big spot in the match saw Michael Hayes laid across a ladder and Jack Black went up to the top rope, but missed a big splash and came crashing down on the ladder. Michael tried to climb, but Rocco got back in the ring and chokeslammed him down. Rocco went to climb the ladder with everyone down or on the outside, but Mickey ran in the ring and tried to pull Rocco off. Rocco kicked him away which allowed enough time for Moose to get back in and power bomb him off the ladder. Joe Coleman ran in and charged after Hayes who was getting back to his feet, but Hayes pulled down the top rope and Coleman went crashing to the outside. Michael climbed the ladder and retrieved the envelope. WINNERS: Michael Hayes & Moose. Moose & Michael celebrated with Mickey who took his Jack Black shirt off and threw it at Black & Bolin on the outside. Another loud crowd pop for the "M" team of Moose, Michael, & Mickey.

OVW Heavyweight Championship: Rob Terry vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade (c).
Spade came out as if he'd just been hit by a car, selling his injuries over the past few weeks from the Family. Spade came out strong, but Terry would not give. He was too fresh and strong. Terry took the upper hand and knocked Spade to the outside. Josette changed the match to falls count anywhere. Spade kicked out. Terry continued to punish Spade, but Spade would not die. Terry, frustrated, wrapped his hand with a steel chain and knocked Spade out. The ref saw this, but before he could call for the bell, Josette changed it to a No DQ match. Spade again kicked out. Spade was able to hit a super kick, but Terry was able to kick out. Terry punished Spade some more, but Spade came back and hit one super kick knocking Terry to his knees, and another once on his knees. Before he could crawl over for the pin, Jason Wayne ran out and hit the full nelson slam. Josette said this was now a handicap match. Wayne continued to beat down on Spade, but Terry told him to stop. Terry & Wayne yelled at Spade to stay down, but Spade kept trying to get back on his feet. Wayne left the ring, and Terry grabbed Spade and hit the knockout blow for the win. WINNER and NEW OVW Heavyweight Champion: Rob Terry by pinfall. After the match, the Family celebrated in the ring with all the championships around their waists.

This was another very entertaining show. I thought Spade would retain, but am not surprised that Terry won to bring all the titles and power to the Family. I would assume we will see Spade & Wayne feud, but who will be the next contender for the OVW Heavyweight Championship and Big Rob? Should be an interesting night of TV again next Wednesday. As always, thanks for reading!