OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OVW Report: TV #662 "Josette's Reign of Terror"

I had another fun night at OVW, and was able to get a pic of me with the Double R Superstar, Randy Royal! Overall, I think tonight's show was better than last week's. We saw some new talent debut in dark matches tonight, and the return of some others.

Pre-Show Dark Matches:
Moose & Michael Hayes (w/Mickey) b. Jay Donaldson & Sean Virus. Donaldson & Virus made their debut in this match that was essentially a squash. Virus came out in black and green ring gear with matching face paint, and also spit green mist in the air when he entered the ring. Moose & Hayes worked well together and picked up the win. MY TAKE: Moose & Hayes are ready for revenge against Bolin Services 2.0.

Ted McNaler b. Fabiano Rolento. Rolento came out first with a sombrero and danced around the ring slapping his backside. He took the mic from ring announcer Brittany DeVore, announcing himself, and talking about how he was going to defeat his opponent. If I'm not mistaken, Rolento is actually former OVW talent Omar Akbar who used to team with Ali as the Insurgency, and apparently he's now Colombian, not Iranian. Okay. Anyway, Brittany gives Ted a dull introduction, as he gets in the ring and quickly hits the spear for the victory. After the match, Ted went to say something to Brittany, but she had ran off to the back. MY TAKE: The drama continues between Ted, Brittany, and Adam. I'm hoping it ends at the next Saturday Night Special. A quick squash in the re-debut for Rolento, but his new character intrigues me. I'll be interested in watching the development of his character as we move forward.
That was the only pre-show dark matches for tonight. If you plan on watching the show first, you may want to pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report.

"You know what time it is!" opens the show as Mo Green, Mary Jane, and the midget accompany Chris Silvio to the ring with chair in hand. Silvio says he gets a rematch at the television title this weekend, but is quickly interrupted by Josette and the Family's Rudy Switchblade, Jessie Godderz, & Mohamad Ali Vaez. She said that he does get a rematch, but there's one small problem. They were in Rio De Janeiro this past weekend in a wrestling tournament, and she put the television title up as the top prize. Unfortunately, Ali was defeated. She said Silvio will get a title shot and it will be tonight against the new TV champion...Rob Terry!

Television Title Match: Chris Silvio v. Rob Terry (c)
The Family actually leaves during the match, leaving Terry against Silvio with his tye-dye cohorts at ringside. Several times during the match Mo, Mary Jane, and the midget try to interfere, but to no avail. Terry's strength is too much for Silvio who gets beat with a large powerslam. WINNER: ROB TERRY. Josette and the Family come back to the ring and Josette is in a giving mood. She says there will be another television title match, and Ali deserves a rematch having lost the title.
Television Title Match: Mohamad Ali Vaez v. Rob Terry (c)
This really wasn't a match as Josette told Terry to lay down and Ali made the pin. WINNER AND NEW OVW TELEVISION CHAMPION: MOHAMAD ALI VAEZ. Terry didn't look too pleased about having to lay down for Ali. As soon as the match was over, Jamin Olivencia made a bee-line to the ring and attacked Ali. Jamin ended up getting quadruple-teamed by the Family. The good guy locker room emptied, but Josette yelled at them to stay out of the ring or they would be fired. She said from this point forward, if anyone comes out while the Family is taking care of business in the ring, they will all be fired. MY VIEW: We could be seeing the start of a possible face turn for Big Rob. Josette wanted him to take care of Silvio, because she was apparently scared of Ali facing Silvio in a rematch. This storyline about beating down wrestlers and not letting the good guys in is a bit silly if she really had to make a good impression to the Board of Directors. Either that, or the Board is really dumb.

Next up we have our backstage segments. First we see Adam Revolver and Ted McNaler arguing with Brittany in between them. Ted challenges Adam to a street fight at the next SNS. Josette happens to be walking by when she hears the challenge. She said she'll set up the match, but it will be a "Gentleman's Rules" match. Josette walks on and runs into Brandon Espinosa who tells her that she needs to do something because that wasn't him in the video. Josette says she doesn't have time and tells him he needs to take matters into his own hands. Taeler Hendrix & Dylan Bostic walk up and Taeler said she thought if she sided with the Family she'd be getting something out of it. Josette tells her that she has to prove herself and she will have a title defense later tonight.

X2C v. Shiloh Jonze & Alex Silva
Not much offense from Casey & Constantine in this one. Silva & Shiloh worked very well together and pulled off many double-team manuevers. Silva hits the Silva Surfer on Constantine for the victory. WINNERS: JONZE & SILVA. As soon as the match was over, Silva jumped out of the ring and walked to the back. MY VIEW: Silva continues to be the lone rebel. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.  Will he choose a side? Will he have to?

