OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OVW Report: Saturday Night Special Results 4-7-12

Wow! What a show we were treated to tonight at the Davis Arena. It was an action packed card and it did not disappoint. It was a pretty good crowd and they were amped for the big main events between Shiloh/Spade and Trash/Terry. Without further ado, let's jump into the results.

The refs were wearing brand new gray polo shirts with an OVW Referee logo on the chest.

"The Double R Superstar", Randy Royal v. "The Manbeast", Ted McNaler.
It took Ted a couple minutes to get in the ring to get started as he argued with ring announcer and girlfriend, Brittany DeVore. Once the match got going, Royal controlled early. Ted started making his comeback, and went for a top-rope manuever. He started arguing with Brittany again while perched on the top rope. Royal got to his feet, but accidentally bumped the ref into the ropes knocking Ted off. Royal was able to capitalize and hit his finisher for the 1-2-3. WINNER: Randy Royal by pinfall. I was glad to see Royal get a victory here, even though we still have the continuing storyline between McNaler/DeVore/Revolver to blame. I hope Royal continues to get pushed.

10 Man Tag: X2C, Tony Gunn, The Assassin, & "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer (w/Cinnamon Twist & Ricky Chevy) v. Alex Silva, the Baronis Brothers, Elvis Pridemoore, & Dylan Bostic.
Chants of "Bobby Hill" toward Ricky Chevy were heard as this match kicked off. This match was mainly controlled by the good guys as there were multiple tags to get everyone in the ring. It ended with Tony Gunn and Alex Silva in the ring. Chevy kept yelling at his team from the outside for getting bested by the good guy team which distracted Gunn, allowing Silva to come up from behind with a roll-up and get the pin. WINNERS: Silva, Elvis, Bostic, & Baronis Brothers by pinfall. This match was fun, but short. It was a good way to get all these guys on the card at the very least. Post-match saw Chevy yelling at his guys for losing, which caused them to gang up and lay him out which got cheers from the crowd. I hope to see more from Silva and Gunn. They are 2 great athletes deserving of a push also.

OVW Southern Tag Team Championship Match: Los Locos (Anarquia & "Rudo" Raul LaMotta) v. Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jessie Godderz (c).
Los Locos came out first, and before Rudy & Jessie could be introduced, they were met by the Locos for a brawl outside the ring. Once the match got in the ring, the Locos controlled early. Eventually, Rudy & Jessie got the upper hand and used cheap tactics to stay in control. However, the Locos fought back, knocked Jessie to the outside, and did a double-team finisher on Rudy for the pin. WINNERS and NEW OVW Southern Tag Team Champions: Los Locos by pinfall. I was honestly quite surprised by the outcome of this match, as I thought Rudy & Jessie would retain. I guess "The Family" can move on to other things while Los Locos can start a new championship feud with a team like X2C. I still don't understand the hate against Anarquia. I think he's a good worker and maybe it's because we know him well from his years down here in OVW, but the fans love him and Raul.

Mohamad Ali Vaez v. Jamin Olivencia.
This match saw Jamin control early and continually best Ali. Ali getting frustrated, threw Jamin over the top rope to the outside resulting in a disqualification. WINNER: Jamin Olivencia by DQ. After the match, Ali grabbed a chair and hit Jamin from behind. He continued to pound Jamin with repeated fists, until the referees were finally able to pull him off. I don't believe we have seen the end of this rivalry.

Brandon Espinosa v. Paredyse.
There's no Chris tonight. Espinosa pleaded with Paredyse before the match to call it off and they could go to the back and talk like men. Paredyse said he had a video to show as the crowd chanted "Fight! Fight! Fight!". As Paredyse went to lay the microphone down, Espinosa attacked from behind. Espinosa controlled early and yelled at Paredyse, saying he gave him the chance to call it off. Paredyse fought back and hit a giant elbow off the top rope with helmet on. (He came out wearing a space outfit complete with helmet.) Espinosa kicked out and gained control back. He was looking to hit a finishing move, when Paredyse rolled him up for a quick pin. WINNER: Paredyse by pinfall. Espinosa was livid after the match, but Paredyse grabbed the mic and promised Espinosa he wouldn't show the footage tonight in front of just 300 people. Instead, he would show it on this week's television, where the whole world could see it. The crowd was kinda bummed, hoping to see the video tonight and not have to wait for next Wednesday's taping.

