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Thursday, May 3, 2012

OVW Report: TV #663 "Josette's Wrath Continues To Be Felt"

I had another fun night at OVW, and made a special sign for Taeler Hendrix that I think the Double R Superstar, Randy Royal loved! We saw some more new talent debut tonight.

Pre-Show Dark Matches:
Premiere Brutality (Eric Wayne & Killer Kid Nikels) b. the Baronis Brothers. This was the debut for Premiere Brutality and they made the most of it. MY TAKE: P.B. was a good looking tag team. I found out that Wayne was the son of Ken Wayne, one of the original "Nightmares" with OVW owner, Danny Davis.

Rob Terry b. Rogue Navy. A battle of big men saw Terry control early, followed by a small comeback by Navy. Navy tried to jump onto Terry, but was caught for a big slam, and then Terry delivered the knockout punch. MY TAKE: Terry continues to dominate as we head toward the next Saturday Night Special.

Mike Mondo came out and said that he's been outnumbered the last couple weeks by X2C, so he has a special partner to help him out in the feature main event following the taping. Cliff Compton comes out and says it's good to be back and that he wants the Davis Arena to be loud as they make history by teaming up for the first time ever.

Dylan Bostic & Taeler Hendrix b. Randy Royal & Epiphany and Paredyse & CJ Lane in a 3-way mixed tag match. Comedy spots early again between Paredyse & Royal, as Bostic did what he could to avoid getting in the ring. Paredyse tagged Bostic in and Royal chased him around the ring while Epiphany went after Taeler on the inside. While the ref tried to get Royal back in his corner, Bostic shoved Epiphany off Taeler in the corner and Taeler gets the pin with her feet on the ropes. MY TAKE: It's only a matter of time until Royal & Epiphany give Bostic & Taeler what's coming to them.
Following the match, Royal & Epiphany chased Taeler & Bostic to the back leaving Paredyse & CJ in the ring. Fabiano Rolento made his way to the ring and tried to schmooze CJ Lane. Paredyse kept tapping him on the shoulder until he finally turned around and Paredyse kissed him. CJ then slapped him, and Paredyse hit his finisher.

That concludes the pre-show dark matches. If you plan on watching the show first, you should pick back up reading later as I move into the main show. I will always recommend watching the show first before reading my report.

Johnny Spade comes out to open the show with the dog collar already on, and he says he's ready to go right now. Josette comes out and says she's in charge and his match will be the main event, but she'll do him a favor and let him find out his opponent. Out comes Vic the Bruiser who says he volunteered to fight for free when he found out it would be against Spade. Spade said he's not scared and will see him later tonight.

Premiere Brutality vs. Moose & Michael Hayes
We get to see Premiere Brutality again for those live in attendance. This time around it's a losing effort as Moose & Hayes finish them off with a double team maneuver. WINNERS: MOOSE & HAYES. Hayes grabs a mic and says they want Bolin Services 2.0 out right now. They want to know where Mickey is, but Chris Bolin says he's got him cutting his lawn with safety scissors. Moose wants to fight, but out comes Josette. Josette sets up a handicap match for SNS. If Hayes & Moose win, they get control of Mickey. If BS 2.0 wins, they get control of Moose & Hayes. To make things even more interesting, it will be a ladder match!

Next, we get Josette & the Family in the ring. She calls out Chris Silvio, Raul La Motta, Shiloh Jonze, & Alex Silva. She said there will not be a 4-on-4 match, but a fatal 4 way between the faces. She said she really wants to get back at Silvio, so if he is pinned, the person who pins him will get a title match anytime, anywhere.

Shiloh Jonze vs. Alex Silva vs. Raul La Motta vs. Chris Silvio
Back and forth action the entire match. La Motta is on the outside, Silvio rocket punches Jonze to the outside, then turns around into the Silva Surfer. WINNER: ALEX SILVA. Josette asks Silva what he wants. He says the tag titles. She asks who his partner will be and he points at Shiloh and says "that guy". MY VIEW: Silva & Shiloh would make a good team, but can they co-exist? There seems to be tension there where Shiloh said Silva proved himself the previous week and Silva said he doesn't have to prove himself to anyone.

Backstage, Josette names Brittany DeVore the special guest judge for the "Gentleman's Rules" match between Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler. She then runs into Johnny Spade and said she may add to his match later tonight.

Jamin Olivencia makes his way to the ring and he said he became #1 contender for the TV title at a recent show and wants Ali now. Josette comes on the screen and said not tonight. She said someone else won a shot the day before he did. Out comes Daniel Pruce. As Ali makes his entrance, Jamin is still at ringside and goes off and attacks Ali on the floor and has to be restrained by officials.
TV Title: Mohamad Ali Vaez (c) vs. Daniel Pruce
Ali finally makes it into the ring and goes after Pruce viciously, mad after being attacked by Jamin. Pruce gains momentum and control, but one mistake off the top rope leads to a miss and a neckbreaker from Ali. WINNER: MOHAMAD ALI VAEZ. MY VIEW: We could see a good matchup between 2 of the top stars in OVW if they save this for SNS between Ali & Jamin. The TV title adds some prestige.

Dog Collar Match: Vic the Bruiser vs. Johnny Spade
Before this match can start, Josette adds on that it will be a "Family" lumberjack match. Vic controls early wearing out Spade with the leather strap, and also getting help from the Family on the outside. Spade starts to gain momentum and starts to strap back against Vic. He uses the strap between the legs of Vic for a low blow and hits the super kick for the victory. WINNER: JOHNNY SPADE. Once again, the Family attacks Spade following the pin. Josette said he will have one more match next week before his match against Rob Terry at SNS. She said this one will be a surprise, but he will be "reacquainted with an old friend, a family reunion if you will". MY VIEW: Spade will continue to succeed and build momentum heading into SNS to take on a fresh Rob Terry. I'm intrigued on the mystery match and opponent for Spade on next week's television.

This ended the tv taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
Wolfgang b. Brandon Espinosa by DQ. This was a debut for Wolfgang and I wasn't impressed. Espinosa controls most of the match until music hits, and the Masked Assassin comes to the ring and takes out Wolfgang causing a disqualification. MY TAKE: The Assassin part was weird. I believe Espinosa is going to get more heated and physical in the ring as other superstars continue to laugh and make fun of him from Paredyse's video footage.

Mike Mondo & Cliff Compton b. X2C. Casey controlled early on Mondo until he got the hot tag to Compton who came in and cleaned house. Compton hit his finisher for the win. MY TAKE: Good to see two of the best stars to come through OVW teaming together for the first time ever. I know Mondo is currently in a dark match only position with his employment with ROH, but I hope after the next SNS, we will see Compton featured every week on the main show.

Another good night of action. Don't forget OVW updates their website with the weekly show Thursday evenings. Thanks for reading!

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