Backstage again, we see Shiloh come up to Silva and tell him that he really proved himself out in the ring and sticks his hand out to shake. Silva tells him he doesn't have to prove himself to anyone and walks off. The camera then pans over to Moose, Michael Hayes, & Mickey. Moose & Hayes discuss getting revenge on BS 2.0 when Chris Bolin walks up with his group and shoves a document in Moose's face saying that due to power of attorney, Mickey contractually belongs to Bolin Services 2.0. They hand him the water bottles to hold and take him away, leaving Moose & Hayes in an angered state. MY VIEW: It looks like Hayes & Moose are going to have to fight to try and get Mickey away from Bolin Services, but will they have to put something up on the line to do so?

Back in the ring, the Family comes out once again. Josette mentions how nice and sparkling the bathrooms are and we have Frank Miller to thank. She brings him out and says she wants him to give a message to his good friend, Johnny Spade. With his back turned, Flash Flanagan runs out of the locker room with steel chair in hand and blasts Miller in the back from behind. Flash then grabs him and DDT's him on the chair.

Women's Championship Match: Epiphany v. Taeler Hendrix (c) w/Dylan Bostic
Taeler hides behind Bostic, as she doesn't want to grapple with Epiphany. I had my "Taeler = Prosti-Tot" sign again, and Dylan caught sight of it at ringside and threatened to come take it and rip it up. Epiphany controlled most of the match. Dylan pulled Taeler to the outside to recover. As Taeler climbed back up on the ring apron, Epiphany grabbed her to suplex her inside. However, Dylan grabbed Epiphany's foot from the outside, causing Taeler to fall on top of her, and he continued to hold her foot down as the ref made the pin. WINNER AND STILL WOMEN'S CHAMPION: TAELER HENDRIX. Dylan & Taeler celebrated, but took off for the hills after Randy Royal came out after them. Royal tried to tell the referee what happened, but to no avail. MY VIEW: I'm hoping we have a mixed tag at SNS, and Royal & Epiphany finally get their hands on these two. I would also like to see Epiphany get another shot at the title, one-on-one.

Backstage, Tony Gunn is telling Paredyse about how well his "happy pills" are working for him. Paredyse says he doesn't need any, because he is super-happy divalicious. Out of nowhere, Brandon Espinosa attacks knocking Paredyse into Gunn. Espy & Chris lock Gunn out of the room, and Espy throws Paredyse into a chair and some lockers and take off as Gunn re-enters the room to check on Paredyse.

MAIN EVENT HARDCORE MATCH: Flash Flanagan v. "Smooth" Johnny Spade
Flash enters with chair in hand, followed by Spade with a trash can filled with a rope, trash can lid, cookie tray, and a metal pipe. Spade went right after Flash controlling early, but Flash was able to gain the upper hand using all the weapons. Flash tried everything from choking him with the rope, to throwing him head first into the trash can in the corner, to sticking the trash can over his head and blasting him with the metal pipe, but Spade kept kicking out. Towards the end, Flash set up for a chair shot, but Spade ducked it and got the roll-up for the pin. WINNER: JOHNNY SPADE. After the match, the Family came back again and Terry beat on Spade a little bit while Josette told him that next week he would be competing in a dog-collar match. MY VIEW: Josette cntinues to try and wear down Spade before his title defense at SNS against Rob Terry. I wonder who Spade's opponent will be next week in the dog-collar match.
This ended the tv taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
Raul LaMotta b. Ricky Chevy. Chevy said he had an open challenge to anyone in the back and his losing streak would end tonight. Raul came out and laid some nasty chops to Chevy's chest leaving big red marks. Chevy was able to get in one hip-toss in this match, but Raul won with his finisher. MY TAKE: Chevy's going to continue getting just a smidge better every week until he finally gets an upset victory. He was proud that he got one move in after the match.

Bolin Services 2.0 (w/Chris Bolin & Mickey) b. Dave Osborne & the Baronis Brothers. Bolin took the mic and verbally abused Mickey and told him to go to the back and get out of his ugly yellow shirt and to put on a BS 2.0 shirt. BS 2.0 totally destroyed the opposition, and this match was finished after Rocco chokeslammed Osborne, and then Jack Black hit a giant splash off the top rope. Joe Coleman ran in to get the pinfall.

Mike Mondo b. Sean Casey (w/Raphael Constantine and X2C girls) by DQ. If there's anything I love more, it's getting to see X2C twice in one excuse me while I go throw up. Back and forth action early as we got an S-T-D chant going which got X2C's attention. The girls kept giving us thumbs down and sticking their tongues out at us, while Constantine kept yelling at us that they were X2C, not STD. Mondo had control, when Constantine jumped in the ring causing the DQ. X2C double-teamed Mondo until CLIFF COMPTON ran out to make the save. Compton & Mondo shook hands and celebrated to end the night. MY TAKE: It's good to see Compton back, and I hope that he will be featured on TV. It might not be til after SNS, though, in order to insert him into a storyline. Next week, I guess we could see Compton & Mondo v. X2C in the post-show dark match.

Another good night of action with a couple surprises along the way. Don't forget OVW updates their website with the weekly show Thursday evenings. Thanks for reading!