Rocco Bellagio (w/BS 2.0) v. Michael Hayes.
This was sort of a David v. Goliath match, as Rocco had the clear size advantage. Rocco dominated throughout and took time to mock Hayes only having one good leg. Towards the end, it looked like Rocco was going to finish Hayes off, but as he jumped off the top rope, Hayes got up and connected with his finisher. Before Hayes could go for the pin, however, Joe Coleman and Jack Black got in the ring and started beating down Hayes. WINNER: Michael Hayes by DQ. Prince Bolin was in the ring orchestrating the beatdown by Coleman, Black, & Rocco, when Mickey jumped in and laid himself across Hayes. They grabbed Mickey and ripped his shirt off, holding him across the ropes as Bolin went for his belt. Just as Bolin was about to strap Mickey, Moose grabbed his hand and took the belt away. Moose then went crazy on Bolin Services 2.0, taking out Rocco, Coleman, & Black. THE CROWD CAME UN-GLUED! Moose had Bolin cornered and went for a big splash, but Rocco pushed him out of the way and got splashed instead. Moose then ripped off his Bolin Services shirt and threw it at Bolin. The crowd was going crazy chanting for both Moose and Mickey. Moose & Mickey then went over and helped Michael Hayes up shaking hands. Hayes and Moose pointed to Mickey to get up in the corners and pose for the crowd. This was one of the loudest moments I've ever heard at Davis Arena. I'm happy for Moose, who will probably be teaming with Hayes to continue feuding against BS 2.0. He looked genuinely excited to get the loud crowd response for saving Hayes and Mickey.

OVW Heavyweight Championship: Shiloh Jonze v. "Smooth" Johnny Spade (c).
The OMG tag partners put on a wrestling clinic in this one that had the fans split on who to cheer for. There were Shiloh chants, Johnny chants, and OMG chants for those who wanted to root for both. Jonze came close on a couple occasions, but a super kick from Spade ended this one. WINNER and STILL OVW Heavyweight Champion: Johnny Spade by pinfall. After the match, Spade checked on Shiloh, helping him to his feet. They shook hands and hugged as they regained the respect and friendship they had for one another from the spirit of competition. The fans happy with this result, chanted OMG on their way out.

CONTROL of OVW: Rob Terry v. Trailer Park Trash (w/OVW Owner Danny Davis).
Terry came out strong and looked dominant for most of this match. Trash started gaining some momentum, which brought out Ali & Rudy. While Danny Davis & referee Chris Sharpe argued with them and told them they aren't supposed to be at ringside, Godderz snuck out and gave something to Terry. Terry clocked Trash with a roll of quarters that exploded over the ring. Ali & Rudy finally left ringside, and Sharpe turned around and reluctantly made the 1-2-3. WINNER: Rob Terry. Josette Bynum now has total control of OVW. I was leaning toward this outcome happening. Here's why. Danny Davis being involved in the storyline now means that either he or someone he brings in will have to fight "The Family" to regain control of his company. As a bunch of the good guys were helping Trash in the ring, Danny grabbed the mic and told everyone that things would have to be sorted out on Wednesday night's TV. The aftermath with the quarters all over the ring was obvious and he said he'd have to see what happened and what can be done.

All in all, this was a very entertaining show. This ended some rivalries, continued some, and started some new ones. Although, like Anarquia, I know some people can't stand Josette, it will be interesting to see what transpires between her and Danny Davis over the next few weeks. I'll be anxiously awaiting to see this week's TV as I will be missing my first live taping in several months on Wednesday. I will still review it and report on it late next week. I have a friend who is still going to the show, and she said she will text me with some of the results. I am most happy with my prediction for Moose's face turn coming true, as well as seeing victories for Randy Royal and Alex Silva. Although there were still many fans and cheers for Spade & Shiloh, I think Moose & Mickey got the loudest ovation of the night.